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Evergreen Greenhouse 6 x 8ft Green

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What are the downsides to growing your own fruit and veg? There aren’t any. Enjoy fresh produce, save money on groceries, and enjoy that special satisfaction of eating something you’ve grown yourself.

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Product overview

Product overview

What are the downsides to growing your own fruit and veg? There aren’t any. Enjoy fresh produce, save money on groceries, and enjoy that special satisfaction of eating something you’ve grown yourself. This sweet-looking greenhouse is big enough for you to get creative in and small enough not to intrude upon your section, or your finances.

Find out for yourself why more and more New Zealanders are turning to homegrown produce.

All Evergreen greenhouses are made with top quality aluminium frames and twinwall polycarbonate panels. Each greenhouse has been designed with a special grooved channel frame to help reinforce the panels against wind and weather. This quality greenhouse is backed up by a 12-year structural warranty for your peace of mind.

Evergreen Greenhouses Evergreen Greenhouses are designed in New Zealand for green-fingered Kiwis looking to take their gardening to the next level. Whether you’re a beginner wanting to get a head start on the tomato season or a seasoned horticulturalist looking for a little bit more room - you can do it all in an Evergreen. Eat fresh, live healthy and keep your garden growing all year round with an Evergreen greenhouse.

- Single door
- 1 top window for ventilation
- Twinwall 4mm polycarbonate with UV coating & protection film, ultraviolet radiation proof (with 5 year warranty)
- Aluminium frame
- Zinc plated steel bottom frame and pegs
- Rust proof
- Built in gutter channel

- Green colour
- Assembled dimensions: 243.8cm (L) x 183cm (W) x 227cm (H)
- Carton dimensions for polycarbonate panels: 146 x 79 x 11cm
- Carton dimensions for aluminium parts: 250 x 17 x 25cm
- Average thickness of aluminium profiles: At least 1.5mm
- Weight: 66kg

Please refer to metric measurements. Any imperial dimensions have been rounded, due to standard panel sizes.

Greenhouses are kitset and come with assembly instructions. Where possible, we recommend installing your greenhouse in a sheltered spot. Our expert customer service team are on hand to help if you need it.


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Customer questions

Questions and answers

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q: How is this green house anchored to the ground?
a: The lower frame has stakes at each corner that go into the ground, this can be reinforced by the tie down kit we also sell (see 'Frequently bought together above'). There are lot's of options for installation however, if you look at our customer photos on the green houses some use pavers as a base, or build a raised wooden box frame to then attach it to etc. If you contact our sales team on 0800 800 880 or sales@tradetested, they'll be happy to send you the assembly manual so you can see what is involved.
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Customer reviews

Customer reviews

Overall rating

4.1 out of 5 stars from 12 reviews
Glenny57 Hamilton Victoria

The Best Green House I have owned.

3 months ago

2018-10-10 07:25:50

The best Green house I have owned and the easiest to assemble. A bit of study on the instructions, get prepared and up she goes, very satisfied with the strength and the way it went together, I would highly recommend this Green House.

Grahame Hawke's Bay

Great product!

4 months ago

2018-09-30 03:00:00

I am very pleased with my purchase. I was able to construct most of it by myself and I am in my early eighties. Just a little bit of help to lift the frame. Instructions were very easy to follow. Constructing it was an enjoyable experience and I hope to get many years satisfaction from growing my own veges!

Steve Wellington

Very Satisfied

4 months ago

2018-09-23 20:40:27

We are very satisfied with our greenhouse. It was relatively straightforward to assemble, quite sturdy when finished and all our plants are thriving in it :-)

Bob of Cambridge Cambridge - Waikato

Evergreen 6 x 8 Greenhouse

5 months ago

2018-08-18 04:18:33

I had very prompt delivery from Trade Tested and was able to erect the greenhouse virtually on my own. The instructions and the numbering of parts were clear and reasonably easy to follow. I had one little glitch where I pre-loaded some bolts in the wrong slots but there were plenty of extra bolts so no problem!!

Pat Taranaki

Green house is great!

8 months ago

2018-05-17 00:12:46

An imposing package of materials arrived promptly and was found to be of excellent quality. Although the instructions were somewhat abbreviated, the structure went together easily over a few days. I wouldn't recommend tto anyone without good DIY skills - quite a complex structure. But it went together well, parts fitted perfectly and the end result very satisfying. We love it !

Steve Otago

Green house

9 months ago

2018-04-11 08:43:43

Great product

Milton Auckland

Not that easy

10 months ago

2018-03-19 22:59:12

I was told on the phone that one person could do it in 4 hours.I think it would be a safe bet to offer $10,000 to a person who had never seen the instructions before to complete everything in that time. It took two of us, one a builder and myself 13 hours to complete the project. There are heaps of diagrams in the instruction booklet, but there is virtually no written instructions giving you the order to do things. On a number of occasions we had to disassemble things and redo them in a different order which slowed the whole project down. The first strong winds did blow a panel out so I am a little worried what will happen if we have really strong winds as it is very hard to put panels back in once they come out. Looks ok once completed so now the test will be related to its durability under harsher conditions.

Home grower Otago

Greenhouse magic

about 1 year ago

2017-10-30 08:10:28

This glasshouse is a great starter or small grower pack. Putting it together can be tricky and does need 2 or 3 sets of hands and some lateral thinking. It takes a lot longer for the first timers and the instructions do not include all the steps needed for easy fitting together. Does the job and grows great plants.

JAS Christchurch

Great little Greenhouse But...

over 3 years ago

2015-11-01 19:52:56

A great little Greenhouse... but A. it takes a lot longer than you think to put it together... but it is worth it B. was disappointed to find 1 piece missing which I didn't realise till right near the end, by which time it was too late to undo the assembly. Then the wind blew and a couple of panels blew out... finally received my missing part after weeks of waiting and put it all back together... was told at that stage by TT that I should have used sealer (not supplied) to help keep the panels in C. Have now just received a second Greenhouse (that I bought for a mate)... with a ripped open box so hope all the parts are there! D. First Greenhouse is great... but the service from TT is average (when things go wrong, as they invariably do with imported product) E. Have subsequently had a roof panel blow out (that I hadn't sealed in) and have had to replace with expensive 4.5mm acrylic cos I can't find any replacement 4mm twinwall on the market

Tim Auckland

Green House

about 1 month ago

2018-12-13 21:11:51

Not the easiest instructions to follow. Had to use heat gun to soften plastic parts to fit. Some holes drilled incorrectly. Hope you don't need replacement parts as crazy expensive. eg. small screws at $4.00 each.

Thinktwice Auckland

Think twice...

11 months ago

2018-02-23 01:36:27

Unless you have 8 technically and strategically minded people, with endless patience and a full toolkit, think again before you purchase this greenhouse. The instructions are verging on unreadable, more often than not the parts don't fit together at all, and most of the items we ordered took A LOT longer to arrive than what was initially communicated. Once assembled, the greenhouse is alright... although I'm interested to see how it fares if the wind picks up. We ended up having to drill extra holes, file down edges and in some cases just resort to brute force to get this thing up. Not to mention the number of hours digesting the 40+ page instruction manual beforehand. If you want to dedicate a weekend and all your patience to putting up a greenhouse then go ahead, but there must be easier ones out there.

Elle Wellington

Poor instructions

about 1 year ago

2017-09-27 05:37:50

Was disappointed with the quality of the instructions provided with the greenhouse. Translation into English was complete gibberish for the most part. If it wasn’t for my partners ability to interpret the pictures and use his common sense, we would never have got it assembled. Highly recommend you get friends round to help and plan to spend the whole day putting it together. Good luck!

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