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Cordless Power Garden Combo Set 18V Li-ion

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This great value pack includes all three of our battery-operated garden power tools – a leaf blower, hedge trimmer and line trimmer.

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Product overview

Product overview

This great value pack includes all three of our battery-operated garden power tools – a leaf blower, hedge trimmer and line trimmer. Whether you’re looking to impress the neighbours with an immaculate front garden or get your backyard ready for entertaining, this set is all you need to get started.

The leaf blower is a fantastic tool for tidying up foliage, lawn clippings, and any other rubbish you may have lying about your backyard, in a fraction of the time that sweeping or raking could take.

The line trimmer is great for keeping weeds under control, trimming grass around trees, tidying up patchy lawns, keeping edges looking sharp, or attacking any other spots your lawnmower can’t get to. Its adjustable head, shaft and handle give you a comfortable, precise cutting action.

The hedge trimmer is ideal for tidying small hedges and bushes, as well as shaping shrubs and ornamental trees. Its adjustable front and rear handles mean it can handle any angle you’re after, for clean, sharp cutting.

They’re all very lightweight in design, so they’re easy and comfortable to use, ideal for the home gardener. Being petrol and oil free makes it simple to get them started – just charge the battery and get going.

This trio is the perfect kit for keeping your garden pristine, without the fuss. Order yours today.

Come with a 2 Year Trade Tested Warranty.

1x battery and charger included.

• Quality leaf blower for home use
• Very lightweight design
• Easy to use

Running time: approximately 10 minutes
Maximum air speed: 200km/h
No load speed: 12,000RPM
Weight: 1.6kg

• Quality line trimmer for home use
• Cutting guard and plant protector
• Adjustable telescopic handle, shaft and head

Cutting circle: 26cm
No load speed: 8,000RPM
Weight: 2.6kg

• Quality hedge trimmer for home use
• Adjustable front and rear handles
• Dual switch and hand guard
• Easy to start
• Blade guard included

Tooth spacing: 14mm
Maximum cutting capacity: 12mm
Blade length: 520mm
No load speed: 1,100RPM

