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Weather Protection

As a gardener, you know how fragile plants are. From gusts of wind to warmer temperatures, anything could affect their health, leaving them vulnerable to death. That’s why Trade Tested’s range of plant cover products is essential for growing fruits and vegetables in NZ. Keep your plants safe from nature and shop plant netting from our online store today.

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Why garden covers are your plants’ best friend

With so many things that could damage your plants, it’s important to keep them safe so they can grow to their full potential. UV-treated garden cover fabrics are the perfect way to protect against potentially harmful weather conditions. Give your greenery room to grow while guarding against the sun, wind, or rain. These tough plant protection cover products double as effective bird netting, blocking access for pests, including birds, insects, snails, slugs, and rabbits.

Windbreak cloths

Windy conditions can cause leaf tearing, branch snapping, or even full-on uprooting. Start using a windbreak cloth to prevent wind exposure from damaging your plants. Give protection to delicate seedlings and big tree plantings alike with these easy-to-set-up mesh cloths.


Too much heat can hurt any plant, so shadecloths are a must if you live somewhere consistently hot. These are especially important for sensitive crops suited for milder temperatures, such as strawberries or lettuce. Create growing tunnels by staking hoops in the ground soil along the length of your growing area.

Micronet frost protection

On the flip side, your vegetation could be suffering from frost. Choose frost covers for plants to guard against colder nights. These create a warmer, mini-greenhouse-like microclimate to stop your crops from going below freezing point while protecting them against hail.

Gear up and protect your plants with Trade Tested today

Protect your plants from wind, heat, and frost using Trade Tested’s plant covers in NZ today. For more useful products for your fruit and vegetable garden, take a look at our plant protection supplies, weedmats, wheelbarrows, and gardening tools, all available at an affordable price.