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Water Blasters

Make dirt and grime disappear with one of these top-notch water blasters. If you’re looking to keep the car extra shiny or bring some life back to your deck and outdoor furniture, we’ve got everything for all your DIY pressure washing. If you’re after a little more psi than an electric water blaster can handle, then check out the commercial petrol Karcher pressure washers. As the world’s leading producer of water blasters and accessories, you can’t go wrong.

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Your Versatile Solution to Any Outdoor Cleaning Job

Water blasters can be up to 50 times more powerful than your regular garden hose. These time-saving hand tools take the effort out of cleaning your patio, driveway, car, boat, roof, and outdoor furniture.

Petrol Water Blasters

Select a Flash petrol or Hyundai waterblaster with interchangeable nozzles that allow you to adjust the pressure and spray pattern to suit your task. Looking for a heavy-duty product? We stock durable and powerful Karcher waterblasters for construction, industrial, and agricultural use.

Electric Water Blasters

Exclusive to Trade Tested, our Flash range of water blasters will make light work of dirty surfaces. Just point the gun, pull the trigger, and blast away. Our Karcher electric waterblasters feature pressure nozzles offering flexibility and maximum control. The included deck detergent and power scrubber provide excellent wooden patio cleaning.

Discover our Range of Water Blaster Accessories

Our Karcher accessories include foam nozzles, wash brushes, telescopic jet pipes, surface scrubbers, extension hoses, and jet lances. Browse our Flash products including replacement hoses and full noise packs.

Water Blaster Detergents

Check out our deals on Karcher three-in-one cleaners for cars, home exteriors, and decks.

How Does a Water Blaster Work?

A water blaster increases water pressure for more efficient cleaning. Pressure in a normal household water supply is around 4 bar. In comparison, water supplied into a water blaster via a hose is passed through a booster pump, generating a pressure of up to 170 bar. The water is then ejected through a small nozzle as a highly-concentrated jet, which should be held vertically to the intended surface and moved side to side at a distance of around 30cm.

How to Choose the Right Model for You

The larger the area to clean and the more stubborn the grime, the higher the performance level recommended. For all-purpose light cleaning duties, choose our Flash MX1400 Electric Water Blaster. For regular use on moderate levels of dirt, select our Karcher K5 Premium Full Control Water Blaster. For the toughest, biggest cleaning jobs, our Hyundai 4200PSI Petrol Water Blaster is a great option.

Order your Water Blaster Online Today

Clean up your dirty, grimy, and muddy surfaces with our powerful water blaster products. Also, view our leaf blowers, hand tools, and hedge trimmers to reduce your home maintenance time. Shop online or in-store today. We pride ourselves on providing exceptional services to our customers. Contact our friendly team to discover how we can best meet your needs.