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Evergreen Greenhouse 6 x 4ft Green

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Don’t just grow plants, make them thrive in one of New Zealand’s most popular greenhouses.

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Product overview

Product overview

Don’t just grow plants, make them thrive in one of New Zealand’s most popular greenhouses. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your vege patch or get a head start on your first venture into homegrown goodness, this greenhouse is the ideal compact solution. It’ll provide a balmy little microclimate to help your plants flourish faster.

All Evergreen greenhouses are made with top quality aluminium frames and twinwall polycarbonate panels. Each greenhouse has been designed with a special grooved channel frame to help reinforce the panels against wind and weather. This quality greenhouse is backed up by a 12-year structural warranty for your peace of mind.

Evergreen Greenhouses Evergreen Greenhouses are designed in New Zealand for green-fingered Kiwis looking to take their gardening to the next level. Whether you’re a beginner wanting to get a head start on the tomato season or a seasoned horticulturalist looking for a little bit more room - you can do it all in an Evergreen. Eat fresh, live healthy and keep your garden growing all year round with an Evergreen greenhouse.

- Single door and 1 top window
- Twinwall 4mm polycarbonate with UV coating & protection film, ultraviolet radiation proof (with 5 year warranty)
- Aluminium frame
- Zinc plated steel bottom frame and pegs
- Rust Proof

- Green colour
- Assembled dimensions: 122cm (L) x 183cm (W) x 227cm (H)
- Carton dimensions for polycarbonate panels: 212 x 60 x 8cm
- Carton dimensions for aluminium parts: 194 x 20 x 24cm
- Average thickness of aluminium profiles: 1.3mm - 1.5mm
- Weight: 44kg

Please refer to metric measurements. Any imperial dimensions have been rounded, due to standard panel sizes.

Greenhouses are kitset and come with assembly instructions. Where possible, we recommend installing your greenhouse in a sheltered spot. Our expert customer service team are on hand to help if you need it.


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Customer questions

Questions and answers

5 votes
q: Could you put two together and leave out the end panels (make them back to back) and have one long greenhouse?
a: Yes you could.
By Trade Tested on November 15, 2019
3 votes
q: How good is it in the wind?
a: As long as it is built correctly then it's generally fine, especially if you add some silicon sealer while installing the panels. However it's not designed for high wind zones, so you may want to consider where you are installing.
By Trade Tested on June 8, 2020
3 votes
q: How sturdy are the panels, in terms of damage from grandchildren play and other misdemeanour; and how easy is it to replace any of these, should get split or broken?
a: They're 4mm panels, so reasonable tough, everything has it's limits, yes we always carry stock.
By Trade Tested on March 26, 2020
0 votes
q: Is the door on the length side or the with side?
a: The width side.
By Trade Tested on January 3, 2021
1 vote
q: Do these come with black aliumium?
a: No just the green at this stage.
By Trade Tested on July 12, 2019
0 votes
q: Do these green houses have a guttering system for water catchment?
a: No they don't.
By Trade Tested on May 22, 2020
Customer reviews

Customer reviews

Overall rating

4.1 out of 5 stars from 43 reviews
Jinxsey kaikoura

Happy with the final product

about 1 month ago


The Chinese instructions that were translated to English were hilarious. This took several hours over two days to construct but am happy with the greenhouse it's great. However I sincerely suggest that Trade Tested puts one of these together, rewrites the instructions and add more info around why you leave bolts here and there ie for later struts etc.

Scotty Palmerston North

Evergreen Greenhouse 6x4

about 1 month ago


Well constructed and fairly straight forward to assemble. Pleased with the product.

Cinna Southland

Perfect for me.

3 months ago


I cheated and got Kitset assembly to put this greenhouse together for me as the reviews stated that the instructions were lacking, and l am not that much of a builder. In saying that I have to admit I am really impressed by the little greenhouse, it's just the right size for the area l wanted it to go in, the construction is quite solid and l believe it will cope with any weather you could throw at it. I also got the shelf and now I can start growing whatever lol.

Wayne Wellington

Excellent product - requires some skill

3 months ago


This greenhouse is a well made product with accurate parts that fit together well if the instructions are read carefully and you take your time. It does require some skill with assembly and knowledge of how to get things square and vertical. Read the instructions! Then read them again! Unfortunately the 45 pages are not that well organized and some things take a bit of time to understand. Essential that you have a 10mm ring-open end spanner along with a ratchet and 10mm socket. There are some traps for the unprepared, one being the need to pre-assemble extra 10mm bolts and nuts into the tee slot channels that will be required later for assembly of lateral and diagonal braces. You cannot put these in later without backtracking and dismantling what you have already done!

