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Pet Gear

Whether you have a dog, cat, or different type of furry (or feathered!) friend, we stock pet gear in NZ for every need. From automatic feeders for the distribution of tasty treats to scratching posts for healthy claws and fitness fun, discover our selection of high-quality brands. Shop pet equipment NZ-wide from our online store today and relax knowing that your pets are getting only the very best!
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Keep your furry friends healthy and happy with Trade Tested

Find everything you need to care for your pets below.

Clippers and grooming supplies

Keep pets cool during the summer months and looking dapper in their Christmas clothing with our grooming essentials. Make sure your pets look their best with an electric clipper. Treat them to a relaxing pampering afterwards with a range of combs and brushes.


Automatic pet feeders keep dry and wet food fresh for a longer time. Enjoy everyday visits from wild birds with bird feeders and food.

Doors and pens

Let your pet take on the outdoors with a microchip-locked automatic door. Or, shop for a dog pen to protect your pet from household hazards.

Dog beds, crates, and kennels

It's important to make sure your dog rests well, and a comfortable dog bed or kennel can ensure that. Transport your pets safely and soundly with a dog crate.

Dog training collars

Raise your pup well with an electric training collar, which utilises gentle vibrations for effective reinforcement.

Cat scratchers and caves

Keep kittens entertained with a cat scratcher. Once they're done clawing away, they can catch a good night's sleep in a comfy cat cave.

Chicken coops

Protect your feathered family from the weather with our wooden and recycled composite chicken coops.

Shop high-quality pet supplies NZ-wide today

Shop all the pet gear and accessories you need at Trade Tested. We're constantly stocking new products for your outdoor lifestyle, so check out our furniture, sporting gear, and shelving online or in-store!