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Hyundai Lawnmower 510mm 196cc Self-Propelled Electric Start

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This top of the range, lawn mowing masterpiece from Hyundai is designed to make short work of big lawns.

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Product overview

Product overview

This top of the range, lawn mowing masterpiece from Hyundai is designed to make short work of big lawns.

The push button electric start means minimal fuss - just fuel up, push and go! The button is even removable when not in use to deter curious kids.

With a generous cutting width of 510mm, it is ideal for medium to large size lawns, while the centrally adjustable 6 position cutting height of 25mm to 75mm puts you in control over the final look of your lawn - go for military precision or a more natural finish.

The premium 196cc 4-stroke motor powers the big 510mm blade plus the variable 4 speed self-propelled rear wheel drive - with all the forward motion taken care of, you can focus on getting the perfect cut without breaking a sweat. The fully enclosed drive-belt has an easily removed maintenance cover and the large rear driven wheels make manoeuvring in overgrown or rough areas easier. There are even twin cup holders for refreshments!

The handle is height adjustable and features an OPC (operator present control) lever for safety.

Built tough with an all steel deck and backed by a 2 Year Hyundai Warranty, you know it’s built to last. The deck even features built-in hose connectors for easy cleaning.

Fill up the 70L grass catcher, or alternatively, mulch as you go or use the side or rear discharge.

If you have large lawns, or just want the best available, order yours today.

• Premium mower for bigger sections
• Push button electric start + recoil back up
• 510mm cutting blade
• 25mm – 75mm adjustable cutting height with 6 levels of adjustment
• 70L grass catcher
• Self-propelled for less effort – 4 speed, rear driven (2.5km/h - 4.3km/h)
• Tough steel deck construction
• Mulching, collection, side and rear discharge.
• Adjustable handle with OPC safety lever
• Folding handle for easy storage
• Powerful 196cc engine with CDI ignition for easy starting
• Large ball bearing wheels for easy maneuvering on uneven ground
• Built in hose connector for easy cleaning
• Tool-free assembly, you’ll be lawn mowing in minutes
• Battery charger included
• 2 x cup holders
• 2 Year Hyundai Warranty

Model: HYM510SPE
Engine: 196cc 4 stroke single cylinder air-cooled petrol with electric start
Fuel Tank: 1.2L
Idle Speed: 2800rpm
Self propelled: 4 speed, rear driven (2.5km/h - 4.3km/h)
Sound: LWA = 98 dB(A)
Chassis: Steel
Wheels: Front 200mm, Rear 280mm
Cut width: 510mm
Cut height: 25mm – 75mm
Weight Net/Gross: 45kg/48kg
Dimensions: H 105cm x W 55cm x L 158cm

