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Need a wheelbarrow to assist with large outdoor projects or home DIY endeavours? We have wheelbarrows and related products from quality brands at fantastic prices to suit all applications, from the backyard and garden to the construction site. Order your wheelbarrow online or in-store New Zealand-wide now for delivery straight to your door.
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Our Range of Wheelbarrows for Sale

Our wheelbarrow carts range features a great selection of trolleys, wheels, and accessories. We have a cart for every task and offer a cart design that will keep the overall project time in check, regardless of the parts required for the job. Our current items in stock will fulfill your needs and ensure you have every project in the bag, from gardening, loading, and pick-ups. Our wheelbarrows are built with a sturdy steel frame that can easily handle moving large loads and tricky materials around a lifestyle block or building site.

Want a wheelbarrow that does all the pushing for you? Enjoy the benefits of our Greens E-Barrow, featuring a 500W all-weather motor designed to power a heavy weight up and down steep inclines without you breaking a sweat. The robust 90 litre polythene tub exceeds the highest drop test standard for wheelbarrows with a plastic tray. Fingertip control of the brakes improves safety by reducing the risk of slipping when moving the cart downhill.

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Find the perfect wheelbarrows online NZ-wide or from our Auckland store at a great price. Trade Tested is the right choice for assisting your home or business to get the job done. Compare and choose from our full product selection, including greenhouses, log splitters, wood chippers, and more.

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