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Brush Cutter Buying Guide

Brush cutters offer excellent flexibility. They’re made to be great at trimming the backyard, clearing bush or undergrowth, or even cutting down saplings. Strong and robust, this is the perfect machine for your backyard maintenance. 

What's Right for You?

When choosing a reliable brush cutter, stick with the petrol models. Electric are fine for trimming a small suburban yard, but won’t be able to tackle tougher tasks. Depending on the job, you can switch out the tool being used. All our brush cutters come with a harness, so that no matter how much work you need to do, you’ll have as little stress on your back as possible.  


Nylon Trimmer – Great when putting the final touches on a mown lawn. Perfect for trimming and thinning small areas of grass and working around obstacles.


3 Prong Blade Great for trimming hard to reach places, mowing large areas of long grass and cutting through small batches of heavy grass. Also good for clearing out tough undergrowth and light vegetation.


4 Tooth Blade – It’s sturdy wide teeth are perfect for mowing through a large amount of ferns and dry and matted grass in difficult conditions.


8 Tooth Blade – Eight cutters made for mowing heavy vegetation or for tough grass that the other blades may be having trouble with. Good for cutting down light bush and stinging nettles.


40 Tooth Blade – This is the tool we recommend for sawing through vines, saplings and clearing knotty brush. Should only be sharpened by a professional.



•   Always be sure to wear sturdy and close-fitted clothing. Protect your legs with tough trousers and your feet with strong shoes that won’t slip.

•   Never wear a scarf, tie or jewellery that may catch. Always make sure to tie your hair back if you have long hair.

•   Protect your eyes with safety goggles or a face mask.

•   Keep your hearing safe and wear ample ear protection.



•   Use the best 2-cycle oil, designed for air cooled engines.

•   You can buy back-up or replacement attachments from us.

•   Before putting your machine into storage, clean it thoroughly and then drain the tank completely.

•   Remove the metal cutting blade and check it for any damage. Clean it and protect if from corrosion.

•   To keep the nylon line elastic, remove the spool from the mowing head and store it in a damp place. A few days before you use it, place the line in water to keep it flexible.


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