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Customer questions

Questions and answers

10 votes
q: Some self-propelled mowers have a resistance when you pull it backward, which is very annoying. Does this mower have this problem?
a: No, it has a drive lever that lets you engage and disengage the drive.
By Trade Tested on October 10, 2019
7 votes
q: When the battery is fully charged how many starts do you get from the electric starter?
a: At least 100.
By Trade Tested on January 6, 2020
4 votes
q: Are spare parts readily available for Hyundai Lawnmowers?
a: Yes we can supply all parts.
By Trade Tested on January 6, 2020
5 votes
q: Charger compatible with NZ outlets?
a: Yes it has a NZ/AU plug.
By Trade Tested on August 29, 2019
0 votes
q: Hi, is this made in Korea?
a: No these are made in China.
By Trade Tested on January 17, 2021
3 votes
q: Will the mower turn off every time you let go of the handle say to empty the catcher is there a way to overide this feature i empty 12 catcher loads from my lawn so would i have to restart mower each time.
a: Yes it will switch off each time, we would not recommend over-riding this safety feature. Luckily this mower features push button starting and a wall-charger for the battery.
By Trade Tested on September 15, 2019
1 vote
q: Some four-strokes shut down on small slopes due to the engine lacking oil flow momentarily, is this an issue with this model?
a: No small general slopes are fine, you should avoid very steep slopes.
By Trade Tested on November 20, 2019
1 vote
q: Can u get a hard plastic catcher for these?
a: No this isn't an option we offer.
By Trade Tested on November 4, 2019
1 vote
q: Is the mower supplied with engine oil in the packaging?
a: No it isn't, so you'll need to add a litre to your order if you don't already have some.
By Trade Tested on September 12, 2019
0 votes
q: Is this mower suitable for mowing lawns that are on a slope or is their a risk of engine failure due to the oil not being distributed uniformly when mower on a tilt.
a: Keep it under 25 degrees or so and it won't be an issue, if you have some very steep slopes it might be worth looking at electric.
By Trade Tested on June 16, 2020
1 vote
q: What kind of wheels? Ball bearing repairable or unreparable throw always?
a: Yes these are ball bearing wheels.
By Trade Tested on August 20, 2019
0 votes
q: Are both rear wheels driven, or just one? thanks
a: Both rear wheels are driven.
By Trade Tested on May 27, 2020
0 votes
q: Getting the mower serviced? Can any lawn mower shop service, or to ensure warranty does it have to be seen by someone else?
a: We have a nationwide network of service agents, but generally any competent mower shop can service.
By Trade Tested on May 27, 2020
0 votes
q: Hi. Thank you for your reply on email. For the question of wash deck? It's a nozzle you connect your hose to wash the bottom steel deck
a: Yes thats correct.
By Trade Tested on May 11, 2020
0 votes
q: Are these suitable for contractors - or really designed for home use
a: They're more designed for home/lifestyle block use.
By Trade Tested on May 11, 2020
0 votes
q: Does this price include battery and charger.
a: Yes it does.
By Trade Tested on May 4, 2020
-1 votes
q: Can the battery be detached from the Hyundai mower and charged independent from the mower and is the drive to the rear wheels sealed or protected in some way from accumulating grass clippings and moisture.
a: Yes you could, but it has a nicely integrated charger etc. Yes the drive belt is fully enclosed.
By Trade Tested on May 1, 2020
-1 votes
q: Does this machine has pull start in case self start doesn't work?
a: Yes it does.
By Trade Tested on February 25, 2020
-2 votes
q: Could I have a photo of the underside, please? Some mowers have a circular disk that the blades are attached to. This covers the blade shaft and makes it impossible to remove cabbage tree leaves. Also, is there any point in using higher octane fuel in a mower? Thank you.
a: These have a straight blade, no there is no real advantage.
By Trade Tested on January 15, 2020
Customer reviews

Customer reviews

Overall rating

4.5 out of 5 stars from 77 reviews
Johann Napier

Absolutely perfect

6 days ago


Its not light because it has a 196cc motor, but its amazing... Love it. The adjustable self drive speed is perfect, catcher works great (don't cut wet grass early in the morning) Build quality is great. Easy to fill fuel I'm very happy and would definitely recommend. Perfect for medium to large sections.

Andre Hamilton

Hyundai mower

18 days ago


Great mower for the price

Bob Kawerau

Its a beast

28 days ago


Would highly recommend that people use the YouTube postings on this mower, it covers every detail, easy setup and easy starting with the electric start, still have not figured out why it needs the engine cut out lever, can be a pain, takes a couple of goes to get used to the self driving part but all in all its a quality piece of equipment and does a good job and represents good value for the money.

Paul Waikato

Hyundai 510mm

about 1 month ago


Purchased mower month ago everything working. Above expectations, charged battery on assembly and not charged again as yet starts 1st button press every time impressed with overall build quality A+++

T Otakou


about 1 month ago


I have a difficult section to maintain and have worn out countless mowers over the years however this one is a gem easy mowing powerful well engineered.

Shell Invercargill

Hyundai Lawnmower 510mm 196cc Self-Propelled Electric Start

about 1 month ago


The best lawnmower I've ever bought. Easy to use, easy to start.

Big John Gisborne

Great Machine

about 1 month ago


Easy to put together. Performance is great it cuts long grass with ease. Electric start is great and self propelled is a wonderful feature. It turns a chore in to a pleasant walk in the garden.

Modi Bay of Plenty

Great mower does all the jobs with ease

about 1 month ago


Wanted a powerful mower that did wasn't too heavy on the user .. auto-start and self driven ticks the boxes. Its got plenty and more power to do all the cuts. A washing port makes cleaning a breeze. Highly recommended.

Pauly Murchison

Hyundai lawnmower

about 1 month ago


The wife wanted a mower that was easy to start, this one you just push a button, she also didn't want to push it this one self drives so easy as, she also likes the mulcher system no catcher required. Looks forward to doing the large lawn now.

Charley Fungletrumpet Auckland

Good for big uncluttered lawns

about 1 month ago


I've used it in mulching mode on a large lawn full of weeds and rubbish grass and it works just fine. It is a bit heavy to maneuver around bushes etc., but in straight lines it's excellent. Definitely one for the bigger lawns with few obstructions. Starts well but runs on a little when shut down.

