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Cat Scratchers

Keep your cats happy and your carpet intact with cat furniture and scratch posts from Trade Tested. Shop for a variety of high-quality scratch pads, platforms, and posts to add a scratching area for all your furry friends to enjoy. Order online straight to your door NZ-wide today or visit us in-store.

Scratching Posts

Let your cat sink their claws into our range of vertical scratching posts. Shop the Kiwi Classic Cat Scratch Post for hours of feline fun at a great price, or choose the KatAttack Delta Scratch Post featuring a teardrop base and wobble-free post. Our unique KatAttack Sierra Scratch Post is designed for powerful repeat attacks from particularly enthusiastic cats.

Cat Furniture and Scratchers

After something a bit different for your pet? Discover our Cat Scratcher Wave, a great horizontal alternative to the traditional scratching post. Featuring a catnip infused surface, your cat is sure to pick our KatAttack Phoenix Scratch Pad over the sofa or curtains. Show your cats you care with our Fetch wicker cat furniture, akin to their own feline home. Choose Fetch Stackable condos for the ultimate comfort haven, allowing all your cats to claim their own separate territory.

Buy Online for your Cat Household Today

Buy cat scratch products online or in-store now throughout NZ from Trade Tested. Sleep easy without the worry of your pet tearing the floor and walls to shreds, because our cat scratching products are irresistible! For more information about our items or services, contact our friendly team today.