Battery: 1x 18V Lithium Ion 1.5Ah
Charging time: 3-5 hours

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Customer questions

Questions and answers

0 votes
q: Hi. I have this set but also have need for a longer or telescopic hedge trimmer. Do you have a product I can use the battery in this set for a longer handled hedge trimmer? Thanks
a: No that's not available in this range of tools.
By Trade Tested on January 19, 2021
3 votes
q: The line trimmer how strong are the blade will it cut through strong plant from ground, also the hedge trimmer will it cut creepers and thick branches from hedges?
a: The line trimmer is designed for weeds and small plants, you may need a brush cutter instead if you intend on cutting larger plants. The hedge trimmer has a maximum cutting capacity of 12mm.
By Trade Tested on January 20, 2019
3 votes
q: Is it possible to get an extra battery with the combo set? and how much ? Thanks.
a: Yes, we have them available separately. they are currently $69.00.
By Trade Tested on November 13, 2018
1 vote
q: Can you swap hedge trimmer for another tool by any chance.
a: No these come pre-packaged as a combo.
By Trade Tested on April 23, 2020
1 vote
q: Do they come with battery or is that extra cost?
a: Yes this comes with 1 battery, you can then purchase additional batteries depending on your needs.
By Trade Tested on February 2, 2020
2 votes
q: Hi. Your gear sounds great. Tell me this. Can I purchase a better powered battery than the 18v 1.5ah offered? Thanks heaps.
a: Check out our GreenWorks range, we have more battery options available there.
By Trade Tested on November 15, 2018
0 votes
q: Can we use the Brushcutter blade with this line trimmer?
a: No those blades require a left hand threaded mounting, which this does not use.
By Trade Tested on August 28, 2020
1 vote
q: Hi, how long does one of the plastic blades last, hoping to get an indication as I have not used a blade weedeater before.
a: It depends what you're trying to cut, but generally a couple of uses per blade, it comes with spares and we sell them separately also.
By Trade Tested on January 6, 2020
0 votes
q: How long does the hedge trimmer work for one charge of the battery, just average?
a: Perhaps around 20 mins, it depends on foliage thickness etc.
By Trade Tested on June 9, 2020
0 votes
q: Does each product come with their own battery or do all 3 share the same one?
a: This comes with a single battery that interchanges on all three.
By Trade Tested on April 15, 2020
0 votes
q: Hi would these work with my 18v black and decker drill battery also?
a: No it won't.
By Trade Tested on January 21, 2020
-1 votes
q: Does each item come with its own battery ? IE: 3x batteries in the combo
a: This combo has a single battery.
By Trade Tested on January 6, 2020
0 votes
q: Hi does this come with blades for trimmer or do i need to purchase i see the last time i looked you were out of stock on blades.cheers
a: Yes this comes with a set, we try to have spare blades in stock at all times.
By Trade Tested on November 10, 2019
0 votes
q: Hi, how heavy is the hedge trimmer?
a: It's approx 4kg with the battery.
By Trade Tested on April 10, 2019
0 votes
q: Will this line trimmer be OK to do edges on lawns with and cut back tall weeds - I'm a garden novice.
a: Edges would be fine, however this might struggle with really heavy, dense, tall weeds. Have a look at our 40V Greenworks model, that should do the trick.
By Trade Tested on April 2, 2019
0 votes
q: Hi, can the leaf blower be used to suck?
a: Not this model. However we do have blower vacuums available in our 40V Greenworks and petrol blower ranges.
By Trade Tested on March 24, 2019
0 votes
q: Can the line trimmer be used with ordinary line not the blades.
a: No this only has a blade attachment.
By Trade Tested on January 28, 2019
0 votes
q: Hi, it says this is a line trimmer, but the picture shows it's the linefree trimmer with the orange cutting bit. Which trimmer is included in this pack? The one with a blue trimming line or a linefree one? Thanks
a: This model uses blades rather than line, however Line Trimmer is the accepted general term for these tools, which is why it is used. We have spare blades available in packs of 10.
By Trade Tested on December 16, 2018
0 votes
q: Hi, how long will the line trimmer run on a single charge?
a: Run time will be 20-25 on average for the line trimmer.
By Trade Tested on December 9, 2018
0 votes
q: Hi Will this set work with your G-MAX 40V 4.0Ah Li-Ion Battery ?
a: Sorry, no they don't.
By Trade Tested on December 3, 2018
Customer reviews

Customer reviews

Overall rating

4.6 out of 5 stars from 122 reviews
Kiwi Mum Waikato

Battery doesn't power other tools/grass wraps around shaft

3 months ago


This set only has the option of using the battery with these 3 tools which is limiting. I was a bit green when researching and if I had have realised the battery issue I would have opted for another brand. Other than that the tools are easy to use, lightweight, and in particular the hedge trimmer does a good job, especially for the price. The line trimmer does give sore hands as the safety mechanism requires you to hold the handle in an awkward position. I have found grass wraps around the shaft of the line trimmer and there is no obvious way to get it off. The items don't arrive fully assembled and the line trimmer was confusing to put together, but the hedge trimmer and blower were simple.

Karen Tauranga

Cordless power garden combo set

3 months ago


Great tools ..light and easy to use. Defiantly recommended.

Splodge bay of plenty

great pieceof kit

3 months ago


Excellent combo set for the price.

Lawrence Motueka

18v garden combo

3 months ago


Ideal for medium size home gardens. Trims the edges and the hedges. Then a quick blow round to tidy up.

Ratty Kapiti Coast

Awesome product

3 months ago


These three together are just awesome! My gardener retired and I have terminal cancer so I am able to get my front lawn nice and tidy myself its great!

F Wellington

Worth the price

4 months ago


Good product. If you don't want to spend too much.

Jane Bay of islands

Love it

4 months ago


Finally a tool I can use without having to wait for someone to start it. Light weight and the batteries charge very quickly and last a good amount of time

Daniel Auckland

Cordless Power Garden Combo Set 18V Li-ion

4 months ago


It is awesome to use. Thank you.

Barry Liu Wellington


4 months ago


Did the job.

T&W Taupo

Brilliant starter set.