Kiwifulla Auckland

Great value mower

3 months ago


Excellent value for money with all these features. Easy to assemble, starts first pop, and does a perfect job. Very happy.

Just2Good Waikato

Love this machine!

3 months ago


I used to sweat and strain when dealing with our large lawn but not anymore! In fact it's now so easy that hubby has started mowing them again. We've even had comments from visitors on how fantastic our lawn is. The electric start is just the icing on the cake for me and the self propulsion is fantastic!

GB650 Canterbury

Great Lawn Mower

3 months ago


Mowing my steepish 1200m2 lawn was a real mission with my previous push mower. The Hyundai has made it so much easier as it handles the steeper parts with ease. I like pretty much everything about it - large rear wheels, variable speed, electric start, large catcher. I have already recommended it to some of my neighbours.

Jimbo Auckland

Hyundai self propelled mower

3 months ago


I recommend the electric start model, easy peasy no effort required to push starter button. I have found that 2 or 3 speed is best for me, 4th is too fast. Pulling the mower backwards is hard, I don’t know why, probably gear ratio. Weaker person may find it difficult to do. Mower makes a nice job of mulching the grass, good for the lawn and no need to empty catcher. Overall I am pleased with this mower.

Michael B Taranaki

Mower Review of the 196cc.

3 months ago


A disappointing purchase. My Hyundai post hole digger, which is sensational, prompted to purchase this mower. It is very, very heavy to push without the drive and I am a big guy. The blade housing on low cutting digs into the lawn. The self-propelled drive is way too slow to mow a sizable yard and the drive handles keep unhinging. Sorry, cannot endorse.

Cutter Hawksbay


3 months ago


It's a great mower.

Coxy Warkworth


3 months ago


Good mower but a lot heavier than I thought. Great for large areas with not to many obstacles in your way. Love the electric start.

Ros Tinui

Easy mowing

4 months ago


This mower is pretty great, my lawns look amazing, it's easy to use, I can mow for a few hours without refuelling and it manges a huge lawn with slopes. The reason I can't give it five stars is that the second time I used it the drive belt slipped off and the self propel function stopped working. If my husband wasn't particularly handy at fixing things, I wouldn't have a working lawn mower (it had to be dismantled and put back together). On his advice I now mow on speed 3 or 4 only and the drive belt hasn't come off again (I've probably mowed about 20 times since) .

Willo Bay of Plenty

Hyundai Mower

4 months ago


Excellent start, but heavy to pull back- seems like the gears don't fully unengage from forward, when there is a need to come out of a corner. Also, does not cut low- leaves a centimetre or more on lowest setting.Larhe catcher, wide blade.

Ray Auckland

not satisfied to the product

4 months ago


it is too heavey and it is difficult to cut grass and move in a slope area

Booboo Auckland

Great mower

4 months ago


Loving the self propelled mower, which helps on the hills etc. I would give 5 stars but when I use it in spots where I can't use the self propeller it's heavy and hard to use.

Barry Manawatu

Hyundai Mower,

4 months ago


I've been looking for easy mower, as I was finding it hard to push, tried the ride on, button much money for a new on, it's a great that I got, no pushing, the only fault I've found where my lawns used to take nearly three hours, they are done in halve the time, it's the best, and cheap to run, I give 5 out of 5 .

Muzz Waikato

510mm self propelled lawn mower

4 months ago


Although quite heavy, cuts and mulches perfectly. Ideal for bigger lawns.

Debbie Hokitika

Hyundai lawnmower 510mm 196cc self-Propelled electric start.

4 months ago


Bought this mower as Hyundai motor an larger wheels for softer lawns, also self propelled works great due to husband having had shoulder surgery big help. So far excellent buy thanks Trade Tested.

Grant Hastings

Best available

4 months ago


Owned a lot of mowers and this is one of the best love it

Des Waitara

Lawn mower

4 months ago


Great machine starts first time

Sa Zhou Hamilton

Awesome product for good money

4 months ago


It's really a good performance for the money you paid for a self propelled lawn mower. It makes our sloppy back yard lawn mowing a much easier job.

Succulent Queen New Plymouth

Hyundai Lawn mower 510mm 196cc Self propelled

4 months ago


Very pleased with this lawn mower for the price, would recommend considering it.

