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Wood Chippers and Garden Shredders

Get your garden in order and turn excess lawn clippings, leaves and twigs into nutrient-rich mulch. Here at Trade Tested, we have the tools to keep your yard looking immaculate all year round. Our wood chippers and garden shredders have the muscle to chew through excess foliage, so you can spend more time enjoying your garden.

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Electric Start and Petrol Wood Chippers

Our Hyundai wood chippers range from light to heavy-duty household use. The powerful 4-stroke engines make light work of processing small to medium-sized branches. Attach our 7 horse-power wood chipper to a quad bike or ride-on mower to minimise clean-up trips. Our 15 horse-power wood chipper includes a time-saving electric start. The self-feeding action and twin hopper handles mean these robust machines are easy to use. The heavy-duty steel blades cut clean and fast to tear through garden waste in a flash. The two extra-wide off-road pneumatic tyres allow you to traverse any kind of terrain.

Garden Shredders

Our electric-powered self-feeding garden shredders rip through your unwanted tree trimmings and pruned leaves and twigs. You can use these mulchers at any time of day, as the quiet 2300-watt motor won’t disturb the neighbours. Safety features include a reverse function and motor overload protection. Reduce clean-up time with the included 50L collection bin. Whip your garden into shape and shop garden shredders and wood chippers for sale from Trade Tested. We’re here to help you take charge of your backyard. Shop great quality garden maintenance tools now including our line trimmers, lawnmowers and chainsaws.