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Enjoy a beautiful lawn at every time of the year with our extensive range of low-cost sprinklers. Make lawn care easy - just set up a sprinkler in the middle of your garden and walk away. Use a combination of irrigation products to create a sprinkler system to water the whole area at once. Purchase sprinklers and accessories online or in-store today throughout New Zealand.
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Experience the convenience of an eco-friendly sprinkler

Make life easier with our lawn watering sprinklers and irrigation hoses. Designed to save water while they spray, our sprinklers allow you to water large areas of grass while remaining environmentally conscious. Our range of Gardena and Neta Weepa hoses, hose connector sets, and sprinkler head options lets you set up a customised watering system in just a few easy steps to suit any garden site, with minimal installation required.

Tips for choosing a garden sprinkler and sprinkler head for your lawn

There are several factors to consider before you choose a sprinkler system. Consider the total size of the areas you want to water, calculate the flow rate of your water system, and work out an ideal sprinkler placement map. Our oscillating sprinklers rotate, while our other sprinklers distribute water in a fixed pattern. Both have a direct effect on the amount of ground covered. Rotating sprinklers typically work best for large yards, while a fixed sprinkler system is better suited to garden beds or patches of lawn that sprawl between paths, driveways and other objects.

Why purchase from Trade Tested?

We have all the sprinklers and lawn care products you need at affordable prices. Each sprinkler comes with a five-year warranty for your security and is backed by a low-price guarantee. Check out our long list of positive reviews before you purchase.

Order your garden sprinkler New Zealand-wide online today

Find everything you need to keep your lawn in good shape no matter the season. Once you’ve chosen your sprinkler, browse watering hoses, lawnmowers, and raised garden beds online or in-store for all your lawn and garden care needs. For advice on what product will fulfil your requirements, contact our friendly team. Sign up to our email list to be the first to know about special promotions and new products.