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Cordless Line Trimmer Plastic Blade 10 Pack

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Replacement blade pack for Trade Tested Cordless Line Trimmer 18V Li-ion (SKU 114005).

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Product overview

Product overview

Replacement blade pack for Trade Tested Cordless Line Trimmer 18V Li-ion (SKU 114005).

Note: This is consumable item.

∙ Pack of 10 replacement plastic blades
∙ Easy to change
∙ Suits Cordless Line Trimmer 18V Li-ion (SKU 114005)

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Customer questions

Questions and answers

3 votes
q: Will these blades fit an ozito grass trimmer?
a: Maybe but we have never tested this.
By Trade Tested on March 25, 2020
2 votes
q: Can these be used on any line trimmer?
a: Generally yes, as long as they were a blade type in the first place. However it's not something we've tested so there may be some exceptions.
By Trade Tested on October 10, 2019
0 votes
q: Can these blades be used for the 40volt Greenworks trimmer.
a: No they are not compatible, we sell replacement line for the Greenwork Trimmer.
By Trade Tested on August 19, 2020
Customer reviews

Customer reviews

Overall rating

4.4 out of 5 stars from 91 reviews
Granny Auckland

Line trimmer

3 months ago


Absolutely love this light weight trimmer I can go around all my edges before the battery runs out and saves me bending over to do the job recommend this product 100%

Colin Nelson

Trimmer blades

4 months ago


Just what the doctor ordered, fits my Bosch perfectly

Lawrence Motueka

Trimmer blades

4 months ago


I have tried 3 different makes, these are the best.

JAM Auckland


4 months ago


Blades do their job well. We do go through them quickly but I guess we are hitting concrete too often! Would be better if they were slightly stronger plastic but they are quick and easy to replace.

Silverfox Waikato


4 months ago


just great

Alan Paeroa

Disappointed in the blade life

5 months ago


Blades break regularly, When trimming around paths use up about 3 of them. Not helpful either when they are out of stock as I have not found a replacement product.


It’s a gem

5 months ago


Excellent better than a cord one. Light easy for anyone to use. Makes me very independent.

Tomred Manawatu

Plastic blades 10 pack

5 months ago


Good blades for light work .

Ziff1 Tauranga

Ideal for lawn edging and trimming.

5 months ago


These line trimmer replacement plastic blades do the job no problem. Easy to replace and they attach to the line trimmer. They are a bit soft and can chew out when the blade strikes something hard like concrete, but then that's not their purpose.

Mike Matamata

new Blades

5 months ago


the first blades with the machine were good. I got 4 boxes of replacements, they melt at the eye and i lost about 4 in very short time.

Chris Auckland

Great for general grass and weeds

6 months ago


I have a small Property with plenty of unreachable ares with the mower. So my weed eater with the blades is needed a lot at this time of year. Have found as long as you are hitting concrete too often, each blade last weeks.

Brian Whangarei

Cordless trimmer Blade pack

6 months ago


They’re great

Jimmi Christchurch

Cordless Line Trimmer Plastic Blade 10 Pack

6 months ago


This product - Cordless Line Trimmer Plastic Blades are good but not as good as the blades that come with the line trimmer.

Tania Pukekohe

Cordless line trimmer plastic blades

6 months ago


Absolutely recommend to others. The trimmer is so easy to use and putting the plastic blades on is a breeze.

Jo Napier


6 months ago


Love this weed eater so light and easy to use and the plastic blade are awesome no mucking around with cords and my son like it to

Sambro Tauranga

Cordless Line Trimmer Plastic Blade 10 Pack

7 months ago


They do the job for what they are designed to do. Avoid contact with concrete and bricks, You'll chew through the blades.

GJ Southland

Trimmer plastic blades

7 months ago


Worked well

Raven Hawke's Bay

Cordless Line Trimmer Plastic Blade 10 Pack

7 months ago


Excellent product.

Waddy Auckland


7 months ago


I have use these and they are ok.

Wu Gisborne

Trimmer blades

7 months ago


Great little blades they do the job on grass, weeds etc.

Krazy Jill Waianiwa

Plastic Blades 10 pack

7 months ago


I find these to be too flexible. They come off the line trimmer very easily. They need to be tweaked.

Ishmal Hamilton

Line trimmer plastic blades

7 months ago


The plastic single blades that are used on the Cordless trimmer are fine for their intended, purpose, but like all line trimmers, they have a relatively short life. Still they perform fine and are probably ahead of the original nylon line models.

John geraldine

Battery line trimmer

7 months ago


These are very very good and easy to use on the Fantastic line trimer

Robbo Dannevirke

Good value

7 months ago


They wear well except (as expected) when trimming near to concrete. I bought 2 packs and see them as a 'cost of use'. I don't delay replacing and performance improves immediately. In difficult situations the blade detaches and cannot be located. Doesn't happen enough to be a demerit.

Ron Auckland


8 months ago


They do a good job. I just wish I could find the blades when they fligh off .