Paruhi Paraparaumu

Evergreen greenhouse 6x4ft

3 months ago


Instructions are terrible but once I got a hang of diagrams it went smoothly but takes considerable time to erect. Fastening system of small nut and bolt is very fiddly and in many places you need to insert extra nut/bolts in the slots for later attachments. Not always clear and not always easy to do afterwards. Once up it is sturdy and works well.

Colin Kapiti

Green house

4 months ago


Interesting project trying to follow the instructions from a person with English as a second or third language. Not convinced about the long term quality of the materials, but expecting it will survive five years in a coastal environment. Good price for a basic greenhouse, but will probably choose a more expensive option in the future. Recommend helping a friend to assemble theirs before doing it on your own.

William Adama North Otago

Helpful Tip

4 months ago


Further to my review: the screws holding together the skylight window in the roof are countersunk, but the holes they go into are not, so the screw heads protrude and catch on the greenhouse roof frame. Use a countersink bit on the screw holes and that will improve the screw head clearance. Other screws in the assembly are also countersunk, but the holes they go into are not, so adjust those holes as you see fit.

William Adama North Otago

Good Purchase

4 months ago


It arrived while we were away, so it was waiting when we returned. Fun Fact: the manual allows 100 minutes for assembly, but you are going to need a lot longer than that. My excuse was being rained off three times and I'm sticking to it. The assembled product is as good as it looks in the brochure and my tomatoes now have a home that they can call their own.

E Tauranga

6 x 4 greenhouse

6 months ago


Flimsy and very complicated installation instructions - wish i could return it and get a refund.

Finlay Banks Canterbury

Great product

6 months ago


A great small green house. Easy to assemble if you only follow the pictures. As with all products out of Asia the translations are a fun puzzle to decipher.

John Dunedin

Evergreen Greenhouse

6 months ago


We are exceedingly pleased with the Evergreen Greenhouse and it does the job perfectly. If you follow the instructions carefully, you won't have any problems putting it together, although there are certain bits that do require 2 people.

Tommy Otago

Green house

6 months ago


We are really happy with the product, assembled it together and put it in place in a weekend, looks great in our backyard.

Phil Canterbury

6ft by 4ft Greenhouse

7 months ago


Have found product to be light and strong, being watertight and airtight, the polycarbonate panels giving protection against UV, being quite warm.

Popa smuf Nelson

6x4 green house

7 months ago


Very timely to put together.

Davo Christchurch

6x4 greenhouse

7 months ago


Fitted together well and is very sturdy when tightened up. Instructions are good but can be a little hard to follow. But came together in the end.

Mark Christchurch

Greenhouse 6x4

7 months ago


I have been singing the praises of your product from the day I first cracked open the Extrusion carton. The engineering if fantastic. The instructions take some getting used to. We have the best green house in the neighbourhood. I have even been back and tried to help some of your haters on your web site where they are struggling to put it together. People just don’t understand about loading extra bolts into the extrusion slots until you come to adding the cross strengthens bars at the top and guess what the bolts are already there. Out plants are doing so well. I have installed a complete irrigation system with micro sprays at the top and drippers on the bottom. We can almost watch the tomatoes grow. I have the green house attached to some treated timber rails around the base. Underneath these I constructed some concrete footings with 12mm threaded rod to bolt the rails down. The base is firmly screwed down to this. I am thinking of trying your roof attachments above the tomatoes. Why does your web site not help the people having trouble. The women who said hers collapsed with just the string attached obviously did not click them home. This feedback can put people off. It is not the product but the user. Having been in marketing for 37 years your web page can help or hinder your progress. You need to get all over the negative stuff and turn it around quickly. Don’t leave it there festering like an open sore. Yes I love our greenhouse. I have recommended it to many green fingered friends. I know of two extra sales you have because of this. Clumsy people will struggle but we love it and so do our plants.