5 months ago


Never owned electric garden tools till now, wish we'd got these sooner. Bought this set a month ago, it works great! Super easy to set up and use. The price fitted our budget too. Will be buying an extra battery.

Bruce Hansen Invercargill


6 months ago


They are a good buy for small jobs.

Rob Tauranga

Cordless Power Garden Combo Set

6 months ago


3 really useful pieces of equipment. All very light and simple to use. I use them constantly more mixing petrol and oil and breathing fumes. Also bought a second battery so don't have to wait for recharging.

T.A Bay of Plenty

Good combo

6 months ago


The blower and hedge trimmer are a great set for my smaller residential gardens/yards/carpark area. Still need the power of my petrol line trimmer though. Yes I'm happy with my purchase.

Awhina New Plymouth

Efficient little combo

6 months ago


Weed eater works fine. Once you get your angle right, good for regular home maintenance only. It does need full charge. This is not a heavy duty industrial hedge trimmer. If it's a big job with really long thick grass etc, this won't do it. It will go flat before you finish! Blower works fine as does hedge trimmer. Each job depending on size needs battery charged. Perfect for small regular home maintenance jobs. Nothing massive or overgrown. Or battery will run out and leave you a bit frustrated.

T Canterbury

Value Plus

6 months ago


I read the reviews and purchased this set and I can honestly say it is 'value plus!' I have no hesitation in saying that these are great for the home garden and my section is around 730sqm with trees, grass and garden to care for.

Wu Gisborne

18v garden combo set

7 months ago


Really really good value for your money, hedge trimmer is fantastic, the line trimmer is very good for the small jobs around our section, and the blower does a good job, great combo very good customer service, all round very happy with the combo, definitely recommend.

Nina Hamilton

Value for money

7 months ago


Perfect size tools for a small garden.

Rob Canterbury

Power Garden combo

8 months ago


Bought combo for our daughter as we have already owned these tools and found to be excellent to use and a good weight for around home use, especially for a lady to use.

Gardening Gal Wellington

Title is good

8 months ago


The weed eater is unusual _plastic red bits odd. And do not last long. Leave blower great, hedge cutter great. Is quite long so reches good heights

TM Tustin Auckland

Cordless Power Garden Combo

8 months ago


Prompt delivery, happy with products.

Jonathan lopez Hawke's bay

Very good value for the price

10 months ago


Great value for the combo it will do the job fine, it is what is it a basic power tools don't expect doing professional job or big job. Perfect for house gardening.

Barbara Kapiti

Cordless power combo

10 months ago


Very happy with products. I only have a small section so the tools worked very well. Delivery was good even during lockdown.

Spoednick Auckland

Perfect Garden Combo for a small house

10 months ago


This Cordless Power Garden Combo is ideal for a smaller home and even works well with dense areas. I have used the hedge trimmer on thick areas with ease. The Li-ion battery is perfect and actually fits more devices than this combo set. This is a real asset!

Bella Auckland

Great Tools

11 months ago


So handy having battery operated tools - able to get to hedge my long driveway - without heaps of power cords joined together. Gave much better output than expected. Powerful enough to trim hedges, blow away the mess and trim edges - made my gardening maintenance so much easier and quicker.

Bhupen Wellington

Cordless Power Garden Combo Set 18V Li-ion

12 months ago


I have used the trimmer and blower they work very well but i wish the battery would have last longer. Good product.

Paul Wanganui

Garden combo set

about 1 year ago


Have been happy with purchase, certainly ideal for a small section

Janjan Auckland

Great Product

about 1 year ago


Great product in great deal.

Plaisteds Gore. Sothland

Garden combo

about 1 year ago


Great wee set. Does the job nicely for us.

L J Gore

Lindsay duncan

about 1 year ago


Hedge cutter good. Blower is good but the line trimmer is just ok for very light work

Allen Canterbury

Cordless Power Garden Combo Set 18V lI-ION

about 1 year ago


Very good product to use but battery not the best but ok have to charge more times than it should have be done.

Nzniceone Auckland

Cordless Power Garden Combo Set 18V Li-ion

about 1 year ago


Considering the price is a good set and good option for light use around the home. The plastic blades tend to fly of the weed eater on regular basis but it does come with a number of spares with the product.

