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Evergreen Greenhouse 24 x 8ft Green

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Built from high-quality materials and with over 17m² of space, you’ll enjoy season after season of bumper crops in this giant greenhouse. Ideal for both the serious home grower and the professional market gardener.

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Product overview

Product overview

Built from high-quality materials and with over 17m² of space, you’ll enjoy season after season of bumper crops in this giant greenhouse. Ideal for both the serious home grower and the professional market gardener.

All Evergreen greenhouses are made with top quality aluminium frames and twinwall polycarbonate panels. Each of our greenhouses has been designed with a special grooved channel frame to help reinforce the panels against wind and weather. The quality of this greenhouse is backed up by a 12-year structural warranty for your peace of mind.

Note: Kit contains 1 x 14x8ft greenhouses and 1 x 10x8ft extension kit.

Evergreen Greenhouses

Evergreen Greenhouses are designed in New Zealand for green-fingered Kiwis looking to take their gardening to the next level. Whether you’re a beginner wanting to get a head start on the tomato season or a seasoned horticulturalist looking for a little bit more room - you can do it all in an Evergreen. Eat fresh, live healthy and keep your garden growing all year round with an Evergreen greenhouse.

- Two sliding doors
- 8 top vent windows
- Twinwall 4mm polycarbonate with UV coating & protection film, ultraviolet radiation proof (with 5 year warranty)
- Aluminium frame
- Zinc plated steel bottom frame and pegs
- Built in gutter channel
- Rust proof

- Green colour
- Assembled dimensions: 721cm (L) x 243.8cm (W) x 227cm (H)
- Carton dimensions for polycarbonate panels 14ft: 142 x 15 x 73cm
- Carton dimensions for aluminium parts 14ft: 372 x 18 x 25cm
- Carton dimensions for polycarbonate panels 10ft extension: 179 x 14 x 86cm
- Carton dimensions for aluminium parts 10ft extension: 310 x 20 x 24cm
- Average thickness of aluminium profiles: At least 1.5mm
- Weight: 180kg

Please refer to metric measurements. Any imperial dimensions have been rounded, due to standard panel sizes.

Greenhouses are kitset and come with assembly instructions. Our expert customer service team are on hand to help if you need it.

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Customer questions

Questions and answers

1 vote
q: where are the greenhouse components manufactured ?
a: In China.
By Trade Tested on March 26, 2020
0 votes
q: How will the panels deal with the UV in NZ? Longevity - if it’s 5 yrs as above it seems a pretty short lifespan.
a: They’re made from 100% virgin polycarbonate with a UV protective layer, 5 Years is the Warranty period, we would expect them to last longer.
By Trade Tested on May 11, 2020
-1 votes
q: Whats the warranty on the poly-carbonate sheeting? How long will it last before needing replacement?
a: They have a 5 year warranty, longevity depends on location etc, but you should get at least this long.
By Trade Tested on December 3, 2019
Customer reviews

Customer reviews

Overall rating

4 out of 5 stars from 3 reviews
Kayne Kaitaia


2 months ago


The greenhouse has more than paid for itself in vegies. During level 4 lockdown I had so many vegies I supplied the neighborhood. I have no hesitation in recommending this.

The Old Trout South Island


about 1 year ago


Firstly the "positives". A great unit. Everything fits well and it is well made. The "not so positives". Very light construction that would never survive six months in a high wind zone. We have made significant upgrades. These have cost a bit but are worth it to now have a very sturdy construction. We ditched the flimsy base and have mounted it on a wooden base of 200 x 50 H4 timber. The timber base and corners of the greenhouse are also supported by a decent 100 x 100 H4 fencing post in each corner. Rock solid. We also replaced the nuts with nylock nuts as the ones supplied shake loose in a strong breeze (despite being torqued up really tight). The "negatives". The packages arrived badly torn. Amazingly the panels and frame were undamaged. As we didn't use the supplied skirt we should have had an extra 50 or so nuts and bolts spare but we were short by quite a bit,... I suspect that one of the packs of nuts and bolts was lost through the torn packaging in transit. The instructions have great pictures but the lack of explanation means that you frequently have no idea why you are doing what it says to do. A couple of simple paragraphs would make this thing a breeze to assemble. Speaking of assembly, make sure that you invite two or three friends to help,... it is not a one person task.

Terry Wairarapa

Should be IQ tested not trade tested

over 2 years ago


Purchased the large greenhouse, 24 x 8, it arrived in 4 packages, so far so good. Now to open it, 2 packages of panels, and 2 of pieces. A set of plans, wait, not plans, random drawings of parts in no order, 2 sets which haveconflicting not instructions. This is probably the worst kit I have ever seen, there is no flow, logic , instruction or anything resembling methodology. You would do better with cake recipe. However 5 days later, almost complete. It looks good, just some concrete footings to do, wait , there was no instructions for that, the base is too flimsy so a bit of DIY fixit required. If you need a greenhouse in a hurry, avoid this one, but in the end, for the price it may be ok.

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