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Greens E-Barrow 90L

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The wheelbarrow that does the pushing for you!

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Product overview

The wheelbarrow that does the pushing for you!

Based on the Tradesman wheelbarrow – the go to wheelbarrow of the construction industry– the E-Barrow, even when fully loaded, will power up steep hills and ease down tricky inclines without breaking a sweat. It’s ideal for building and construction, home or lifestyle - basically anywhere you want to work faster and easier.

Power through your workload!
The 500W motorised hub is sealed against the weather, while the 48V 10 amp Lithium-Ion battery can be charged in place, or is easily removable for charging off-site, and can last several days of hard work on a single charge. Thanks to the ingenious regenerative braking feature, the battery recharges when travelling downhill on the brake - giving you even longer running time. Open the variable thumb throttle and you’ll be powering loads up to 160kg around the site without breaking a sweat.

Fingertip control for improved safety.
Assisted pushing makes tricky ramps and steps easier to navigate, and the brakes reduce
the chances of slipping when going downhill. People in trade and around the home find the
brake almost as useful as the motor giving control downhill and allowing easy tipping of
loads. The thumb throttle provides responsive speed control, going from a slow crawl to walking
speed as your command. And when you're heading down that muddy bank the brake stops it
from taking you for a skate...and recharges the battery! 

Built tough, the 90 litre polythene tub exceeds the highest drop test standard for plastic trays
(Impact resistance factor 25). The hot-dip galvanised steel frame is paired with non-slip
handgrips, Flat-free Smart-tyre and large, free-running, high quality, precision sealed ball
bearings, so you know it’s built to handle whatever life on site throws at it.
Order your E-Barrow today and power through any job, all while saving your back.

• Designed in NZ to make light work of heavy loads
• 500W brushless all-weather motor with regenerative braking
• 48V lithium-ion battery pack, removable - use by day, change by night
• Battery charger
• Variable thumb throttle and handbrake for complete control
• Based on the industry standard Tradesman design
• Polythene, pourer tray, with high impact resistance (factor 25)
• 160kg load capacity
• Large tray base for loads and material
• Extra heavy-duty construction - hot-dip galvanised
• Supplied assembled
• 38kg in weight, when empty
• 1 Year Warranty

Dimensions: L 146cm x W 70cm x H 74cm
Tray capacity: 90L
Weight capacity: 160kg
Motor: 500W sealed 3-phase brushless hub motor
Battery: 48V 10Ah Lithium-ion
Product weight: 38kg

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Questions and answers

1 vote
I note it doesn't come witha a charger!
It definitely comes with a charger, we've added it to the description!
By Trade Tested on October 03 2022
1 vote
Hi What happens if you get a puncture is it easy to fix
It is a 'flat free' tyre.
By Trade Tested on March 09 2022
1 vote
how fast can it go? and will it handle sand hills ?
Reasonable walking pace, it really depends on how steep etc but it's not designed to excel in soft steep sand put it that way. If you can push a regular wheelbarrow up the slope you have in mind with difficulty, then this will make it easier.
By Trade Tested on February 16 2022
1 vote
Can this barrow pull itself up steps?
No it cannot, but it can assist when carrying loads forwards up hills.
By Trade Tested on December 30 2021
0 votes
Hi Is this barrow with motor weatherproof? can it be left in rain for few days for example.
Yes, this has a 500W brushless motor which is sealed to withstand all weather types.
By Trade Tested on July 28 2021

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No Charger

To add insult to injury there is no charger to charge it. I also agree with below comment that the battery holder is not attached properly. It rattles bad and will break off if you don't retro fit and attach it properly. Poor design and workmanship. They should never sell a barrow like that. You'll need to fix it yourself. Do not buy this barrow unless you can fix it and buy your own charger. You'll need to get the right one or you'll damage the battery. Look to add another $100-$200 to get the correct one plus your time.

Disappointed AucklandWhangarei
No, I do not recommend this product.
Reply from Trade Tested This unit had a fault and we have sent replacement parts.

My builder loves it!!! He won’t be giving it back

Mk Wellington
E Barrow

Brilliant, works really well, easy to use, great up hills and stairs. Will save me heaps of effort and sore muscles. Needs a second strip of metal on non-battery side to stop annoying plastic noise when empty

Kevin Wellington
This barrow Torques (Talks) for itself

Only had a months work out of it yet but very happy so far. At full speed, I need to jog to keep up. Sturdily built. I'm building on a "steep" hill so lots of ups and downs. Being able to brake going downhill is much safer now. Pulls uphill beautifully, even loaded. The tyre is a "flat free" tyre. It's hard. No bounce or give over bumps and you get used to that. But you will never need to pump it up or worry about nails. One criticism (that I will easily fix and is a recommendation for them to do), is that with the hard ride, the triangular battery box is bolted at the top only. It bounces and bangs with the bumps. I will glue in a couple of very hard foam blocks to stop the movement. They have put a soft foam strip on one side but not enough. Needs to be firmer and on both sides. Regardless, still think the barrow is a five star. Price is obviously on the high side, but with the work it will be doing for me, I will live a couple of years longer.

Dave Coromandel

I was unimpressed, for the the money l paid l expected better workmanship of the installation of electrical components

Dove Landscaping New Plymouth
No, I do not recommend this product.
Its a monster

Just moved 110 tonnes (yes, tonnes) of clay with this wheelbarrow. Nuff said...

Andrei Auckland
Tradesman e-Wheelbarrow 72l

Works really good.

Fred bay of plenty
Gives new meaning to ' shovel ready '

This barrow has plenty of low down torque so can pull away fully laden on a steep gradient . The large knobbly tyre allows good traction on grass and wet surfaces . Going downhill with a heavy load is easy thanks to the regenerative and friction braking . Battery gives several days of work on a charge.

Coffeepops Far North