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Bird Feeders

Enjoy the sights and sounds of wild birds in your garden with our range of bird feeders. A well-placed bird feeder in your backyard will provide food for native bird life and enjoyment for the whole family as you watch them feeding. The Peka Peka native bird feeder is an award-winning design that combines a nectar bottle and truffle feeder for the ultimate bird feeding experience!

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A Bird feeder for every garden

Find the bird feeder style that works best in your backyard. We have both hanging and post-mounted feeders that are easy to install. You can hang most feeders from a branch, or attaching to a post is easy with a few simple tools. Once in place, you’re ready to fill the feeder with seed or bird feed.

Food for Wild birds

Native birds have different food preferences, so we stock a range of seed mixes and wild bird food. In Spring, birds have plenty to eat, but food can get scarce during the winter and summer months.

Bird Feeders for the kids

Give the kids an outdoor garden activity with their very own bird feeder. They can fill it with seeds, clean the feeder and learn more about our wonderful native bird species.

Poultry Feeders

Got backyard chickens? We have poultry feeders, pellets and Scratch and Lay mix for the chooks. Keep them cosy no matter the weather with our selection of chicken coops and pens. Need it quickly? Auckland customers can collect all in-stock products directly from our Auckland store.