Gardener Waikato

Hyundai Lawnmower 510mm 196cc Self-Propelled Electric Start

4 months ago


So far this product as been just what I wanted. It goes up and down my bank with ease. It works well in tight spaces. Some may find it a little heavy. All in all a great machine.

Jeff burt Southbridge

Best Mower ever

4 months ago


Hyundai Self drive , electric start mower is pretty good work horse pulls it self through damp grass up steep lawn easy as. And when you have to empty catcher restart is a must with the click of a button. Good on fuel have not refueled since I have had the mower 2 months . Easy clean with hose water . Very good mower.

Jason Monk Temuka

Hyundai mower

4 months ago


Awesome mower at a great price

Martyman Auckland

Tired of pushing heavy mower around

4 months ago


I am 68yrs old, was going to get a ride on mower having a very large section to mow but decided on a self-propelled the Hyundai was perfect with different speeds can mow the lawn and stay fit at the same time very happy enjoy mowing lawns again.

Old fella Cambridge

The beast - great value for money

4 months ago


Wonderful machine. Goes where the ride on can't on our block and deals even to long rank grass. Sure that's takes patience but the beast does the job. Maybe the side chute could do with a minor redesign but that's a niggle not a complaint. Mowing the large house lawn is a breeze and the electric start is fabulous. Makes a great job of the lawn.

Friday Southbridge

Wide cut

5 months ago


Nice big mower, wide cut, electric start is a must, it’s really to big to for my lawns but don’t have to have it in drive mode can push it if you want. Other wise I mite purchase the green works mower for smaller lawns.

Oliver Marlborough


5 months ago


I purchased a Hyundai Lawnmower 510mm 173cc Self-Propelled from Trade Tested. It is not fit for purpose and it is dangerous. Issues: Chute clogs up with grass almost immediately and needs manual clearing every few minutes. If you knock in to anything the wheel guards come off, the handle screws come off and fall into the grass, the side chute fails and no spares are in the country. This is the worst lawnmower I have owned or used in 45 years of mowing lawns.

Reply from Trade Tested

This unit had a fault and we have refunded the customer.
Graeme Bay of Islands

Hyundai Lawnmower 510mm 196cc Self-Propelled Electric Start

6 months ago


This mower is solid and works well, it is quite heavy but the self propelled and electric start make it fun to cut the lawns. It seems to work better if the grass is dry. The catcher is quite large volume which makes the job go easier as the catcher doesn't need to be emptied as often.

Dave Southland

Does not like wet grass

6 months ago


I live in southland and grass is basically always wet. Mower clogs constantly. It a never ending battle stopping and starting. When on lower setting the mower gets caught on the ground constantly and just spins the wheels. The starter is awesome because have to use it constantly unblocking mower.

Oka Whanganui

Good for the price

6 months ago


Could do with going a little faster in 4th gear and a little heavy to pull backwards due to gearing on driven rear wheels but a good mower overall. Powers through longer grass without effort with a nice clean cut and the extra width speeds things up. I'm happy with my purchase.

Lawnspec Hawkes Bay

Quality Gear

6 months ago


I use Hyundai equipment from Trade Tested commercially on a daily basis and it does not let me down, this mower is my go to mower for big lawns and it performs brilliantly, reliable and easy starting.

MrsMoon New Zealand

The best lawnmower

6 months ago


I have a large section and it used to take me a couple of hours to mow. With my new lawn mower, I can do the whole section for half an hour. Thanks to the self propelling function.

Happy father North Canterbury

Happy as

7 months ago


It's really great, works great.

Doc Waikato


7 months ago


Not sure if this changes warranty but I’ve put disc with 4 swivel blades on. 100% improvement on an already good mower. Hope this helps with people having clogging issues.

Kit Southland

Hyundai Lawnmower

7 months ago


This lawnmower is a great product and easy to assemble, with its adjustable height and speed it makes it extra easy to use as well, and it also has a good catcher capacity, highly recommended.

Sue Kaipara

Love it!

7 months ago


Makes mowing a steep section so much easier. Sturdy, powerful, perfect for me, especially with the electric start.

Dave Auckland

A good mower

7 months ago


A good mower for long grass. Easy to start and operate. A bit slow for large areas.

Nina Hamilton


7 months ago


Perfect for my steep backyard, electric start makes it so easy to use.

Tim Tekuiti

Hyundai Lawnmower

7 months ago


Great Mower.

Richard Bay of Plenty

Love it!

