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Trade Tested’s petrol mowers provide the cutting power, reliability and versatility you need to achieve a beautifully manicured garden. With robust engines and durable construction, our high-quality lawn mowers take the hard work out of cutting grass. Explore our selection and discover the perfect model to transform your outdoor space.

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Superior Performance and Efficiency

Our premium range of reliable petrol mowers boasts advanced features, making lawn care tasks a breeze. Delivering superior torque and horsepower, our petrol lawnmowers are designed to ensure a uniform cutting service even in challenging conditions. Tough but lightweight construction and smooth manoeuvrability make it easier to navigate obstacles and corners. You’ll find that foldable handles allow for compact storage in tight spaces.

Versatility for Various Terrains

Our petrol lawnmowers are designed to handle a range of landscapes, from flat lawns to slopes and uneven surfaces. Multiple cutting height options enable you to take control over the finish of your cut. Durable wheels, sturdy frames and optimal weight distribution provide stability and traction.

Which Petrol Lawn Mower Should I Choose?

We’ve got petrol mower products to suit your maintenance needs and budget. If you have a smaller lawn, source our Hyundai models with a 400mm cutting width and 79cc engine. For medium-sized or larger lawns, check out the Hyundai Roller Lawnmower for low fuel consumption and 530mm cutting width. Reduce mowing time and browse self-propelled mowers with catch and mulch capabilities.

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Buy petrol mowers from Trade Tested and elevate your lawn care game. Browse our full lawnmower range, including robotic and electric mowers. We’ve got all your gardening needs covered - shop garden carts, line trimmers and brush cutters, and more. Contact our team for expert advice on any items.