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Step into the future of lawn care with our high-quality, compact automatic lawn mowers. Forget the hassle of traditional mowing and let robotic lawn mowers do the hard work. Our robotic mowers automatically navigate obstacles, narrow passages and challenging areas. Get your lawn in perfect shape and enjoy more free time with our smart lawn mowers.

Effortless Lawn Maintenance with Robotic Precision

Experience a new level of efficiency with a quiet, state-of-the-art robot mower. These products feature cutting-edge technology to help you effortlessly achieve a perfectly manicured lawn. Our robotic lawn mowers ensure full coverage of large spaces, complex lawns, remote areas, and flat or bumpy terrain with precision. A swivelling rear wheel provides increased manoeuvrability - perfect for a small garden or narrow spaces.

Get the Job Done in All Weather Conditions

Rain or shine, Trade Tested’s robotic mower models deliver exceptional performance - they’re equipped to tackle wet grass and even operate in light rain.

How do Robot Lawn Mowers Work?

Compact robot mowers are designed to bring automation and ease to your lawn care routine through innovative features, a sense of direction, and smart functionality. You can control the days and times for them to mow, unlocking hours of free time. Built-in sensors detect obstacles and the edges of your garden, creating virtual boundaries to stay within. As the robotic lawn mower quietly operates, its mulching blade disperses the grass clippings back onto the lawn, acting as a natural fertiliser. To recharge, the robotic lawn mower returns itself to the charging station. Download the easy-to-use Bluetooth app to control and monitor your machine from your smartphone or tablet. Don’t hesitate to contact us for any questions during the process.

How to Install Your Robotic Lawn Mower

Read the user manual provided with your robotic lawn mower and familiarise yourself with the installation steps and safety guidelines. Determine the perimeter of your property and install the provided boundary guide wire and stakes. Ensure the wires are taut and low to the ground for the sensors to detect them. Clear debris, rocks, toys, etc., so they don’t get caught in the blades. Use the connected app to configure settings and operate.

Order Your Robot Lawn Mower NZ-Wide Today

Our automatic lawn mower products are set to transform how Kiwis care for their lawns. Browse our options and order your new robotic mower today! Shop our full range of lawn mowers, including petrol and electric mowers, to find the perfect machine to suit your purpose. Also, shop wheelbarrows and hedge trimmers and enjoy New Zealand-wide delivery.