Joe Christchurch

Works Great

about 1 year ago


Well worth the money, all items work great. Battery last longer than I anticipated.

Joe Masterton

Cordless power garden combo set 18 V Li-ion

about 1 year ago


reasonable product. quiet to operate. deals with normal grass along the edges.

Christine Auckland

Cordless Power Garden Combo Set 18V Li-ion

about 1 year ago


Fabulous. Purchased for a first home buyer for Christmas. They were delighted. Light and easy to use. Feedback was: will need to purchase an extra battery because when I get these tools out, I want to work all day!.

Vi Southland

Great Combo Set

about 1 year ago


Really handy to have. Lightweight and easy to use. My husband said I should have bought it years ago!

Wayne Paihia

Bette than expected

about 1 year ago


Not to bad actually. The line trimmer does all I need, and the leaf blower surprisingly grunty, got the extra battery as I knew the blower would be thirsty, however went round all the edges with trimmer then used same battery to blow leaves etc of decks and paths, have not used hedge trimmer yet as the bloody neighbor cut my hedge for me. All in all this product is very good value for money.

Drob Tauranga

Great xmas present.

about 1 year ago


This was a Xmas present for my gardening wife. She loves all parts of it. Its nice and light but has plenty of power. Perfect for the average garden.

Roger Christchurch

Garden Combo

about 1 year ago


Very happy with the power and flexibility of this 3 pack combo. Good and compact for a small garden. Nice and lightweight for my wife to use as well

Jenny Auckland

A happy user

about 1 year ago


I am very happy with this purchase. So far so good

Alex Southland

Well worth the price

about 1 year ago


Very light and easy to use! Was very impressed with the quality given how cheap they are. Would recommend getting a second battery though. Each one lasts ~20-30min of continuous use but takes around 5 hours to charge so it's good to have a backup!

Patsy wellington


about 1 year ago


It's alright just need a bigger battery so it lasts longer,

Rndhw Auckland

Combo Set

about 1 year ago


Great products for little jobs around the garden. The battery lasts longer than expected.

Gogan Taranaki

Good value.

about 1 year ago


A good set for use on your own property. Don't rely on it for commercial use. It's not a commercial set. It's great for home use.

@@@ak Whanganui

Recommend purchase.

about 1 year ago


Bought as Xmas gift for my partner very happy with them. cheers

Sheils Hamilton

Garden combo set

about 1 year ago


Just what I needed, especially the fact that it is so light and easy to operate. Highly recommended.

Lexi Kawerau

My Favourite Purchase EVER

about 1 year ago


Thank you so much trade tested for creating such great affordable quality tools. The line trimmer works as a breeze for my yard. I used the leaf blower yesterday for the first time and was able to blow all my rocks back into my rock garden which had been a real big nuisance for me. I have not used the hedge trimmer but I started it up and looks like it will also get the job done well like the rest of its "buddies" it arrived here with. Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou Wonderful products

Kerri Bay of Plenty

Great Buy

about 1 year ago


These are proving perfect for my little back yard jobs. The hedge trimmer was amazing and so easy to use. My side was quicker than the neighbour with his petrol one haha. The edger does the trick, and haven't really used the blower yet. Overall I'm pretty happy. I've ordered a spare battery as per other reviewers, so you can continue onto the next job, handy tip :-)

Donna Taranaki


about 1 year ago


Love this set, light and easy to use. Great having battery and no cords or messy liquids to worry about. Haven’t used the blower yet but the trimmer and hedge trimmer are great.

Gully Auckland

Blower it

about 1 year ago


Does all that expected

Jenm8 Thames

Excellent tool

about 1 year ago


Does everything it's supposed to. It light, easy to operate and does a good job. Recommend.