SeaBee Wellington

Evergreen greenhouse

7 months ago


Overall we are happy with the greenhouse and accept that for what we paid it is not a top of the line product. The diagrams in the manual were good but it would have been better if there were more written instructions as well e.g it was not always obvious where the extra bolts went so things like Please note: put extra bolts in here because you will need them when you put the strengthening struts in, would help. We found some issues with some of the components. There were not enough washers. The metal is quite soft so we found we could not screw the bolts down too hard or it would just rip into the metal, they all needed washers. The screws for the window were the wrong size (we checked we had not used them incorrectly somewhere else). It would be helpful to have more of the cutout portions in the struts to put in bolts in at a later stage, if you miss seeing them on the instructions. We missed a couple and had to take part of the greenhouse apart again to put them in which was a real mission (again adding written instructions would have helped). Two of the final parts that went on to strengthen the greenhouse were not angled correctly and would not sit flush with the frame(we checked the levels of the greenhouse and they were fine so know it was the component that was the issue). There was rust on one of the components that we have had to treat so it does not deteriorate.

Robert Nelson


8 months ago


Takes a bit of care putting together and I’ve ended up with a nice greenhouse. Instructions are good but lacked info on squaring up but if put together on flat large surface all ok. Materials seem to be good quality. All Parts are numbered but not always in obvious places. After reading reviews I have put sealant around the Inserts. Tomatoes already a foot high.

JayP Auckland


8 months ago


Great little greenhouse. Really happy with it now that it is up. Took awhile to assemble. If I assembled one again, I would unwrap everything and lay it out in number order, along with noting some parts are slightly longer than others. A bit fiddly doing up some of the screws.

Mike Taranaki


8 months ago


Great little greenhouse. Good instructions and easy to build.

Bonnie Christchurch

Brilliant Greenhouse

8 months ago


Bit of a missions to put together but its a great product! Stands up to Canterbury NW winds. My plants are thriving!!

Missy BOP

green house

10 months ago


it's ok I was looking for a cheap reasonable Greenhouse and I got one. I haven't put the stands together yet, most of the instructions are in Chinese so if you cant read pictures it will be hard. some of the metal is bent slightly so makes it interesting trying to construct and put the plastic in and the drain ends on it. I don't think we even put the drain end in on one side because it is bent so it wouldn't fit properly. But I have a greenhouse.

Wanita Christchurch

Highly recommended to all.

11 months ago


Very happy with the product and now saving for a larger one :) Took a bit longer to put together than suggested but all in all looks great and have now started growing seedlings for my clients. Kept well informed through lockdown regarding delivery which was appreciated. Thanks so much to all the staff A++

6X4 Greenhouse Dunedin


11 months ago


This was a funn project to build. The greenhouse was reasonably easy to construct. The instructions were sometimes a bit obscure (when it came to bolts that needed to be installed, to connect 'parts' too in a later 'step' ) If you get the placement wrong or miss installing a bolt some disassembly would be required.

Annette W Auckland

Awesome little greenhouse

about 1 year ago


Very happy with the greenhouse. It looks great. It went together well. My advice is to take your time, carefully follow the pictures and read ahead to make sure you put all the bolts in where needed.

Tom. Canterbury

Evergreen 6 by 4 greenhouse

about 1 year ago


ss.iThe final product seems sturdy & looks the biz but assembly was a bit of a nightmare. Appears manufacturer has had it all designed & computer made then tried to figure out how best to assemble. Far too complex & locating the correct pieces is time consuming. Number on bits are nigh illegdable. I advise putting the plans in folder in sequence, do not bother with the terrible English but the diagrams & numbers should be followed religiously.The assembly process could be improved if frame done first, then panes put in & then roof assembly put on. Near the end, it was impossible to insert some bolts for the bracing & had to disassemble some pieces to get a few in . Had to improvise a bit at this stage. Took a long time to do & beware of wind when assembling ; mine blew apart a couple of times. Frustrating but hopefully worth it in the end.

Mike Gisborne

Evergreen Greenhouse 6 x 4ft

about 1 year ago


Excellent value for money. I mounted mine on two pallets with a ply-board on top. Giving a wooden floor to the greenhouse. Unfortunately I assembled it during heavy gusts of wind and in the rush, made a few mistakes. Took quite a while to assemble and I suspect even in good weather, 10 hours would be required. Very good value for money and has withstood some strong winds since putting it up.

Daveo Wanganui

Evergreen greenhouse 6x4

about 1 year ago


After a troublesome assembly, I am pleased with the end result. Tomatoes etc growing well & seed sprouting.Assembly instructions were shocking & I had to dis assemble several times to fit extra bolt/screws for the final addition of brackets & braces. Would consider buying a larger model as this one is shocker. Dave

Jill Wellington

This makes Ikea producst seem easy

about 1 year ago


Really fiddly to put together takes at least 2 people and needs several hours. I wish we hadnt bought it.

