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Generators NZ - Portable 3-Phase, Diesel & Petrol

A power outage can escalate from irritating to life-threatening when you’re subject to snowstorms, hurricanes, heat waves, or an outdated electric grid. Trade Tested’s performance-fuelled generators in NZ meet strict safety and compliance standards. Shop our range of generators for sale, and rest assured that power is within reach when the lights go out.
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Why is a generator worth buying?

A power generator can be one of the best investments for your home or small business. It can keep equipment running even when the power is down - vital for working with electronic devices, preserving perishable foods, and even just keeping the lights on at night. As a reliable backup energy source, generators are especially useful if you know your home or business location is prone to outages. These machines don’t just offer extra power - they offer extra peace of mind.

Diesel Generators

Our electric start diesel generators in NZ are perfect for anyone in need of a reliable power source. The insulated design of our portable generator makes it so quiet that you’ll forget it’s even running.

Petrol Generators

Choose a powerful petrol generator to fuel larger tools and appliances like fridges. Experience state-of-the-art technology whether you’re camping, at the office, or battling a blizzard.

Inverter Generators

Single-phase digital inverter generators are ideal for lighting, laptops, TVs, charging batteries, and more. Inverter technology means the engine doesn’t need to run at a constant speed, so you can plug in sensitive electronics without reducing their lifespan or causing them to overheat.

Standby Generators

Standby generators are built to be backups for commercial use, such as factories, businesses, construction sites, or large events. For example, our Hyundai models run at 1500rpm, providing 35,200 watts at peak and 32,000 at normal load.

Power Stations

Switch the noise and fumes for a reliable and efficient power supply. Small in size and easily transportable with a 50Ah lithium-ion power bank, you’ll have enough juice to get you through your next camping weekend away.

What is the best type of generator to run a house in NZ?

The best generator for your home or work depends on the power requirements of the equipment you need to use. Consider factors like the power output, fuel type, portability, whether you use a traditional or inverter model, and whether a single or three-phase generator is required. For more details on picking the ideal generator for your needs, check out our handy generator buying guide.

Buy generators for sale NZ-wide today

Discover our selection of top generator brands with products designed to keep you going and get the job done. Browse our range of batteries, solar panels, and power banks and chargers to find more portable and home power goods.

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