Elsie T Otago

Cordless Power Garden Combo

about 1 year ago


Love it. Lightweight and very easy to use

K.C. Tauranga


about 1 year ago


All works well

Ross Hawke's Bay

What a Garden Set, You don't need anything else when you have these in your shed

about 1 year ago


I am very pleased with the Garden set. The blower does exactly what I wanted it to do and made getting rid of the leaves easy. The hedge trimmer works a treat and is very robust and easy to manage and the weed eater, eveen my wife is happy with this one and it is a race to see who gets it first. Great Tools from a Great Company

Roverboy Hawke's Bay

Cordless Power Garden Combo Set 18V Li-ion

about 1 year ago


Great unit, it's light and easy to use. Its ideal for those little jobs, battery last well.

Nanny Coll Bay of Plenty

Cordless Power Garden Set

about 1 year ago


I am 74 and live alone. I like to mow my own lawns and look after things myself. I purchased this garden set as I thought it would be nice and light and easy to handle. I am thrilled with it. It's is all that I hoped for and more. I especially like the easy to fit plastic blades rather than having to fit the normal cutting cord .It does a nice neat job. At this point I haven't used the leaf blower or the hedge trimmer but if they are as easy to use and perform as well I will be more than happy.

Gazza Christchurch/Akaroa


about 1 year ago


Have just purchased my 2nd. one, bought one for our holiday home with hedge cutter, so impressed just bought the blower for home. Very light for the girls to use and a darn site quicker than sweeping or raking. Top product AAAAA+

Alby Canterbury

Line Trimmer

about 1 year ago


Light and easy to use. Good battery performance.

The Miguel Auckland

Perfect for me

about 1 year ago


This was a great purchase. All three of the tools in the combo are efficient, light weight, and the battery lasts for ages (I did get an extra battery, but I hardly ever use it). Perfect for my medium size suburban garden.

Magoo Tauranga

Great set

over 2 years ago


Quick delivery of this great set of gear. Works really well. I was apprehensive about a blade trimmer as I had previously used lines, but it’s really good.

Mike Northland

Cordless Power Garden Combo Set 18V Li-ion

over 2 years ago


Very pleased with this versatile product. The only thing I would recommend is that you purchase more of the plastic cutting blades for the weed eater.

Craig Bay of Plenty Te Puna RD6 Tauranga

Mr Craig Coxhead

over 2 years ago


Great service and timely delivery of product much appreciated and happy to use service again and recommend to friends and family. Regards Craig Coxhead Te Puna Tauranga

Errol Auckland

18 V cordless tools

over 2 years ago


Very very disappointed in battery life

Thommo Christchurch

Great Set

over 2 years ago


Great value for money. More powerful than expected

KEA Otago

Garden Combo Set

over 2 years ago


Great value for money.

Ann Gisborne

Light and easy to use

over 2 years ago


Great product wanted something that was light weight but would get the job done.

Nadine Nelson

Good value for money

over 2 years ago


Line trimmer does a good job of trimming edges, even if grass is longer. I get sore arms from holding it after a while, even though it's not that heavy, maybe a shoulder strap would be good. Great blades, so you don't have the hassle of the line breaking or jamming up like I had on other trimmers and so quick and easy to change. The hedge clippers worked well too. Battery life hasn't been a problem for me, used it for about 30min. the first time and still had battery left. Haven't needed to use the blower yet. Overall very happy with purchase.

Shar Whangarei

Fantastic set

over 2 years ago


Absolutely rapt with these products. So light and easy to use and all work fantastic. Only wish the three pack came with two batteries otherwise can't fault the products. Have bought three hedge trimmers now for family and they are also very pleased with them.

Lucie Manawatu

awesome combo

over 2 years ago


received item very next day after ordering, we absolutely love it,my son gets out into the yard more often now.. this has made things so much easier.. thanks guys will definitively be ordering more items

Jaseshaz Mount Maunganui

Cordless Combo Set

over 2 years ago


All 3 are great. Easy to use, light and quiet. Bought a spare battery pack and would recommend people do. Just allows you to use all 3 without lengthy waits. Kids can use easily as well.

Mnz Nz


over 2 years ago


I had an electric weed eater which was cumbersome, heavy and the cord kept breaking so I invested in the garden trio with extra battery. Love love love my new toys. Lightweight, easy to use and just all round fabulous.

