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Solar Panels

Energy usage is a global issue. Using solar power options like our PV panels to generate electricity avoids excess power use, lowers power bills, and helps the environment. Shop your portable solar system from Trade Tested today!

Our Portable Solar Panel Range

When you see how much power is generated by our grid-connected system, you’ll never use a standard power station again! The portable nature of our solar panels avoids the need for complicated roof space solar installations, offering you simple power generation wherever you go.

Which Solar Power System is Right for You?

Choose a 100W generation capacity system for large equipment - you’ll be impressed by how much electricity it generates. However, a 60W power-generated system with micro-inverters may be better for smaller items.

Generate your Own Electricity

A solar PV system lets you use sunlight to generate power, even in remote locations. Whether you’re looking to install panels to lower your monthly electricity bill from your electricity retailer or for environmental benefits, you can create power during daylight hours at no extra cost and reap potential savings.

Solar energy occurs when PV cell panels absorb energy that the sun emits. In peak production periods, this creates electric charges that move to an electrical field inside the cell, which is how excess electricity flows. Alternatively, solar water heating systems use a hot water cylinder that heats water and glycol to produce heat.

The benefits of Solar Power Systems

• Environment-friendly
• Folds up to transport
• Zero noise
• Zero emissions
• Overvoltage safety mechanism
• Higher conversion efficiency

Order Solar Power NZ-Wide Online Today

If you’re ready to use off-grid solar, NZ has the climate for it! At New Zealand-based Trade Tested, we have more than just solar systems. Why not take electricity generated during the day and use it at night with our solar lights? We offer smart chargers, outdoor gazebos, outdoor furniture and more. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.