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The future is here, and it’s electric. Once you’ve experienced the power, convenience, and economy of a 40V garden tool, you won’t turn back. No need to store or mix petrol. GreenWorks tools are clean, green, quiet, and user-friendly, helping you achieve the perfect finish for your lawn every time. Shop electric lawn mowers, batteries, and blades today.
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Clean your yard up quickly with a battery lawn mower

Find the perfect solution to take care of your lawn with Trade Tested’s efficient and environmentally friendly lawn mowers. The G-MAX 40V Li-Ion range from Greenworks is already a best-seller in the US and Europe, and now it’s ready to revolutionise the way Kiwis handle their backyard. Enjoy reliable performance without the need to buy or store petrol, get tangled up with cords, or deal with exhaust emissions. Browse our innovative range that delivers easy manoeuvrability, extra cutting efficiency, and a longer battery lifespan.

How do I choose an electric lawn mower?

If you have a smaller garden, use our 24V-40V battery models to handle all of your lawn mowing needs. For a larger lawn, consider the Greenworks 80V Li-ion Ride-On Mower to provide the perfect finish. This mighty machine is fully equipped to handle lawns for farm or commercial use and features handy hitches and an on-board storage bin.

Why buy electric lawn mowers?

Step into the future of lawn care with cordless, battery-operated mowers - the ultimate convenient and economical solution. With Greenworks garden tools, you’ll enjoy a clean, green, and low-noise performance, creating a more peaceful mowing experience for you and your neighbours. Unlike petrol lawn mowers, you can store most of these electric lawn mowers vertically, saving garage or shed space. With a self-propelled design, push-button start, multiple cutting height options, and versatile mulch capabilities, you’ll effortlessly glide across the grass like a pro.

Do electric battery lawn mowers use a lot of electricity?

Actual electricity usage can vary; however, the overall running costs of electric mowers can cost three to four times less than those of petrol mowers.

Order a cordless electric lawn mower NZ-wide today

Trade Tested has all your lawn maintenance needs covered with our versatile range of gardening supplies. Take your outdoor space to the next level and browse our greenhouses for growing success and water blasters for ultimate cleaning power. Contact our friendly team for expert guidance.