Curly Whakatane

Cordless Power Garden Combo Set 18V Li-ion

over 2 years ago


Purchased recently and now have a well manicured section finding the battery operated units able to handle all tasks asked of them. Very easy to swap the battery Great product

Kyke Dunedin

Great little set

over 2 years ago


Perfect for around the garden, just what it needed Cheers TT

Stretch Northland

Line Trimmer combo

over 2 years ago


This combo set is excellent for around home lawns Have brought extra battery to complete my jobs in one go

James Waikato

Excellent Combo Set

over 2 years ago


Been using this without issue and am pleased with the performance and battery life. Straightforward assembly and easy to operate.

B Manawatu


over 2 years ago


In the first 10 minutes of using the grass trimmer the red blade came off 3 times, and flicked away somewhere so have had to use 3 new blades. Then within the next 20 minutes the blade came off again at least another 3 times. Its extremely sensitive and definitely not as good as the first one I purchased which lasted for 2 years with out this problem at all. Did not enjoy using this product at all!

H. Northland

Combo set

over 2 years ago


Works well, line trimmer could do with a shoulder strap.

Cockney Auckland

Small on size - big on results!

over 2 years ago


Bought this set a couple of years ago and love it so much we have bought another set for the batch.

Kyle Otago

Great little set

over 2 years ago


Work great, perfect for work around the garden.I used all three tools for about 45 minutes only used 1/3 of the battery. Recommended. Cheers TT

Satisfied customer Dunedin

Cordless Power Garden Combo Set 18V Li-ion

over 2 years ago


Good product, cutting through some long grass with ease.

Tusker Auckland

useful & good value

over 2 years ago


Gets most of the work around the yard and garden done. Could do with a little more "GRUNT".

Jonathan Auckland

Great value

over 2 years ago


Easy to assemble. Good value. Does a good job of small areas. Would recommend a second battery if you're wanting to get lots done though.

Brent0372 Pokeno

Excellent product

over 2 years ago


This was purchased as a replacement for another tradetested combo.

BJC Auckland

Cordless Power Garden Combo Set 18V Li-ion

over 2 years ago


Bought the Cordless Power Garden Combo Set, and have been impressed with the 18V power - they're much better than the 9V tools I used to have.

Su Auckland

A must for all.

over 2 years ago


Easy to use,light weight and very well priced with 3yrs warranty.They offer excellent after sales support and have bought several items of them in the past with no issues at all.Highly recommended to all.

Gadgetman Hobsonville Point

Great 3 Pack

over 2 years ago


This combo pack is ideal for the smaller section home that we've moved into. The battery life is great and the devices are light and sturdy, so you don't feel fatigued.

Rogue1 Kapiti

Cordless Power Garden Combo Set 18V Li-ion

over 2 years ago


Good set of tools for a reasonable price. Easy to set up, easy to use. Great for a small sized property.

Kimbo P Gisborne

Cordless power garden combo set

over 2 years ago


Perfect for giving the edges and tricky bits a clean up before someone mows the lawn. Light, efficient, price is good too.

Marilyn Canterbury

Great tools, great price, sensible weight

over 2 years ago


These are lightweight tools ideal for women or anyone who can't do 100 chin ups. They do as good a job as my husband's heavy petrol version and the battery lasts twice as long as advertised. The trick now is getting them back off him!

Diane Canterbury

cordless power garden combo set

over 2 years ago


this is the best buy of the year. such good value for what you get. was very impressed and have past the word on to my friends

Delphine Auckland

Cordless Power Garden Combo Set 18V Li-ion

over 3 years ago


Good value for this combo. However, be aware the battery only lasts about 10 minutes & takes 5 hours to charge! I lost the set of spare blades when I purchased the combo & no spare sets are available for over 2 months which is a real pain. Overall, my garden is tiny so this is nearly sufficient for me & once I get the blades, I hopefully will be able to keep my garden tidy…

Billydean Canterbury

Garden combo set

over 3 years ago


Great for quick little jobs

Carol Waikato


over 3 years ago


Very pleased with all three tools, makes it easy to keep my garden tidy.

Virginia M Auckland

Cordless Power Garden combo

over 3 years ago


All three power tools are perfect for my little garden! Excellent service in sending products to me, packaged safely and working amazingly! Very affordable for all three tools, very happy customer!


