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Whatever your gardening goals, a polycarbonate greenhouse can help you achieve them all year round. Create the perfect temperature-controlled environment to raise healthy seedlings and grow produce at home, even during the winter months. Purchase from Trade Tested’s range of New Zealand’s leading polycarbonate greenhouses today.

Why choose a polycarbonate greenhouse?

Polycarbonate panels are one of the most popular alternatives to glass in traditional greenhouses. Their virtually unbreakable, UV-protected plastic features light-diffusing properties to help you avoid burned plants. Each polycarbonate structure includes a roof vent for better heat control and lockable single or double-door options to keep everything secure. With multiple length and width options to choose from, you can find a size and design to fit your outdoor space.

Polycarbonate vs PVC for greenhouse material

Polycarbonate’s durability and UV-reflective properties make the material a more suitable choice for greenhouses over PVC. Its thermal efficiency also means that polycarbonate sheeting can be used in colder environments without trouble.

How long do polycarbonate greenhouses last?

With their premium quality materials, our durable range of greenhouses will last at least 10 years. Each greenhouse comes with a minimum 5-year manufacturer warranty. You can also order replacement panels for our Evergreen houses if needed.

Polycarbonate greenhouse care and maintenance tips

To keep everything spick and span, you’ll need to deep clean once per year between crops. Remove everything inside and wipe down the panels, doors, and frame. Make sure to clean any gutters and water tanks as well.

Order your polycarbonate greenhouse NZ-wide online today

Make growing simple with a polycarbonate greenhouse designed to stand up to the New Zealand environment. Check out our other gardening gear, including plant protection, watering systems, and landscaping goods. Need more info on any of our garden products? Just contact us, and we’ll be happy to help you as soon as possible.