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Landscaping & Topiary

Turn your yard into a lush green wonderland with Trade Tested’s wide range of landscaping products. We have all the equipment you need to form the perfect outdoor aesthetic, including pavers, arbors, trellises, edging, artificial grass, and more. Shop landscape and garden supplies online and bring your dream project to life today.
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Arbors and trellises

Add some vertical visuals to your landscape decor with arbors and trellises. Our steel and wooden arches can easily be staked into soil and are the perfect framework to support climbing plants for a unique, romantic display.

Artificial grass and topiary

Plants can be fussy. Save time and effort on maintaining the perfect greenery with artificial grass and topiary. Made from high-quality synthetic materials that last for years, they look just like the real thing.

Garden edging

Neatly section off your backyard using garden edging. With this practical plastic edging and metal stakes, you can conveniently separate the different parts of your outdoor area, tidily controlling how and where your garden grows.


Without reinforcement, rocks can be loose and unsteady. Keep your paths stable with our useful pavers. These eco-friendly panels give stones, pebbles, and grass a sturdy structure to spread out on, making walkways suitable for bikes, wheelchairs, and even high heels.


From steel wall posts to water-absorbing flood barriers, we have great retaining goods to keep your home pathways in place. These products are tough, versatile, and can be used for all sorts of outdoor garden decor in NZ.

Shop landscape supplies online now and get your outdoor space looking its best!

Find all the landscaping and garden supplies you need to create your dream backyard at Trade Tested. Check out the rest of our gardening products, including watering equipment and gardening tools, for more ways to upgrade your landscaping decor. Need any help? Feel free to contact our friendly team to discuss which landscaping accessories are best for your needs.