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Weedmat & Ground Cover

Trying to grow some fruits or veggies but constantly bothered by pesky weeds popping up? Take care of the problem before it starts. Use Trade Tested’s range of weed mats to keep every unwanted weed from growing. Help your plants get all the proper nutrients they need to thrive. Order ground cover for plants in NZ today.

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Keep your garden under control with our weed mat and ground cover range

Weeds use up precious light and water meant for your plants, leaving them weak and vulnerable to death. A weed mat covers the ground completely and ensures only your chosen plants can receive sunlight. All the while, it allows air and moisture to pass, protecting roots from the spread of bacteria.

How to choose the best weed mat to use

Choose non-woven polypropylene mats for a long-lasting option and multiple sizes of 2x20 or 1x20m. Or pick 1x20m jute mats if you want an environmentally friendly, biodegradable choice.

How to install your weed mat or ground cover

Roll out your weed mat on the soil and cut it to size. Peg it in place with pins or staples. Place your plant pot above the mat and trace around it with a marker, then draw an X on the circle to its edges. Cut along the X lines and fold back the edges, making a hole for the plant. Once it’s planted, pack the area with a few centimeters of mulch.

How long does a weed mat last?

Our polypropylene mats last 3-5 years, while our jute mats last 12-36 months, depending on the brand. Weed mat lifetime is also affected by climate conditions.

Order your weed mat NZ-wide online today

Keep your garden clear of unwanted weed growth today with Trade Tested’s range of plant cover products in NZ. Check out our plant production range, plant supports, greenhouses, and planter boxes to improve your home landscaping as well. Contact our friendly customer support for any questions anytime.