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Portable Power Station NZ

Charge your devices on the go with our range of portable powering solutions, including portable power stations, power banks and solar-powered products. Get the amps you need on location and the freedom from noisy generators.

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The portable power station for NZ needs

NZer’s love their outdoor activities and their devices. Get the best of both with a Hyundai portable power station to connect your laptops and phones when you’re on holiday. Packed with a large lithium-ion battery, this unit has a massive capacity to run your appliances. Both models come with NZ compatible AC outlets, plus a range of ports, including USB. Made from quality components, the Hyundai power stations are a great replacement for a diesel generator. They’re silent, reliable and have built-in safety features such as short circuit protection. Charging is quick and easy—they can even be connected to a solar panel to top up the batteries.

Solar Power and Solar panels

We’ve got more products arriving every day, from solar lights to solar showers. Solar lights are a popular lighting option with our customers—they recharge by the sun and come on automatically at night.

Power bank

You’ll never run out of volts again when you purchase a Hyundai Jump Start + power bank for your vehicle. One of life’s essential tools, use it for jump-starting your car battery or charging your laptop. Hyundai power banks have multiple USB outputs and all the watts you need.

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