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Garden Beds

Spend time with the kids and create a veggie patch, herb garden or flower bed at home in raised garden beds. Don’t spend your days in the garden on your hands and knees. Save your back and get one of these great raised garden beds. Perfect for growing small plots of veges and flowers, these units will look at home around your backyard. The extra height will save you getting a sore back and also prevents pests like snails and slugs from munching on your precious perennials. With a great range of colours, sizes and styles, the hardest decision will be choosing what to put in them.

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NZ-owned Trade Tested supplies garden boxes in a variety of sizes to suit your needs and space. View our available colours of ironsand, green, or wood finish. Gardening beds provide the ideal drainage and earth conditions for root development. Maintain pest control effectively thanks to the 41-cm high walls of our planter boxes. NZ elements won’t rust or corrode your raised beds, due to the galvanised steel construction. We include the steel panels and self-drilling screw accessories, so all you need is an electric drill.

How to build a raised vegetable garden?

1. Choose the right location for your raised garden bed. Keep in mind how much direct sunlight your plants will need.
2. Make sure you prepare the earth with a sod cutter or hoe. Turn the soil under the bed area with a pitchfork to increase the drainage for your raised gardens.
3. Construct your garden box using the Trade Tested supplied screws and your electric drill.
4. Place the frame over the prepared soil. Check its position using a levelling tool. Dig out any dirt until it sits evenly on all sides.
5. Fill the bed with soil and compost to roughly 2 to 3 inches from the top of the frame.
6. Plant your native cuttings or exotic seeds. Add starter fertiliser and cover with more dirt.
7. Water thoroughly and add mulch from around the garden.

At Trade Tested, we help you nurture your green thumb and manage your yard work. See our range of wheelbarrows, garden bags, power tools and garden tools. Contact us via phone or email, browse our site or come and see us at our Auckland store.