Cam Auckland

Great product

about 1 year ago


Excellent performance

Lou Taranaki

Plastic blades

about 1 year ago


These keep coming off the trimmer but if you have the time and patience to deal with putting them back on then they do a very good job

Helbar Hamilton

Plastic blades for whipper snipper..

about 1 year ago


These are the ideal way to get your whipper snipper set up for trimming the lawn edge or general grass or weed cutting. Granted being plastic they don't last too long when cutting against sharp objects etc, but just as the line trimmer's will also have to be extended frequently, this system is a whole lot easier.. They snap on without a problem especially helpful for those with limited hand/wrist movement. Personally I would rate these at 8 out of 10..Only thing easier would be a goat....

Taranaki Man Taranaki

Buy plenty

about 1 year ago


Good and practical for the weed-eater. You'll go through a couple per job if you get right into it like I do, but the reality is buy plenty, you can't expect a simple plastic blade spinning at up to 8000RPM to last much longer than that. Buy plenty. At least two packs at a time if you can afford it.

Nolie Invercargill

Cordless line trimmer blades

about 1 year ago


So much easier to use than line.

Teclo Wellington

Cordless line trimmer plastic blade 10 pack

about 1 year ago


Safe and does the job

Em Waikato


about 1 year ago


Great, work well, easy to put on. I was a bit skeptical compared to regular line but they have no problems cutting through grass. Have only had to use 2 in one use when I was a bit close to the concrete or trees and they break but otherwise you dont have to replace too often.

Carrie Lower Hutt

Excellent product

about 1 year ago


Excellent product for my little piece of lawn, great price

Dilanp19 Auckland

Good Value

about 1 year ago


These blades are great and they last for at least 2 years.

Vi Southland

Plastic blades

about 1 year ago


These blades work great.

Hack Auckland

Plastic Blades

about 1 year ago


Just replacement blades for our cordless trimmer, they do the job thanks

Gloria Te Kauwhata

Good Product

about 1 year ago


Easy to use and not too heavy. Good product



about 1 year ago


Wish some steel ones were on offer. Last longer. But, they do the job and I love keep buying.

Marg Tokoroa

Plastic blades

about 1 year ago


These plastic blades are the best thing ever I always got the cord on the line trimmer wrong. Now it’s so easy to use. They don’t like long wet grass but that’s no big deal. I recommend this product

Migs Auckland


about 1 year ago


Very easy to fit but do have a tendency to come off if they hit a tough stalk.

Michelle Canterbury

Cordless Line Trimmer Plastic Blades

about 1 year ago


The blades are ok for light trimming of grass. They are not good when you put the trimmer on its side to trim edges. They wear through and break off where they attach to the trimmer, well before the blade is worn down.

Jacko Papatoetoe Auckland

Line trimmer blade pack

about 1 year ago


Good price & quick delivery. I ordered 3 packs. seems like the hole at the end could do with a bit of a re-design, possibly with a screw-on cap or similar as they do fly off occasionally into the grass and can be pretty hard to find. As they are cheap it's not a very big problem, more a nuisance.

Sha Auckland

Cordless Line Trimmer Plastic Blade 10 Pack

about 1 year ago


Easy to order online and easy to use plastic blades. Awesome product

Roverboy Auckland

Cordless line trimmer plastic blade pack

about 1 year ago


Easy to install, last longer than i expected.

Simuman Canterbury

Line Trimmer accessories

about 1 year ago


Very happy with this accessory to the cordless line trimmer, very strong and easily deals to medium size lawn edges in one battery charge.

Cheryl Wellington

Cordless battery line trimmers and plastic blades

about 1 year ago


Excellent product. Cordless battery line trimmers and plastic blades are perfect for the ladies, so easy to use. Does a fantastic job.

Cait Auckland


about 1 year ago


Does the job

Alby Canterbury

Good deal

about 1 year ago


Price of courier to Christchurch doubles the price

John Christchurch

Line Trimmer

about 1 year ago


Excellent product and great idea

Stu Auckland

Cordless Line Trimmer Plastic Blade 10 Pack

about 1 year ago


The plastic blades are OK themselves. However, the problem is they can keep coming off meaning that they are continuous consumables. They can be ordered online and Trade Tested send them to your address fairly promptly.

Parksey Taranaki


over 2 years ago


Very fast service, the blades work well and don't damage any thing that you might hit by mistake.

KEA Otago


over 2 years ago


Easy to use.

Linda Bay of Plenty

line trimmer blades

over 2 years ago


as i have the trimmer, i need to buy these....i find i have to replace them more times than i would like to...they wear out fast....

Cat Waikato

Easier than line

over 2 years ago


Okay product, I mean it is standard that I have to buy them to suit the line trimmer and sometimes they break too easy, but they are easier than threading the line on other line trimmers so they get my vote

Jay Northland

Line trimmer

over 2 years ago


Turned up on time and works awesome

Dave b Otago

trimmer blades

over 2 years ago


these blades are really good,saves time untangling the old cord trimmers.

Gardener Taranaki

Line trimmer blades.

over 2 years ago


I have a small farm and a large garden. These are brilliant for all light trimming...orchard long grass, driveway , edging.They wear well.

Susan Auckland

New lots breaking more often

over 2 years ago


This is a repeat purchase. I am finding the plastic blades a breaking a lot more often with is a disappointment. Otherwise the line trimmer is very good.

