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Take your gardening to the next level with our range of beautifully designed greenhouses. NZ native and exotic plants will have a safe, sturdy, and warm environment to thrive. With Trade Tested greenhouses for sale, NZ beginner and experienced growers will have just what they need to expand their gardening hobby into a full-time passion.

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Our Evergreen greenhouses are made to last for years, featuring a zinc-plated steel bottom frame and pegs supporting a rust-proof, heavy-duty aluminium frame. These houses resemble traditional glasshouses, but with UV radiation-proof, polycarbonate twin-wall panels. Choose from a single door or two sliding, lockable doors and select models with one, two or four top vent windows for temperature control. For the serious gardener, get our king-size, rust-proof and UV treated Evergreen Pro series. This greenhouse comes with fully-hinged and lockable double doors and four roof vents. Have a garden short on space? Shop our Evergreen mini range for a 1m X 0.6m small greenhouse. NZ native and exotic seedlings will flourish in this temperature-controllable frame with a double lid, and multi-position brackets.

Tunnel Houses

Save money, conserve energy, and enjoy clean, fresh fruit and veggies year-round with a tunnel-style kitset greenhouse. NZ growing seasons are extended with these tunnel units, allowing you to do gardening in any weather. The sturdy steel tube frame supports anti-UV polythene film to protect your special plants from pests and the elements. Roll up the front door to increase the ventilation flow and regulate the temperature and humidity. Sort through our range today for some of the best quality New Zealand greenhouses for sale. NZ-owned Trade Tested is here to help you provide an optimal growing environment for your plants with our tunnel houses, garden beds and accessories. Get advice or suggestions by calling or visiting our Auckland store.