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Whether you’ve got a small suburban lawn or a sprawling garden, Trade Tested has reliable products made to handle any mowing task. Maintain your garden with a battery-powered lawn mower, a robust petrol-powered model, or a robotic mower. Explore our complete online collection of lawn mowers for home and commercial use today.
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Keep your backyard in check with a battery or petrol lawn mower

At Trade Tested, we stock reputable lawn mower brands, including Greenworks, Gardena, and Hyundai, to ensure you can access reliable tools at a great price. These brands are renowned for their advanced technology, efficient lawn care solutions and emphasis on sustainability and performance. Whether you prefer electric battery convenience, advanced robotic technology, or the push-start power of a petrol engine, our brand-name products provide excellent results for all backyards.

Petrol Lawn Mowers

Cutting grass is easier than ever with our Hyundai petrol mowers for sale. These mighty lawn mowers feature tough cutting blades, an easy electric push-start power button, and a backup recoil starter. The four variable speeds on these models with six cutting heights are adjustable to suit any required landscape. The high-capacity grass catcher allows for clean, uninterrupted work.

Electric Battery Powered Lawn Mowers

GreenWorks’ high-durability, low-maintenance electric lawn mowers come equipped with 40V lithium-ion batteries. The brushless motor’s gear reduction design delivers a gas-like performance with increased strength and greater torque. Buy these battery-powered products and enjoy key features, such as a full steel deck, seven cutting heights, and an adjustable self-propelled drive for easier manoeuvrability.

Robotic Lawn Mowers

Take effortless lawn mowing to the next level with our range of robotic mowers. Easy to install and program, these mowers get the job done and return to their charging stations while you enjoy your free time. Three small pivoting razor blades neatly cut the grass, and these fine trimmings serve as a natural fertiliser. Gardena Sileno robotic mowers are weather-resistant and keep your lawn looking great no matter the weather.

Ride-on lawn mowers

If you’ve got a bigger lawn, we stock electric ride-on mowers designed with ease of use and efficiency in mind. Our Greenworks 80V ride-on features four brushless motors and powerful twin blades that shred grass at 3000 RPM. With the ability to cut up to 2 acres on a single charge, this is the ideal product for all your farm and commercial lawn mowing needs.

Which Lawn Mower Should I Buy?

Battery-powered mowers are ideal for small to medium-sized lawns, offering ease of use, eco-friendliness, and hassle-free, reliable performance. Petrol lawn mowers are powered by a gasoline engine, delivering robust cutting power for larger lawns. These two mower types include self-propelled, rear wheel drive options for even easier mowing. Robotic mowers navigate your lawn and cut the grass automatically. They are best suited to handle small or medium-sized lawns and require the installation of a boundary wire to define the cutting area.

What Lawn Mower Brands Does Trade Tested Stock?

At Trade Tested, we stock reputable brands, including Greenworks, Gardena and Hyundai, to ensure you have access to high-quality lawn mowers. These brands are renowned for their advanced technology, efficient lawn care solutions and emphasis on sustainability and performance. Whether you prefer electric convenience, advanced robotic technology, or the power of a petrol engine, our range of brands provides options for any lawn size, terrain, and personal preference.

Order your Lawn Mower NZ-Wide Today

Shop our range of lawn mowers NZ-wide online and start mowing your yard smoothly today. Discover our other backyard tools and equipment, including chainsaws, generators, hedge trimmers, and garden chippers. We ship your lawn mower straight to your door, or you can collect it in-store. For more details about choosing the lawn mower to meet your needs, phone the friendly team on 0800 800 880 or send an online email enquiry.