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Timers & Control

Keeping your garden well watered is a tough, time-consuming task. Make it simple using Trade Tested’s range of water timer products. With these ingenious devices, you can control how much water your garden is getting even when you’re away. Use water wisely and keep your plants happy and healthy by ordering a water timer online today.

xperience the convenience and efficiency of GARDENA tap timers

Great for big gardens and small lawns alike, these easy-to-use battery-powered tap timers help save you precious time by letting you schedule water flow duration times and frequency. Automatic rain detection means your plants get the exact amount of water they need, reducing water waste and saving you money. Upgrade your irrigation system with comfort and convenience using a GARDENA water timer - the more efficient way of watering.

Multicontrol tap timers

Need dual irrigation control? The GARDENA Water Computer Multicontrol Duo timer gives you just that! Split your water use between two areas and set the start time, duration, and frequency. The GARDENA Water Control Master Timer offers even further flexibility with the ability to set up to six independent watering schedules when used with the Water Distributor Automatic.

Electronic water timers

Set and forget with our range of electronic tap timers, including the GARDENA Water Control Flex Timer. Ideal for use with a drip irrigation system, this device lets you easily set water output and frequency down to the second. A battery is required for operation.

Bluetooth irrigation control

Control your irrigation system and sprinklers from the comfort of your smartphone with the GARDENA Bluetooth Water Computer and Bluetooth Irrigation Valve. Turn it on and leave in peace knowing your garden will get all the water it needs. You can also set rain breaks and manual watering for full flexibility.

Rain and soil moisture sensors

Avoid overwatering on a rainy day with the battery-powered GARDENA Soil Moisture Sensor and Rain Sensor. Working with GARDENA Water Computers, these helpful devices automatically detect and stop irrigation during rainfall, reducing water use and keeping your plants alive.

Why buy from Trade Tested?

If you’re looking for a water timer or any other irrigation product, Trade Tested’s got you covered. We pride ourselves on having great prices and excellent customer service. Our product reviews from happy customers are all the proof you need.

Order your water timer NZ-wide online today

Make watering easy and add Trade Tested’s water timer products to your cart today. Grow your garden further with our wide range of other watering items, including irrigation tools, fittings and connectors, and hoses. We offer quick shipping times all across New Zealand. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you require more info on any product.