8 months ago


I and two neighbours bought one each this year to replace our aging ride-ons. We all love them, so easy to use and none has had any problems or issues so far. We find the catchers handle damp/wet grass really well which is a big plus where we are located. NB. Buy the 1 litre oil pack that's offered with the mower. The sump needs to be filled before use. Ours gave a false reading on the dipstick at first but took most of the pack.

Paul Cambridge

Self-Propelled - Love it

9 months ago


The weight when not using the self-propelled feature is somewhat heavy to push than a normal mower our property is on farmlet and down the driveway is not the best and also has a small bank. The self-propelled now makes mowing a breeze. And the wider cut is awesome. Before if I was to do all lawns in one go it would take 2 1/2 hours, I've now knocked it back to 1 1 /2.

Kevin Blenheim

Hyundai Lawnmower

9 months ago


Needed some assembly. Instructions ok but not comprehensive. Once assembled started first time and does a great job on a large lawn. Self propel really helps getting through the longer grass. Good cut and catcher is large and easy enough to empty. Attaching hose to clean it is easy and works well.

Dick Otaki

Hyundai Lawnmower review

10 months ago


Mower start easily (easier on electric than pull start)and runs well. Negative are the front wheels. They need to swivel as turning the mower on corners scrapes the lawn as the mower is heavy. Also the lever to keep the motor going is a real nuisance. The mower we have has a throttle lever.

Helen Auckland

Excellent Mower

10 months ago


We're really happy with this mower and the self-propelling makes mowing a large section a breeze.

Rob Carterton

Good Buy

10 months ago


Purchased to maintain 800m+ section. Very well priced and pleased with mowing end result. Is a bit heavy to manoeuvre in tight spots and body not off-set to cut over edges unfortunately. Pleased with purchase.

Bruce B Gisborne

Hyundai Lawnmower 196cc

10 months ago


Excellent product. Good assembly instructions and video link (well worth a watch). Does a great job and electric start starts first time every-time. The pull start is easy and also starts first pull. 4 speed self propelled is great for any walking pace. The self wash works great at keeping it clean.

Mikey Auckland


10 months ago


Cutting my lawn on a slope is a breeze now. Big, sturdy, powerful, electric start all a bonus.

Ladyvick Rotoiti

Game changer

10 months ago


This is so good that we sold the ride on. Fighting over who’s turn it is to low the lawns.

Mike Henderson, Auckland


11 months ago


Great value mower! I have a hilly and steep property and this mower has impressed me! Makes light work of the steeper bits! So far I am very happy with this purchase! Great value for money!

Peter Auckland

Perfect lawn mower

12 months ago


Great Self-Propelled, Excellent Electric Start especially for ladies, Easy to handle, strong for mulching higher grass, running quietly!, easy to setup height. This is awesome lawn mower. it is pleasure to work with it.

Jing wellington

very good

about 1 year ago


worth to buy.

Sayitlikeitis Hamilton

Hyundai Lawnmower 510mm 173cc Self-Propelled Electric Start

about 1 year ago


This lawnmower is truly outstanding -an awesome product.On the heavy side: OK for a bloke but the ladies may struggle a bit. BUT....., there was no Quick Start Guide in the packaging and more importantly no warranty registration form.

Daz Taranaki

Too Mow

about 1 year ago


Great Lawnmower, Highly Recommend

Munrog Nelson

Not as good as hoped for

about 1 year ago


I bought this mower because it looked on paper to be more than capable of lifestyle block like lawns. It’s a great mower in many respects but is clearly designed for use on flat well kept urban lawns. It doesn’t like long grass and it doesn’t like damp grass and it really struggles with the combination of the two. The side chute clogs easily and in long grass it is constantly knocked off resulting in multiple restarts while you refit the chute. On the plus side the mower is solid and the electric start and self propulsion are great. But it’s not going to cope outside of a well maintained urban lawn. The photo shows thick grass it struggles to cut.

Reply from Trade Tested

This unit had a fault and we have sent replacement parts.
Roger Rangiora

Hyundai Self Propelled - that doesn't!

about 1 year ago


Until today I was very pleased with my purchase. However, after approximately 8 hours of use the self drive mechanism on the lawnmower has failed. I'm contacting Trade Tested to find out what they will be doing about this. In other respects this is a good mower, although a bit heavy and definitely needing the drive mechanism. Some of the construction is a bit on the cheap and plastic side too. The self start system has been reliable and the actual cutting result is excellent. Also easy to clean. For now though, not so happy!