Garden combo set

over 3 years ago


Very versatile and easy to use set of garden tools. Quick to change battery power and a fast recharge time. By the time the battery has gone flat, its time for a cuppa!

Makka Tauranga

Just what we were looking for . . .

over 3 years ago


Quick delivery with great communication. This set is well priced and does exactly what it is made to do. We are very impressed.

Matt Auckland

Fantastic set, amazing value!

over 3 years ago


This is everything you need for a small garden/yard. It is very quiet, efficient and does a great job! I would recommend that if you need to do a bigger job, to get a second battery as the wait time to charge is a little annoying. But an amazing purchase!

Seamus Auckland

Great, affordable set

over 3 years ago


Very handy set of cordless garden tools. Saves heaps of time and very easy to use

Moya Duncan Otago

Great little cordless power garden combo

over 3 years ago


great service and great products love them

Yvonne Otago

Cordless power combo set

over 3 years ago


Fantastic product, no more extension cords that always got stuck on stuff, no more cutting through the cord, these 3 products work brilliantly, wish I had got them a long time ago.

Rex auckland

easy to use

over 3 years ago



Warhorse Auckland

Good all round tool

over 3 years ago


Good value product

Sue Masterton

Awesome tools for home gardener

over 3 years ago


Absolutely love all of these power tools. So far the battery has managed fine for all I have needed to do. Will purchase a spare battery later on though just in case. Highly recomend all of these

Besto Auckland

Handy combo set for compact garden

over 3 years ago


5 Satrs

Keith Waitakere City

Cordless Power Garden Combo Set

over 3 years ago


Very easy and light to handle, recommend having two batteries, does the job very good

Daz Palmerston North


over 3 years ago


Great item love it

Nigel Waikato

Cordless trimmer, hedge trimmer & blower

over 3 years ago


these items are great, it is so much easier to trim a bush or hedge without having to look for a cable, the trimmer is also great.

Muzing Hanmer

theo cordless garden tool set

over 4 years ago


ahas bought for wife as they looked light and handy for the small stuff .As it worked out its now more used by myself and could do with spare battery if available.Great tool

Pete Taupo

Great set

over 4 years ago


Everything goes really well hedge cutter is easy to operate

Towncrier Katikati

Excellent combo buy

over 4 years ago


So I wanted a battery operated hedge trimmer ......looked up Tradetested and was offered the combo set and have never looked back. All three function well but I believe purchasing a second battery is a must. Before any other purchases I may require I will log in to Trade tested Web site

1bugaly1 Auckland

Great tools

over 4 years ago


Easy to use

Tiki Auckland

Light and easy to use.

over 4 years ago


Light and easy to use. Great value for money.

Hidehi Auckland

Weed eater

over 4 years ago



Hidehi Auckland

Weed eater

over 4 years ago



Macca Nelson


over 4 years ago


We love this combo. Quiet, easy to use and efficient. Already recommended it to friends who have bought it and like it too. 

Doc Waikato

Time Safer - Money Saver

over 4 years ago


A convenient and economical bundle that has performed well and saved hours of labour in the garden this summer.

Gav Auckland

Goes great

over 4 years ago


I got the set as si j of using cords. I was. Sry surprised how powerful and light the hedge trimmer was it was great and blower good enough to blow all the bits into a heap. I got an extra battery as well to ensure one was charging while one in use 

Mohan New plymouth

Value for money

over 4 years ago


 Easy to use. Quality products.


Easy to use and effective

over 4 years ago


I was amazed at how well this combo worked and the weedeater is so efficient

Ian Otago

great for the small garden

over 4 years ago


Quiet, sturdy and ideal for those jobs that dont upset the neighbour with excessive noise

Clive Katikati

Great Easy To Use

over 4 years ago


Very pleased with this trimmer. Easy and light to operate, easy to adjust, and no bloody cord to drag around.

Ruthie Invercargill

Light and simple

over 4 years ago


Not me but the combo power tool. Very pleased. Have already recommended it to my friends

Gordy Nelson


over 4 years ago


Surprisingly well made and performs better than expected. Think extra battery almost essential as in particular leaf blower soon uses up power of one.

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