Moko Kawerau

Evergreen Greenhouse 6 x 4ft Green

about 1 year ago


The greenhouse itself is a nice product,but the instructions need a bit to be desired .I followed them to the tee ,which can get quite confusing .When I get 98% finished found that the bracing needs bolts that should had been placed in the extrusion on initial installation ,I saw some parts had places wear these bolts can be fitted later,but I ended up grinding out 8 channels so I could fit some of the missing bolts ,You will see what I mean when you start building . The plastic corners for the guttering didn't fit properly so ended up cutting in to pieces to fit Plus the base frame had no instructions at all, but worked it out in time .Allow 2 days to build on a good flat surface

Craftybitz Otago

Evergreen greenhouse

about 1 year ago


Instructions not clear, needs to be anchored securely even in light wind,

Yoda Alexandra

My new greenhouse

over 2 years ago


I have added this greenhouse over the top of one of my raised gardens. It has worked nearly instantly; lettuces inside the greenhouse are much bigger than the ones not. Worked out perfectly, and the greenhouse itself is well built with no issues during assembly. Though it wasn't till I had finished that I realized what the larger pieces were for. I thought to start that they were shelves; but they were in fact a base for the greenhouse. Base assembly not in instructions.

Gardener Auckland

Compact and well worth it

over 2 years ago


Good price. Construction is a challenge by yourself if the wind gets up! The new instruction manual, available on line, is more logical than the one supplied. Very good materials and sturdy ONCE finished. Ideal for garden use. Still not sure how the base goes on. I would prefer the next size up if I had the room. If you do have the space, go for the next larger model - very good price at Trade Tested.

Brian Southland

6x4glass house

over 2 years ago


A good product it needs 2 people to put it together and a level spot the only thing is the pieces of plastic to finish it off do not fit,good for my wee situation at a town house

Allie Dunedin

A good fit for our garden

over 2 years ago


Fast service and speedy delivery. Took 2 of us many hours to put together, and we struggled a bit with one part of the instructions. Window closure didn't work quite right, but problem was resolved. Definitely needed at least two people to assemble though. Unfortunately, very high winds damaged the window about a week after we assembled the greenhouse, but a piece of replacement polycarbonate and a bit of DIY sorted that out.

Dekkers Auckland

Better than . . .

over 2 years ago


Once you've grasped how the manual instructions are to be interpreted it's a steady breeze to erect. It's sturdy and well designed; just take your time - one person put it together in about 10 hours - if you like a challenge... Well worth the money.

Vic Far North

Evergreen Greenhouse

over 2 years ago


Great product now that it's up; unfortunately one of the panels arrived slightly damaged. It did take most of the day to put together though, not the 100 minutes advised in the instruction manual.

Ros Otago

Looks fine but

over 3 years ago


It is probably great when it’s up but it is so badly designed I can’t believe it. There is no room to get tools in to do up nuts, there’s no tolerances built into the holes and you need about 3 people to stop if falling over. If you drop anything you are in real trouble. We are builders and we’ve never seen such an appalling assembly method. I wouldn’t wish this on any handyman - get someone else to put it up.

Enviro Canterbury

Evergreen Greenhouse 6 x 4ft Green

over 3 years ago


Although we haven't got our Greenhouse up and running as yet, the process and the Trade Tested Team, who held it until the holidays were over, gave great service throughout. Thank you, Trade Tested.

Teecee Wellington


over 3 years ago


A good product that meets our needs. Had a bit of fun putting it together - but some help from the support group sorted it. Also some amusement at the 'Chinese-English' assembly manual text. Well worth while and am happy with the deal.

Roly Hawkes Bay

I'm in the Greenhouse!

over 3 years ago


Perfect for a small section. Fitted easily beside my Garden Shed and fence. Great for raising my seeds and growing chillies and other plants that are frost and cold sensitive. If you are assembling yourself, make sure you have some relatively competent assistance and a couple of days to spare. An enjoyable process and well worth the effort.

Steve Northland

shed recommendation

over 4 years ago


We got a garden shed. Straight forward assembly and does the job, no leaks. One thing, could have included zinc coated screws. Trade Tested would do well to substitute those provided in kit with these. Otherwise I can recommend.

Mike Bay of Plenty

Mint greenhouse

over 5 years ago


Follow instructions, can't go wrong, written for dummies

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