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Pet Feeders

Ever refill a hearty meal for your pet, only for it to dry out or attract flies after a few hours? Trade Tested’s range of automatic feeders helps prevent just that. These must-have devices keep food fresh for longer by only opening when your pet approaches, reducing wastage and saving money. Pick an automatic pet feeder for your home today.

Experience the convenience of a smart pet feeder

Perfect for weekends away or everyday use, Trade Tested’s white motion sensor-activated automatic feeders stay sealed until your cat or dog is nearby. They let your furry friend be fed throughout the day, maintaining portion control while holding functionality over conventional exposed pet bowls. These useful feeders stop wet and dry food from going bad or attracting bugs, keeping meals fresher and reducing waste and unwanted odours. Their 6-month battery life and power monitor lets you easily track when your device needs new batteries.

Do automatic feeders work with wet food?

Yes, your automatic pet feeder can hold 400ml or two standard portions of wet food.

Stop pets from stealing each other’s food with a microchip pet feeder

Avoid the catfights - feed your pets apart with our microchip automatic cat feeder. Its microchip and RFID collar tag sensors ensure it will only open for a registered pet. The unit is suitable for families with multiple cats or dogs, especially if they have important diets or medication. The function is easy to operate with a single press, making feeding time worry-free. With no need to plug in, your feeder will continue to switch on in a power outage.

Go classic with a mat and bowl set

Our classic design mat and bowl are another fantastic feeding solution. These easy-to-clean sets are also compatible with our automatic cat feeders, adding a layer of customizability to your devices.

Order your automatic cat feeder NZ-wide online now

Order an automatic pet feeder today and provide fresh food for your four-legged friends so they can live and play happily and healthily. Check out our range of pet gear, including cat doors, dog kennels, and pet clippers as well. Can’t make up your mind on what to get? Feel free to message our friendly team, and we’ll recommend a great product for you.