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Chicken Coops

Check out our fantastic range of chicken coops. If you’re just starting out we recommend the more traditional, rustic wooden chicken houses, which are a great style and size for beginners. For the classier chicken our luxurious EcoFlex models are made from recycled composite that looks like timber, but lasts twice as long. With a bunch of Chookateria chicken feeders, pens and other DIY accessories we’ve got everything you need to satisfy even the fussiest chickens.

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Chicken Coops

We offer two popular types that your chickens will love: wooden and ecoFLEX.

Wooden Chicken Coops

A wooden coop has a door and room inside for chooks to eat, sleep, and lay eggs in, while keeping prices low. Typically, they are made with fir wood. Our XX-Large wooden chicken coop features a lift-up roof for easy access.

EcoFLEX Chicken Coops

A big ecoFLEX coop looks like a wood coop, but it’s made from recycled material sturdier than timber, offering long-life benefits. ensuring your chickens are dry and secure.

Chicken Coops with Pens

A chicken coop with a pen or an attached enclosed run can keep your family of hens happy. It has a nesting box, doors, and enough space for chickens to get plenty of farm fitness time.

Chicken Wire & Poultry Fence Kits

When picking out your next chicken coop, don’t forget the wire! Wire and poultry kits are a great way to help keep your chickens in and unwanted predators out.

Poultry Feeders & Pellets

Other accessories needed are feeders and pellets. We offer a wide range of food and feeders so you can get the best for your chickens.

Buy your Chicken Coop NZ-Wide Today and Let your Chicks Thrive

You’ll know you’re making the right choice with NZ-owned brand Trade Tested when buying your chicken coop. Don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team for more advice on our chicken coop design and size options.

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