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Chicken Coop EcoFlex Large

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Give your chooks a little taste of luxury with this American designed, ecoFLEX™ chicken coop.

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Product overview

Product overview

Give your chooks a little taste of luxury with this American designed, ecoFLEX™ chicken coop. This gorgeous coop can easily house up to 8 chickens and is the perfect size for those looking to expand their flock.

Unlike traditional wooden coops, this one is made from ecoFLEX™, a composite recycled material that looks and feels like timber, but is better for the environment and much more weather resistant. Not only does this mean it’s much easier to look after, it’s guaranteed to last a lot longer.

The coop has a wide roosting bar, a nesting box with 3 compartments and a secure lift-up roof for collecting those precious eggs. The door closes securely with a turn lock, or can flip down to become a ramp, letting your ladies come and go as they please.

Inside the coop, it’s well ventilated and the raised floors will keep your chooks warm and dry over the cooler months. When it comes to cleaning, the roof can easily slide off making it simple to change the straw or give it a quick rinse.

With a natural tan colour, the stylish yet simple design will complement any backyard. It can even be painted or stained, to make it uniquely your own. Treat your chooks to a luxury new home that’s going to last for years and order yours today.

All ecoFLEX™ based products carry a limited 10 year defect and deterioration warranty.

Connections are pre-installed to attach the coop to the large ecoFLEX™ chicken pen.

• Suits up to 8 chickens
• Made from recycled materials
• Simple 20min tool free assembly
• Wide roosting bar
• 3 compartment nesting box with secure lid
• Raised floor
• Strong double-walled panels
• UV resistant so won’t warp or crack
• Resistant to rot and insects
• Weather-proof and non-absorbent
• Easy to paint or stain
• Sliding roof for easy cleaning

Total dimensions (including nest box): 151cm (L) x 118 (W) x 103cm (H)
Coop internal dimensions (excluding nest box): 104cm (L) x 93.5cm (W) x 74cm (H)
Nesting box dimensions: 60 x 97.5 x 42cm
Materials: recycled polymer and timber composite
Colour: Natural tan
Product weight: 54kg

Carton 1: 127 x 56 x 18cm
Carton 2: 124.5 x 61 x 20.5cm

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Customer questions

Questions and answers

0 votes
q: Hi there can the front be swapped around so door is on right hand side? I have some fencing pre made that would suit door on right hand side
a: Yes you could switch those panels around.
By Trade Tested on August 17, 2020
0 votes
q: To clean it do you have to take the whole roof off and how do you do that?
a: Yes you do, the roof is designed to slide off.
By Trade Tested on May 25, 2020
Customer reviews

Customer reviews

Overall rating

4.1 out of 5 stars from 28 reviews
Ben Auckland

Eco Coop

about 1 month ago


easy to assemble

CherNZ Manawatu


about 1 month ago


My two children (with supervision) put the coop together and the chickens are super happy in it.

Shirl Waikato

Additional review Shirl - Waikato

5 months ago


Have had my coop for a while now and have discovered that by removing the nesting box lid and inserts I can clean/remove shavings etc from the rear. Much easier than having to remove the roof. I would only remove the roof to completely wash the coop out. Happy hens now laying and a happy Mum too.

Shirl Waikato

Happt chickens

7 months ago


Easy to put together. Would like to have the roof designed to come off in one piece for easier cleaning but otherwise all good.

Joy new zealand

Eco chicken coop

9 months ago


I like that this is recycled material and washable. It will easily fit a couple more than 8 medium sized chooks. A few design faults (obvious to keepers of chickens) are: the difficulty of regular cleaning as removing the roof is a bit of a pain, but trying to lean over into the coop to remove pooh is really frustratingly bad design. Also the little door is in the wrong place. It should be on the side, as the roosting bars are too close to it the way it is set out at the moment. Chickens won't roost in front of a doorway. These 2 tweaks would make it the perfect little chookhouse

Chrissie Bay of Plenty

Large Chicken Coop for 6 Chickens

9 months ago


Good looking coop very easy to clean. Purchased to keep clean of mites which are always a problem over the summer months, hoping the plastic will deliver this. Easy collection of eggs and cleaning of nesting boxes. You must make sure the screw is screwed all the way in as can become wet especially the right hand side (from the back end) if not in properly. It does still get wet with very heavy rain and not sure how I am going to solve that problem. I might back it up to the fence and build a false roof over it to help protect from the rain (my other coop wasn't fully water proof either).

GQ Cambridge

Chicken coop

9 months ago


A little smaller than expected, but a good product and otherwise ticks all the boxes.

Mike Taranaki


9 months ago


this my second one, easy to assemble, easy to clean

TonyC Auckland

Ecoflex Chicken Coop

9 months ago


It looks great now it is assembled. Bit of a mission putting it together as the parts are not numbered and if they were numbered and those numbers were the same as the manual it would be a breeze to assemble. Recommend the manufacturer makes this simple change. Once together it appears to be a robust unit with clean lines and will be simple to keep clean but needs the roof removed to do the best job. There are no obvious places for mites to breed and maintenance free were key reasons for this choice.

