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Greenworks 80V Li-ion Zero Turn Ride-On Mower 107cm

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Got a big patch? Tackle and maintain a larger lawn quickly & efficiently with the revolutionary, versatile and easy to operate Greenworks 42" zero turn ride-on mower.

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Product overview

Got a big patch? Tackle and maintain a larger lawn quickly & efficiently with the revolutionary, versatile and easy to operate Greenworks 42" zero turn ride-on mower.

Forget old fashioned lead acid tech or mixed voltages, this unit is powered by six state of the art, removable 80V 5.0Ah lithium-ion batteries that charge in an industry leading 75 minutes with the aid of three 10A dual port chargers - all included. These LFP (lithium-ion phosphate) batteries feature longer life cycles and better ageing characteristics than other types, giving you consistent performance for longer.

With 4 brushless motors (1 per rear wheel + 1 per blade) providing the grunt equivalent of a 24 horsepower engine, the twin blades shred confidently at 3000 RPM. Intelligent microchips constantly monitor grass conditions and adjust power as needed, giving you the best performance/battery life combo possible.

Paired with a top speed of 12km per hour and the ability to cut up to 2 acres at 15° inclines, the Greenworks ZTR will get the job done without the hassle of petrol.

Clean, green electric power means zero gas smells, zero pull cords, zero maintenance, zero pollution breathed and zero time wasted.

Integrated wash ports with hose quick connectors make cleaning easy, just plug in the hose.

Haul up to 90kg of mulch or soil in the integrated cargo bed, or hitch up a garden cart with front and rear tow hitches (max 158kg)

The high backed, padded seat with arm rests is designed for long sessions at the controls, while the built in digital display and USB outlets help you keep everything under control.

Drop the decibels and emissions to levels that keep everyone happy and tackle your lawn with the future of ride ons!

About GreenWorks The future is here and it's electric. Once you’ve experienced the power, convenience and economy of a Greenworks garden tool there will be no going back. The G-MAX Li-Ion products from GreenWorks are already best-sellers in the US and Europe, now they're ready to revolutionise the way Kiwi’s take care of their backyard.

GreenWorks tools are clean, green, quiet and maintenance free, with no compromises – experience the future today.

• Revolutionary 80V Li-ion zero turn ride-on mower
• Tackle the bigger lawns with ease
• Powered by six state of the art high performance 80V 5.0Ah lithium-ion phosphate (LFP) batteries
• Industry leading 75 minute charge time with the aid of the three 10A dual port chargers
• 4 x High-performance brushless motors (1 per rear wheel, 1 per blade)
• Zero-turn design for the ultimate manoeuvrability
• 13-gauge steel deck
• Integrated deck washing ports
• Simple controls are easy to get used to
• Top speed of 12km per hour
• Cut up to 2 acres with a max slope of 15°
• 7 cutting heights - 38mm - 114mm (12.7mm increments)
• Innovative SmartCut™ Technology - senses grass conditions & auto-adapts power for the perfect cut
• Integrated cargo bed with 90kg capacity
• Front & rear tow hitches (up to 158kg)
• High-intensity LED headlight - go all night long!
• On board storage bin & USB outlets
• Digital display
• IPX4 weatherproofing
• Remove the hassle of petrol
• Drop the decibels & emissions - quiet & better for the environment
• 4 Year Greenworks Tool Warranty
• 3 Year Greenworks Battery Warranty

Model no: CRZ428 Zero Turn
Voltage: 80V
Motors: Greenworks Tru-Brushless
Cutting Deck: 42" / 1066mm
Length: W 135cm x D 170cm x H 117cm
Forward Speed: 12.0km/h
Reverse Speed: 4.8km/h
Replaceable Batteries: Yes
Min. Cutting Height: 38mm
Max. Cutting Height: 114mm
Runtime: Up to 2 acres (with 6 x 5.0Ah batteries)
Charging Time: 75 minutes (with 3 x 10A dual port chargers included)
Includes: 6 x 80V 5Ah Li-ion (LFP) Batteries, 3x Dual Port Rapid Charger
Noise: 77.7dB @15m @3000rpm
Max slope: 15°
Weight Net/w batteries: 215kg/274kg
Package weight incl steel pallet: 324kg
Package size incl steel pallet: W 126 x D 210 x H 85cm

