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Artificial Grass for Dogs

Turn your deck or terrace into a bright green haven your pets will love with our artificial grass tiles. No more mess in the house or muddy lawns - our artificial grass delights animals and humans alike! Build an oasis for your dogs with our high-quality artificial lawn tiles. Shop synthetic grass online from Trade Tested today or visit us in-store.

Our Artificial Grass Deck Tiles

Eliminate stains and bad smells from your life with our pet-friendly, non-slip artificial grass deck tiles. Although best on a hard surface, these tiles also work laying on mud or gravel. Incredibly easy to clean and wash, our low-maintenance synthetic grass is equipped with drainage and ventilation to keep fresh and avoid a damp smell after rain.

Just Like Real Artificial Turf or Natural Grass!

Fake grass is a fantastic alternative to real grass or synthetic turf for dog owners, featuring the tone and texture of natural lawns. Dogs love artificial grass, making it a highly-effective way to stop your pet from bringing muddy paw prints onto the deck or wet soil onto the carpet. Our synthetic grass can withstand dog pee or other animal urine, just like regular lawn grass. Simply scoop pet droppings as you would on normal grass, with no trace of foul odours after a quick hose down.

Shop Online Now

Buy Trade Tested artificial grass today for your furry friends to enjoy year-round. Experience the pet owners dream when you never have to worry about your dogs digging holes in the garden or tramping muddy paws over the carpet again. Contact our friendly team for more information on our landscaping turf and lawn product range.