Kay Waikato

Chicken Coop EcoFlex Large

about 1 year ago


The nesting box leaks. I have put a plastic liner under the nesting box lid so the wood shavings and chickens don't get wet. Lately also with this recent rain, the chicken box has been leaking in a new area which is dripping water in the middle of the coop. There is no hole on top of the coop or damage. When the weather is good the coop is fine, however when it rains and coming into winter this coop will not hold up to the conditions. It is also quite difficult to clean as the roof does not slide easily and you have to remove the side flashings in order to remove the roof panels, so quite tedious. On a positive note is was easy to assemble and good instructions are given.

Reply from Trade Tested

This unit had a fault and we have sent a replacement product
Kate Feilding nz

Overall a great coop

about 1 year ago


Overall happy and easy to assemble although allow 1-2 hours for assembly. A little difficult to clean as the main roof of the coop doenst lift but manageable. Happy Hens!

Millsie kaeo

Happy chooks

about 1 year ago


wonderful happy chooks easy to assemble and clean

Bev Waikato

Eco chicken coop large

about 1 year ago


Pleased with the chicken coop. Took more than 20 minutes to assemble though.

Chicken farm Auckland

user friendly

about 1 year ago


robust and comfy for our chooks - they love it. A tiny bit leaky into the nesting boxes in really bad weather. Fun to build.

Bob Nelson

eco coop

about 1 year ago


Easy to erect, easy to clean and generally a good deal. Internal roosts could be better designed to fit however this is not a biggie. All the chooks fit in nicely

Bob West Coast

Chicken Coop Eco Flex

about 1 year ago


Not overly mpressed. Had to add a side door to make cleaning easier and when it rains the water collected when lifting lid to retrieve eggs runs back into the box

Sue Nelson

Happy Chicken

about 1 year ago


Good replacement for my old coop. Easy to erect. Had to fix the door stop which had come off. Glued the roosts in to stop mayhem each evening, these could be higher as a couple if chickens seem to prefer to sleep in nesting boxes. Plenty of room for my 5 brown shavers.

Komitt Waikato

Chicken coop

over 2 years ago


Even a retired female like me can put it together. I did find that the ramp up into the coop was slippery but fixed that by putting a rubber mat up it. The girls just love it. Easy to keep clean to.

K9mitt Waikato

New hen house

over 2 years ago


Put together easily. A couple of mistakes but so easy to rectify. Now just have to get the girls to change to the nice new house. Sure they will love it once they try it. Much more room for them too. I am happy with this house and no painting, even better.

Rae Wellington

Excellent overall

over 2 years ago


The chicken coop is spacious and airy, the chooks moved in no trouble and laid eggs the very first day. Egg collection and cleaning are great. A few details could be improved. The chook roost rails knock out of their clips easily creating mayhem at bedtime. I have used earthquake putty to stop this issue. The plastic screws securing the roof need to be removed often and are not well designed for this usage. I have cocoa pods lining my coop, the chooks love it and the smell is divine

Numnum Gisborne

Chicken Coop XL

over 2 years ago


Easy to erect, weather proof, easy clean and the chickens like it!

Sue Auckland

Chicken coop

over 2 years ago


Not suitable for large chickens only bantam

Zooneeland Masterton

Pretty Damn Good.

over 2 years ago


I spent a month with this coop to make sure this review is as genuine as possible . The coop is extremely easy to build and only took 20 mins (Solo).Cleaning the coop could be more convenient but Dis/assembling the roof for access is easy enough to access the interior.The quality and size of the coop is ideal and fantastic and I HIGHLY recommend this coop if you're not that handy with woodwork or want a more modern looking coop .

Marina Waikato

Chicken coop ecoflex large

over 2 years ago


Promptly delivered, easy to assemble; no tools needed. Big enough for our 8 chickens and 6 chicks and there's even room left.

Laureen Canterbury

Chicken Coop EcoFlex Large

over 2 years ago


Delivered very promptly following payment, this coop was a lot of fun to assemble. The perfect size for my half dozen hens, and looks good in the garden. Just the right height for my grandchildren to happily collect the eggs. Thank you Trade Tested Ltd. I highly recommend this chicken coop

Tina's Otago


over 3 years ago


Very happy with this new home for the girls! Easy to assemble with each part numbered too.

Jsinge Wellington

Chicken coop

over 3 years ago


Well made poorly designed is very heard to clean inside, needs the front or one side to open.

KTpie Waikato

Great service and awesome coop

over 3 years ago


We have eight chickens and they fit well in this coop and are all snuggly. It is great for cleaning and collecting eggs, and won't rot like other wooden ones. Very easy to put together (and we usually hate putting flat packs together).

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