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Plant Protection

There’s a lot that can go wrong when you’re raising your New Zealand garden paradise. From fruit-snatching birds to ever-invasive weeds, Trade Tested’s plant protectors help prevent future ailments from hurting your fruits and veggies. Shop plant protection products at Trade Tested today and let your garden grow and glow.
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Protect plants all year round with our plant protection range

At Trade Tested, we stock a wide variety of plant protector options for protecting your trees and vegetation, including bird and bug nets, plant guards, garden stakes, tree-tie webbing, seedling covers, and weed mats.

Pest control

Protect your homegrown plants from bugs and birds using our range of pest control products. Our plastic netting guards against foul fowl and creepy crawlies nibbling at your veggies. Install them over a stake or frame for an easy plant cover.

Plant support

Available in various sizes, our garden stakes help with planting climbers by guiding them to grow straight up without being weighed down by fruits and flowers. Tree-tie webbing also keeps your trees and shrubs protected from wind.

Garden covers

Heat, rain, hail, and frost can all severely affect the health of vegetation. If you’re living somewhere with such a harsh climate, you’ll need plant and seedling protectors. Use our versatile range of plant covers in NZ to guard plantings while retaining airflow.

Weed mats

Stop the growth of weeds that damage your plants at the source. Use our robust plastic or biodegradable jute weed mats to remove light access from annoying weeds. This guards against them competing with your foliage for nutrients, helping with long-period plant protection.

Order plant protectors NZ-wide today

Order from Trade Tested’s range of plant and tree protectors in NZ today and ensure your garden stays green and healthy. Check out the rest of our garden and planting equipment as well to find the perfect product to upgrade your gardening repertoire.