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Neta Weepa/Soaker Hose 30m with Pressure Reducer

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The Neta Weepa Hose is a convenient and environmentally friendly irrigation product, suitable for drip watering of flowers, small trees, shrubs and vegetables.

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Product overview

The Neta Weepa Hose is a convenient and environmentally friendly irrigation product, suitable for drip watering of flowers, small trees, shrubs and vegetables.

Made from recycled rubber, this hose allows water droplets to pass through its walls, watering the surrounding area. Most effective when installed beneath a thick covering of mulch, which reduces water lost through evaporation, by as much as 70%.

A pressure reducer fitted to the end of each hose, reduces the supply pressure and flow rate, to ensure an even water application and to minimise the likelihood of spraying and sweating.This hose is approved as a ‘dripper’ and can be used in areas with water restrictions.

Neta system components are manufactured from quality UV stabilised plastics. Weepa fittings are manufactured nylon which lasts longer and performs better than the softer polypropylene.

Depending on soil type, the Neta Weepa Hose waters a strip approximately 50cm wide. When connected to a standard 12mm garden hose, the Neta Weepa Hose applies water at the rate of approximately two litres/minute.

• Reduces water pressure to provide a uniform distribution along the full length of the hose
• Water droplets sweat through its walls, slowly watering the surrounding area
• Discharge at 175kPa is 2.0 L per min
• Helps conserve water by avoiding water loss through wind dispersal and evaporation
• Flexible watering system that can weave through the garden and be buried under mulch or underground
• Allows you to effectively water your garden, even where stringent water restrictions apply
• Made from recycled old tyres
• Neta 5 Year Warranty

Hose length: 30m
Includes pressure reducer
Discharge at 175kPa is 2.0L per min
Model Number: GH/NSOPHR030
Package size: W48.5 x D35.5 x H35.5
Waters a strip up to 50cm wide
Materials: Recycled tire hose, heavy duty nylon fittings


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Questions and answers

0 votes
Hi - does the "drip" start at hose connector or does it have a section that is non-drip? My garden is about 2 metres away from the tap and I'm thinking about water wastage. Thanks
Yes, weeper hoses drip all along the length of the hose, you would want to run a standard hose to the Neta Weepa and have the Neta Weepa where you want your plants watered.
By Trade Tested on November 14 2023
1 vote
Does this product have a fitting on the other end to attach to a hose ?
One end of the hose has a connection for a garden tap, the other end has a cap. There isn't a fitting to connect 2 Neta Soaker hoses together.
By Trade Tested on May 16 2022
1 vote
If a water tank is the source of the water do they still work and do I (can I) remove the pressure reducer?
These are designed to work with the traditional hose which would reduce the pressure of the water spraying from the hose to allow it to drip water onto plants etc. The pressure reducer is also fitted directly to the unit which can't be taken off. As long as there is a uniform flow of water coming from the water tank, the water is designed to "sweat" through the walls of the hose.
By Trade Tested on September 01 2021
1 vote
Can these be joined together?
These are not designed to be, however with the correct know-how you could alter it, you would just need to make sure you would have the water pressure to support it.
By Trade Tested on February 26 2021
0 votes
We're going away for 3 weeks...can it be left on continuously all that time?
It really just depends how much watering your garden needs, why not check out our range of Gardena timers and sensors, you can then set it up to turn off when rain is detected.
By Trade Tested on September 29 2022
0 votes
I see that this is made of recycled rubber. Is it safe to use on edible gardens?
Yes it is safe for use on edible gardens
By Trade Tested on February 03 2022
0 votes
Will this work from a gravity fed tap
All the written specs are based on average garden hose pressure, if your tank is producing less it will cover less plant area. As long as you have good consistent water pressure you will be fine
By Trade Tested on January 28 2022
-3 votes
Are there other lengths available and if not is it possible to cut a hose and get extra fittings ?
This is available in 15M and 30M, this hose can be cut and you can purchase extra fittings through your local hardware store.
By Trade Tested on December 29 2021

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Water weeper - it works!

Water just seeps through this hose - I could have just left it on through dry Summer days, the flow was so low. Great to just keep plants alive without watering every day.

Marie Auckland
Neta Weepa/Soaker

Worked well for a week, then splits started developing in the hose. I mended the first couple then realised splits developing all along hose. Stopped being a soaker hose but a hose with large bursts of water spraying out of many splits. Unfortunately not a good product.

Moonfury Wellington
No, I do not recommend this product.
Reply from Trade Tested This unit had a fault and we have refunded the customer.
Good hose

Good product which does exactly what it says. Weeper hose and good quality.

Mr Kitteh Auckland
Soaker Hose

Brilliant!! Very easy to install and works fantastically well.

Pixiewillow Woodville
Weeps Hose

Will be buying another one. Wonderful product

Bonnie Otago
My Weepa/soaker hose.

This hose is excellent and saves me a lot of time. The Pressure Reducer works so well...unlike a hose I used to have which I soon gave up on due to the end forever blowing out. I am thoroughly delighted with my much so that I am ordering another one for a different area of my garden. We are only on tank water, and this hose is sooo economical on water. I couldn't be more pleased with it.

Jenno. Otago
New garden hose

Unbelievably I have only used this once since purchase as its done nothing but rain it seems. I am pleased with it though I probably could do with a little more water pressure however patience is a virtue they say !

Tamsin Auckland
Weepa/Soaker Hose

Soaker hose working well, we also got a timer so now can go way for a week, and leave the soaker hose to do its job! We joined x 2 together to do the entire planting area. Brilliant

MaggieRick Upper Hutt
Soaker Hose in Vegetable Garden

I have laid the hose up and down the 4-meter-long rows of vegetables (beans, tomatoes, cabbage, beetroot, peas, and lettuce). Easy to do and works well. Irrigation at the end is as good as at the start. A good flow occurs.

Buck Waikato
Excellent weeper hose

These hoses are great for getting moisture into the soil, even on windy days! Far better than a sprinkler or the old style soaker hoses. I have a series of these around a beach property where moisture is key to a successful garden.

AJC Wellington