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Fittings & Connectors

Whether you’re washing your car in the driveway or watering your crops large-scale, Trade Tested’s range of hose connectors and fittings will make sure your hose is securely attached. No more worrying about leaks and wasting water. Shop our stock of connectors and other hose accessories to maximise your flow.
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What is a hose connector used for?

A hose connector can easily connect your hose to your water source, watering tools, or even another hose. Attach your hose to an outdoor tap using our range of plastic and brass hose connectors, including fittings that allow you to simultaneously distribute your water source across multiple accessories. Connect your hose to nozzles for controlled water flow and save a trip to the spigot with our connector stop valves. Need to add more length? Use our hose repairers to join two hoses together and finally get to the hard-to-reach parts of your yard. It’s quick and easy to use a hose connector.

How to choose the right connector fitting size

A tight connection is crucial to avoiding leaks. The incorrect hose connector fitting size could cause water wastage and reduce water pressure, reducing the efficiency of tools. Trade Tested offers a wide variety of connectors to fit all of the standard hose sizes. To choose the right hose connector fitting size, find the size of your garden hose first. Hoses are commonly available in three sizes, referring to their inner diameter: ½” (13mm), ⅝” (15mm), and ¾” (26.5mm). We list compatible sizes for each connector on their product page, so be sure to review the specifications to find which one suits your hose.

Order your hose connector NZ-wide online today

Make gardening and cleaning easier by ordering a hose connector from Trade Tested’s online store today. Elevate your watering system with our watering accessories, hoses, irrigation tools, and timers. Don’t hesitate to contact our team for more info, and read our reviews to hear what customers say about our products.