Product code: 7409402

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Questions and answers

0 votes
Can the deck be lifted and tilted for cleaning
It can be lifted slightly with the height adjustment lever. But for cleaning it has a hose attachment on the top of the deck for rinsing off debris and you would need to lift up the mower to get under for further maintenance. Greenworks recommends using an "Engine hoist" or a jack that is rated for enough weight.
By Trade Tested on May 02 2024
0 votes
Is this a rotary or reel mower?
This is a Rotary mower with two blades
By Trade Tested on March 22 2024
0 votes
Hi. Does it have a mulching kit for deck?
Yes it does have a built-in mulching option.
By Trade Tested on November 05 2023
0 votes
What's the range in ampere/hour for the battery's. ie 80volt battery's
They are 80V 5.0Ah lithium-ion batteries.
By Trade Tested on October 15 2023
0 votes
Can you put a catcher on it?
Yes you can
By Trade Tested on October 15 2023

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Greenworks electric ride on mower.

This is a great mower with plenty of power. Not much noise and easy to get used to to operate. No petrol engine means no maintenance and lower cost. I would recommend this mower.

Mally Auckland
Absolutely impressive - a sturdy high performer

To be honest, I didn't start out with high expectations of this machine. The purchase decision was driven by the gouging behaviour of oil companies selling petrol in this country at north of $3 per litre. Summer time in Central Otago, our grass grows fairly quickly and it was costing me around $40/week just in fuel for my twin cylinder ride-on. I did some research and found the Greenworks 80V machine. Unpacking and setting it up, I could immediately see that it was built in a strong, sturdy and thoughtful manner. The machine's chassis is very heavy-duty looking, (especially when compared to the pressed-steel chassis of my existing ride-on). The first few runs around the property confirmed absolutely how thoughtfully designed (perhaps a 'borrowed' design?) and sturdy this machine was. Things like strong headlights, easy accessible battery compartment, very comfortable seat (with extra layers of material in areas of anticipated high wear and tear). My existing ride-on is a lawn tractor, so I am still learning how to get the most out of the new zero-turn's potential manouverability, but already it has completely changed the way I mow our somewhat challenging lawn. In terms of the actual cutting finish, I closed off (and removed) the exhaust shute during set-up, affixing the cuting deck close-off plate supplied with the machine. So it's in permanent mulching mode... and what a beautiful finish it provides. With my lawn tractor, mulching the cut grass was/is only doable if the grass height is quite low; not so with the new Greenworks machine; it just tears into any length grass (I've tested this extensively) and produces a very professional-looking groomed effect. FANTASTIC. The battery life is better than I expected. I can currently complete mowing around 85% of my somewhat complex lawn on a single charge. I expect that when I have mastered the Zero-turn's incredibile manouverability, I will be able to complete the entire 4,800 square metre section on a single charge. Even if I cannot, this suits me as I mow my lawn over several evenings after work. Here in Central Otago, it remains light here until almost 10:00pm during the height of summer.] I thought the whole charging process may be painful, but the readily accessible battery compartment (just tilt the seat forward and lift the dust/dirt inhibiting, hinged battery compartment lid and the 6 batteries lie beneath. Each battery has a positive release mechanism which ensures that the battery is properly engaged when returned into the machine. Lift them out and into the three chargers provided. I have now set up a charging area on a shelf in a well-ventilated area of my garage and have installed a fire extinguisher relatively close by (just in case). The three charging units make quite a bit of noise when operating together, so a place like a garage is the best location for this. I've spent time over the last few weeks closely examining this machine and I can honestly say that I have NEVER seen a Chinese-manufactured machine built so well, with seemingly no (manufacturing) short cuts taken. An IMPRESSIVE, IMPRESSIVE machine. Thank you Tradetested for both sourcing and bringing this machine to market here in Godzone.

Stephen Otago
Does what it says on the box…..and pretty well.

The little green rocket goes like the clappers….and mows the grass as well ! Pros: Fast Simple to operate Good battery time Comfortable seat Does tidy job Cuts high grass without effort The tray behind the seat is very handy The low battery reduced performance so you can get back to charging batteries Cons: Steering a little awkward Doesn’t handle hills, gravel or wet grass without some skidding Could do with one lower blade height Having 6 batteries to charge a little cumbersome Overall: A tidy unit that does more than passable job. 8/10

Nic Wanaka
Ran over a brick

I accidentally mowed over a house brick. The brick was destroyed. The mower was unscathed.

