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Garden Barrows & Carts

Discover our range of beach and garden carts to help you haul heavy items along rough terrain. Trade Tested’s wheelbarrows and garden tool carts are designed to haul soil, rocks, firewood, and plants with ease. If you’re heading to the beach, shop our beach cart range so you can load up all your toys and towels. Shop online today at great prices.

Transport Heavy Loads with Ease

A wheeled trolley is ideal for making outdoor jobs simple, allowing you to work efficiently. Your gardening cart does the heavy lifting for you as it holds big tools, mulch, and more.

Our Garden Cart Range

With pneumatic tyres for extra durability, use your garden cart to hold and pull along dirt or bark. With a dumping mechanism and a padded handle that can be used as a hitch for added convenience, your easy-to-clean garden trolley will help you get any garden job done.

Our Wheelbarrow Range

Why carry heavy items when you can push them around on wheels? Pick the right-sized cart so you can fill it with garden supplies and get to work.

Why Choose Garden Carts and Barrows from Trade Tested?

Each cart is versatile, stable, affordable, easily assembled, and built to last. Check out our product reviews to see what our content customers have to say.

Shop Wheelbarrows and Garden Carts for Sale Online

Find the cart or tools you need for your next gardening project. Shop garden carts, wheelbarrows, garden supplies, greenhouses, pots & planter boxes, and more. For dedicated customer support, visit our Contact page.