H. Northland

Plastic blade pack

over 2 years ago


Easy to put on.

Katunda Waikato

Line trimmer blades

over 2 years ago


The blades do require frequent replacement, not unlike most other types of line trimmer in use today, so do keep a supply of spare blades in your garden shed ..They are purchased in lots of 10 and are fairly reasonably priced..

Nita Hawke's Bay

Product review

over 2 years ago


Great product thanks!

Gerry Manawatu

Cordless Line trimmer Blades

over 2 years ago


OK for small jobs. Blade wears out very quickly on concrete edges. Probably injected moulded for a few cents each, an upgrade to a harder wearing engineering plastic would be an improvement.

Brent0372 Pokeno

Backup blades

over 2 years ago


Purchased additional blades. As I new we would go through them very quickly, as they are less forgiving unlike line trimmers.

Tim Taranaki

Easy to change

over 2 years ago


Effective blade system. Easy to replace and cheap.

Colin Wellington

Cordless Line Trimmer Plastic Blade 10 Pack

over 2 years ago


Excellent product idea easy to change and very handy on the line trimmer holder. Have noticed they get curved upwards when working on a concrete edge. Recommend for light grass cutting.

E E Whangarei


over 2 years ago


Fit the trimmer well, do the job.

Kimbo P Gisborne

Cordless trimmer plastic blades

over 2 years ago


These things are great. So much easier to use than the old fishing nylon. Get some.

Marika Auckland

Trimmer Blades

over 2 years ago


Great product

Sam Bay of Plenty

Cordless Line Trimmer 18V Li-ion

over 2 years ago


Great blades. Quick trade !

Susan Awanui


over 2 years ago


This item is essential for the fantastic trimmer I bought 18 months ago. It is light, quiet, super efficient and does any task easily.

Waiotahi Wanderer Bay of Plenty

Cordless Line Trimmer Blades

over 3 years ago


Very good for grass. Can be used on a Stihl Weedtrimmer.Most effective when two blades are used on each peg (6 in total)


cordless line timmer plastic blades

over 3 years ago


works well

Warhorse Auckland


over 3 years ago


VALUE for money

Daz Palmerston North

Easier then cord

over 3 years ago


Great idea easy to change great idea

Justice Whangarei

Excellent value

over 3 years ago


These plastic blades fit a variety of line trimmers, are hard wearing and excellent value for money.

Bear Auckland


over 3 years ago


so easy to attach and reliable, get a lot of millage out of the 1 blade , best investment getting rid of petrol trimmer and using the battery option( also from trade tested ) which these blades are for

B Manawatu

Plastic blades for line trimmer

over 3 years ago


No hassle and quick delivery for a pack of these .

Drifters Opotiki

Trmmer PlasticBlades

over 3 years ago


Excellent for grass trimming- better than nylon

Dont want one Whangarei

Line trimmer

over 3 years ago


Love the Line Trimmer, Love the plastic blade idea, no more line tangles, only wish they would last a bit longer but hey small price to pay to get a good result

Margo Wellington

Plastic blades

over 4 years ago


These blades work well when holding the trimmer at the right angle otherwise they can spin off or break.

Jenni Palmerston North

good value for money

over 4 years ago


easy to slot in ...

LittleKiss Manawatu

Cordless Line Trimmer blades

over 4 years ago


Not too bad, these last well for edges, but are inclined to wear down quickly when trying to get weeds on driveway and along corrugated iron fence lines, which is to be expected really. Love the lack of faffing around with nylon!

Ashley Pukekohe

Tougher than the Ozito Brand

over 4 years ago


I decided to purchase the original product as I was using the Ozito Brand blades which was coming off when working in hard to cut corners etc. I am glad I went back to the original ones as I can get the garden done with the minimal stopping.

Kattagee Bay of Plenty

so clever

over 4 years ago


simplest way to trim. Must remember to order more

Rauf manwatu

very handy

over 4 years ago


easy to fit great

Val Gisborne

Handy appliance

over 4 years ago


We like the battery-powered start. However, disappointed with the way in which the plastic blades became damaged and worn after being used twice.

Trace Bay of Plenty

Brilliant Idea

over 4 years ago


So much easier than messing around with plastic line. Quick and easy without a doubt.

Reserve Southland

Great Wee Things

over 5 years ago


Suprisingly good wee things!

Baz Waikato

Cordless line trimmer cutting heads

over 5 years ago


After becoming fed up with the B&D line trimmer we had, that munched thru those plastic reels of line willy nilly, I saw advertised the cordless line trimmer which I bought and its a lot easier to change the plastic cutting heads and they are relatively cheap to replace. Great product.

Mary Auckland

plastic blades for cordless line trimmer

over 5 years ago


great idea instead of cord

Ashbee Auckland

Handy Lightwight set

over 5 years ago


I purchased this to make it easier to do the small jobs around the garden, it is very light in weight and my wife can learn to use it as well without any complaints about weight and starting etc. Only problem that I have with this set is that it only comes with one/1 Battery so that any other tool cannot be used at the same time.

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