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Add vertical variety to your backyard with our versatile garden trellises. These sturdy frameworks are perfect for supporting climbing plants such as grapevine, ivy, and climbing roses or simply decorating your outdoor space with some extra architectural flair. Order Trade Tested’s stock of garden trellises at a great price today.

Protect and support your climbing plants in style

Sturdy, strong, and durable against NZ’s ever-changing weather, Trade Tested’s trellis panels are a fantastic tool for encouraging the growth of particular plants and can easily support their weight. With a garden trellis, your plant will be protected from pests off the ground and receive increased airflow and sunlight, improving their overall health. By giving your greenery the extra room, you might even be able to pick bigger fruits and vegetables when harvest season comes!

Construct temporary fencing or feature walls

Save precious ground space and add extra vertical interest to your garden with these attractive plastic and bamboo trellis options. They can be placed against walls or stand up attached to posts, creating the ideal temporary fencing. Easily expand the trellis lattice size as you like to partition sections in the yard and add privacy and shade.

Transform your outdoor space with a garden trellis today

If you’re looking to upgrade your outdoors, Trade Tested has the items you need at the best price. Order your garden trellis NZ-wide online or in-store now. For more ways to add to your home exterior, purchase from our range of landscaping products, including arbours, artificial grass, and pavers. Check our reviews to find out how our trellis products have helped our happy customers today.