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Plant Support

Sometimes, your plants just need a little support and security to thrive. Using Trade Tested’s range of plant supports, you can help your fruits, veggies, and trees reach their full potential. Keep your plants growing upright and healthy, and you’ll come back home with a better crop. Shop tree ties, support lines, and garden stakes in NZ today.

Let your crops thrive with our plant support and garden stake range

Plant supports can help your greenery stay upright and grow. In many cases, they’re even necessary to stop plants from being toppled over by the weight of fruits, vegetables, or flowers - not to mention the force of the wind! Using our stylish support products, you can ensure your plant grows big and strong at a greater height.

How to choose the best plant supports for your needs

For climbing crops such as tomatoes and cucumbers, you can use our easy-to-install plant stakes - just stick them in the soil. These metal stakes come in various set sizes and help prevent stems from being weighed down. Other climbers, such as vines, can benefit from our versatile crop support lines. Their design means they can be attached to posts or frames in vineyards, orchards, or greenhouses. Finally, our tree-tie webbing can provide extra security for a growing tree by encouraging it to grow against another vertical plant stake.

Order plant support NZ-wide online today

Help your crops and flowers grow the best they can. Shop Trade Tested’s plant support sticks, crop lines, and tree-tie webbing today. For more ways to level up your garden, check out our plant protection, pest control, landscaping, and plant trellis categories.