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Mini greenhouses are the perfect gardening solution for those with less room around the home. These smaller, cost-effective alternatives to traditional greenhouses are great for hobbyists, especially when it comes to starting seedlings or growing plants on the smaller side. Extend your growing season all year round with Trade Tested today.

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Protect seedlings and help young plants thrive with a mini greenhouse

Keep your veggies, flowers, or herbs in a controlled environment, free from invasive insects and protected from wind. With finer temperature and moisture control and cover from harsh weather, you can rest assured your small plants will be in the best conditions to survive and thrive.

Our small greenhouse selection

We stock multiple simple-to-assemble greenhouse products in various sizes to suit your needs. With its sturdy steel frame, the Palram Plant Inn is the ideal little hot house for planting seeds straight into the earth. Its height allows easy access for people of all ages, and it includes space underneath to store all your gardening accessories.

Our Mini Wooden Greenhouse Cabinet lets you create your own temperature-controlled garden by stacking multiple layers of plant pots. The Evergreen Mini Greenhouse serves as a versatile single-layer alternative.

Should a mini greenhouse be in full sun?

Sunshine is vital for your plants to grow, but too much heat or humidity inside the greenhouse could risk hurting them. Since mini greenhouses are more portable than full-size structures, you can move them around and experiment with which light levels work best.

Green your space with Trade Tested’s small greenhouses

Keep your plants safe from pests and harsh conditions when you order a mini greenhouse NZ-wide from Trade Tested today. For more gardening goods, check out our lawn care products, sprayers, and garden tools. We offer delivery all across New Zealand or pick-up from our Auckland store.