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Chicken Coops

Our durable chicken coops ensure your hens stay warm in the cold and fully covered from the elements. Choose from wooden or EcoFLEX brand models to keep your birds housed safely and soundly, featuring nest boxes, pens, and roosting bars. With Chookateria chicken feeders, poultry feed, and chicken run wire, we’ve got all the products you need to give them a comfortable life.
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Chicken Coops

Our easy-to-assemble chicken house range provides total security and safety for your flock. If you’re starting out, we suggest using our traditional wooden chicken coops. For the classier chicken, our recycled EcoFlex material models have the elegance of timber with double the durability. Once you’ve assembled the coop, include flooring such as sand or straw to maintain hygiene and comfort.

Wooden Chicken Coops

Our fir timber chicken coops give your hens plenty of room to roost, eat, and lay eggs. The XX-Large size wooden chicken coop features more space for up to 8 hens and a lift-up roof designed for easy access to the nesting box.

EcoFLEX Chicken Coops

Our spacious EcoFLEX chicken coop models have the appearance of a regular wooden hen house with the benefits of longer-lasting recycled composite materials. Some of our coops include an attached enclosed run so your chooks can roam about and stay secure simultaneously.

Chicken wire & poultry fence kits

If you prefer to set up your own enclosure for your chicks to run around and explore, our wire and poultry kits are suitable for protecting free-range chickens from unwanted predators. These kits give your hens a safe space to sleep and lay eggs - plus, they’ll keep your chickens out of the garden!

Poultry feeders & chicken pellets

With Chookateria’s self-serve chicken feeder range, you won’t need to feed your chickens directly. Just fill the feeder with chicken feed, and your chickens can step on the foot ‘pedal’ to open the lid whenever they’re hungry. These feeders keep food dry and hold enough to last eight hens for up to 5-10 days, depending on the model’s size.

Keep your feathered friends safe and sound with a chicken coop from Trade Tested

Purchase chicken coops, fence kits, and chicken food NZ-wide from Trade Tested and let your chickens rest well at night. We’ve got plenty of other products for your family pets, too - shop our full range of pet supplies including dog kennels, dog crates, and grooming gear. We offer straight-to-door delivery across NZ, or you can collect your item from our Auckland store. Need advice on which chicken coop will suit you? Contact our knowledgeable team to make the right choice for your animals.