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Greenhouse Buying Guide

Owning a greenhouse is great. They can transform even a small section and add to anyone's quality of life. Greenhouse owners eat more healthily, have less stress, save money on groceries, and know exactly where their food comes from. Not only will you help the environment, you'll also have the opportunity to get the kids interested in eating healthy. Greenhouse gardening is relaxing, financially smart, and a uniquely satisfying part of modern living.

No longer just for commercial growers, new materials and technology have made domestic greenhouse gardening easier and more affordable than ever. As more and more people experience how great it really is, it's not hard to see why it's such a growing trend.

Trade Tested has greenhouses to suit sections of any size. All you need to know is which greenhouse is the right one for you.

The Golden Rule

If you buy a greenhouse, you're going to use it, and you're going to want to use it more. Greenhouse gardeners quickly develop an enthusiasm that takes on a momentum of its own. It's not like those gym memberships people pay for and then never use. By far the most common regret among first time greenhouse buyers is that they didn't think ahead to accommodate their growing interest. It's far easier to buy a greenhouse one size larger than it is to put an extension on a smaller one.

So What's Right for You?

There's a lot of different greenhouse technology on the market. The quality and material of greenhouse frames and panels varies. So do the designs. The best frames are durable and rust-free. The best panels provide proper insulation, diffused light, and UV protection. The best designs look good and provide proper insulation.

Trade Tested's greenhouses are constructed from sturdy, rust-free aluminium frames. Our panels are made from twin-walled polycarbonate that diffuses the light, insulates the interior, and offers plants UV protection. Polycarbonate is a strong, lightweight material that makes for safe and easy construction. It won’t break like glass in strong wind or an earthquake, and it won't crack or discolour like acrylic sheets can in the winter.

Other things to consider include how the greenhouse will look on your section, whether or not you want to customise it, and any accessories you may want to add to it.

Protect your Plants

Overheating is the main reason plants fail in a greenhouse, so controlling ventilation is vital. Our automatic vent openers are an excellent option that'll do it for you, and are especially handy when you're away from home.

Location, Location, Location

When choosing a spot to put your greenhouse, there are a few simple things to bear in mind. Find an open part of the garden away from any shadows from trees and buildings. It's simple to shade a greenhouse if the sun becomes too bright, but a lot harder to move a tree or building whose shade stunts your plant.

Think about wind too. Wind can cool the temperature inside a greenhouse. Eliminate this to begin with by selecting a site near a hedge or fence, just remember to look out for shadows.

To get the most efficient use of space inside, multi-tiered staging shelves can maximise your growing output. Raised garden beds can also make a useful addition to a greenhouse for those who don't like bending over too far to tend to their plants. You can check out our greenhouse accessories page to see if any of these tickle your fancy.

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