Simon Waikato

Not sure what to say - I'm always suspicious when reading other people's highly positive reviews. I'm very happy with this product. We have about 5000sqm of section that we'll be wanting to keep tidy, and by all impressions this is going to do the job very well. My prior experience: * Ride-on mowers: Very minimal. I've used two ride-ons in my life - few times as a teenage worker, and a few times using my neighbours John Deer. Both machines were standard steering type, petrol, not zero turn. This mower has much more power at the blades, and much more speed available. This machine is much quieter, with the blades going, its definitely loud enough that I want to wear earmuffs, its quiet enough that if you forget, you might not immediately realize what's different. * Prior experience with EVs: Heaps, but there's really very little for you to know: The mower comes with six batteries and six slots for those batteries. It comes with 3x double chargers, so all batteries can be charged at once. They're pretty high power, so you would probably want to plug each of them directly into the wall, not sharing a multiboard or anything silly. They charge in a bit over an hour, and stop theyselves charging when they're full. Geeko bit: The batteries are "LFP" meaning they're a bit heavier and bigger, but the positive tradeoff is usually that they last *very* well, retaining capacity, and don't mind sitting at 100% charge. If you're shopping around looking at other EV mowers (there's not many) the battery chemistry is the thing that sets this mower head-and-shoulders above all the others I saw: LFP: 100% rating from me, best choice. Other lithium-ion: 60% rating - lighter and smaller, but who cares - use ones that last longer. Lead acid: 1% - do not buy. WTH are they thinking? Will not last. Very little assembly was required, but the instructions were excelent. All the parts had one name in their packaging, and the same name in the build instructions, along with pictures in all the relevant places. Happy with the 'range', I think the biggest testament to that is that I haven't set up any kind of experiment to measure that (yet), which is the kind of thing I'd usually do if I was remotely concerned. When we first got it our grass was longish, and wetish, but that didn't stop me, and the mower stood up very well. Downsides: The packaging was built like a brick sh1thouse, but I couldn't see a way to re-use, or recycle it - seemed like a terrible waste. The 'charge indicator' seems to stay on 100%, or very near it for disproportionately long, and zips very quickly from 20% down to 5%. The blades stop at 5% to let you drive back to base, but it would be nicer if they moved they smothed that jump out. Only included the above for warts-and-all honesty - don't let that discourage you. *Highly recommend this product*

Peter Wairarapa
80v Mower

Machine works great. Ideal on flat area. Lawns never looked so good. Have added some weight in the back for traction on a sloping section. Mows the entire area on one chrge but starting to mow more with this machine. No hassels with petrol and picked up how to use zero turn quickly. Definitely recommend.

Biccy Auckland
Great mower

Impressive charge capacity & run time. Only takes around 90 mins to full charge using the 3 provided chargers. Takes a bit of getting used to the controls for fine accurate mowing around posts/trees. Wheels sometimes spin. Haven’t tested it on inclines.

Si Hamilton
Just awesome

I just want to let you know how happy we are with our new zero turn greenworks mower. It’s just awesome and does a fantastic job.. batteries last for at least 3 mows and charges up fast.. bought it because my husband had major surgery on his upper spine and can’t turn his head far so the zero turn makes it a lot better.. I would be happy to recommend it or show it to anyone who is sceptical…

Janet Taupiri

Shared from: Greenworks 60V Li-ion Zero Turn Ride-On Mower

Greenworks Zero turn ride on

After assembly and driving off the pallet, the steel pallet became a very useful item on the farm to be used with. the tractor and forks. The assembly was minor and the instructions were very clear. It was fairly easy to pick up the feel for driving it by lever as distinct from the wheel on my previous mower. I am beginning to feel much more comfortable after less than ten hours driving. It is a little twitchy on cross slopes that are wet but use is teaching me how to handle that. Even though I am still learning to handle it I am doing the mowing faster than with my old 25 hp ride on because of the manoeuvrability. The cutters do a nice, clean job, better than my old one. The drive motors are very quiet when transporting but I admit to wearing ear protection when the cutters are engaged. It's nowhere near as noises the petrol one. though.The deck wash facility works very well and should go a long way to preventing rusting out of the steel deck which happens if wet grass is left stuck there when storing. I am mowing all my lawns for about $1 in power from the grid as against about $30 of petrol previously. To sum up, whilst it does require one to learn some new skills it is easy to use, does a great job and is inexpensive to run. I recommend it highly.

Hal Bay of Plenty

Shared from: Greenworks 60V Li-ion Zero Turn Ride-On Mower