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Hose Reels

Watering your garden can be a relaxing, rewarding experience, but manually coiling up your hose to store away? Not so much. With Trade Tested’s range of hose reels, wasting time winding up messy hoses tangled across the ground will be a thing of the past. Shop our stock of hose reel products and get all your gardening tools in order today.

What are the advantages of using a hose reel?

By using a garden hose reel, you can organise and store your hose so much easier. Reels keep your hose neatly coiled, preventing tangles, kinks, and damage. They can reduce clutter in the yard, lowering the risk of tripping over sprawling, unkempt hoses. Since winding a hose on a reel is far more convenient than manually coiling it up, they’re also a simple-to-use product to save you time. Especially with our retractable options!

Make watering effortless with our range of hose reels

At Trade Tested, we stock both automatically retractable and hand-wound hose reel options. Our retractable reels allow you to wind up a hose quickly without needing to put in the manual effort. Simply pull on the hose to lock or retract the length. Meanwhile, our classic hand-wound reel is great for larger gardens, fitting up to 60m in length for 13mm hoses. We also stock hose mount brackets so you can easily clip your reel on the house walls, making it simple to move your hose around your property.

What size hose reel do I need?

All of our GARDENA retractable hose reels include connection points and a 13mm hose in the product, so they’re ready for immediate use. You just need to choose the size based on your own garden - we have three lengths, including 20m, 30m, and 35m. Made of sturdy UV and frost-proof material, the 35m retractable option can even be used all year round.

Our classic GARDENA reel fits a maximum of 60m of a 13mm hose, 50m of a 15mm hose, or 25m of a 19mm hose. This makes it suitable for all standard-size hoses, though you should always check your hose’s length to see if it will fit before purchasing.

Order your hose reel online today

Shop Trade Tested’s range of hose reel products at the best price in NZ today. View our other watering accessories, including timers and sprinklers, to make your gardening experience as convenient as can be. Feel free to contact our friendly team with questions on any product in our store at any time.