Reply from Trade Tested

This unit had a fault and we have repaired the product.
Ty Auckland

Highly recommend Hyundai lawnmowers

about 1 year ago


I'm absolutely stoked with my new Hyundai HYM510SPE lawnmower. It's heavy but self-propelled so will get you around large lawns with ease even if there are slopes and banks to contend with. The reliable 4-stroke motor is fuel efficient and eco-friendly engine delivers power to the rear wheels. Overall this is a very high quality well-made powerful lawnmower that is built to perform and last.

Tom Taranaki

Self propelled mower

about 1 year ago


An excellent purchase....very easy to mow lawns now especially at my elderly age. Easy start to.

Penguin dannevirke

Hyandai lawnmower

about 1 year ago


Awesome,easy to assemble, magic to use and i have a slight slope on my section. use mulch most of the time and is magic highly recommend

Champenois Auckland

This is a beast of a Mower

about 1 year ago


Extremely solid, strong mower. First indication of quality is the ~47kg weight! It just eats lawn height and slopes. Not for a small lawn. Great for big lawns where a ride on is not quite warranted. Highly recommended.

Mark Manawatu


about 1 year ago


Love the new mower catcher a little hard to put on but otherwise great

Paul Hokitika West Coast

Hyundai Lawnmower 510mm 173cc Self Propelled & electric start

about 1 year ago


Have used the mower a few times since delivery and to date, meets all expectations. Self Propelling and electric start a God send .We have a very large Homestead with multiple lawns and a ride on is not suitable, the Hyundai seems to manage it well. It is a beast of a machine to manouver in tight areas, but you can expect that from a large unit .All in all, pleased with it .

Kel Waikato

Lawnmower Hyundai

about 1 year ago


Great starter great going forward but a bit hard for 73yr old to go backwards one day some one will invent a self- propelled lawn mower that is self propelled mower going backwards and forwards

Mel Northland

Hyundai lawnmower self propelled electric start

about 1 year ago


Wasn't to sure at first because I'm an older person found it bit heavy. However now I'm use to the difference between it and a standard mower i just love it. Easy to start and no effort to push

Jake Ohakune

Easy Mow

about 1 year ago


This self propelled lawnmower is great to use. Easy to start and control and cuts well. Catcher hold a good quantity of clippings so do not have to empty it every five minutes. We have a very large garden which I used to cut with a ride on but this machine does just as well and I get the exercise as well.

Steve Otago

Very satisfied customer

about 1 year ago


I've had this mower a couple of months now and am very happy with its performance. Some minor assembly required but pretty straightforward. Battery takes 6 hours to charge initially but holds charge well ( I haven't worked out if it is charged by running the machine but it certainly holds the charge and I haven't had to put it back on the charger). The electric start is a breeze and certainly beats pulling on the pull cable (which it has but I haven't had to use). The other revelation is the self-propelled feature which makes mowing easy. It's a big, heavy machine which cleaves through the grass and would be hard work with it being self-propelled. Great for larger areas but too big for small areas where high manoeuvrability is required. The catcher looks flimsy and is a bit tricky to connect until you get the hang of it- however it works fine and holds a reasonable amount of clippings. I read a review lamenting the fact you have to turn off the mower to empty the catcher but it really isn't a problem with the electric starter. The mulching feature works well- I haven't tried the side disposal feature yet. All in all I am very pleased with the purchase to date.

Gary oamaru

self proprelled lawnmower

about 1 year ago


Assembled it put in petrol and oil and it started 1st time.My wife is impressed by ease of use ,cuts half hour off mowing time. Mulches real well. sorry no pictures but would be willing to demonstrate if any local was interested in buying one. THANKS

Taupiri Waikato

hyundai lawnmower electric start

about 1 year ago


this lawn mower is a beast. will piss all over any Honda on the market. some of the best money I have ever spent

Froggy50 Ohakune

Highly recommended lawnmower

about 1 year ago


Absolutely stoked with my new mower. It's self propelled with a powerful motor and the push button start is great. Easily handles our 6000sqm lawn which has steep slopes and difficult grass. Top product.

Jacknz Taupo

It’s great

about 1 year ago


This mower nicely built and well finished, it starts very easily, our section is steep in places and I find the 4 speed gearbox more useful than I thought. The drink holders are a bonus, the only thing I would like to have seen is that I handle that is adjustable for height, but other than that I’m very happy

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