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Mighty Carts Steel Utility Cart 360kg

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This rugged steel utility cart makes moving heavy, awkward materials easy - just load up and roll out with payloads up to 360kg.

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Product overview

Product overview

This rugged steel utility cart makes moving heavy, awkward materials easy - just load up and roll out with payloads up to 360kg.

Engineered to significantly reduce assembly time, it’s quick and easy to put this cart to work, plus you can transform your cart into a large, durable flatbed in a few minutes and with no tools required - ideal for moving larger materials like 2x4s, tree branches, or fence posts.

The latest frame design improves manoeuvrability, increases ground clearance, giving the cart a tighter turn radius and making it easy to move heavy loads for gardening, farming, or any other outdoor jobs.

The 10-inch pneumatic turf tires are designed to tackle any terrain, and the padded grip handle has also been upgraded to make hauling heavy rocks, wood, or plants easy for anyone.

Whether you’re an experienced farmer, a casual gardener or an occasional DIYer, this utility cart will ensure that your outdoor projects go off without a hitch.

• Rugged steel cart hauls up to 360kg
• Transforms into a flatbed - no tools required
• Engineered for simple assembly
• Ideal for enthusiastic gardeners and tackling the big backyard jobs (or carting all your toys to the beach!)
• Reduce fatigue
• Ergonomic pull handle
• Powder coated steel
• Tough frame is easy to assemble
• 10” pneumatic all-terrain tyres
• Easy, stable manoeuvring
• 1 Year Mighty Carts Warranty

Dimensions: L 111.2cm x W 54cm x H 54.6cm
Bed dimensions: L 96.5cm x W 53cm
Height incl handle: H 100.6cm
Tyres: 10” pneumatic
Capacity: 360 kg
Litre capacity: 113L
Bed Material: Powder coated steel
Frame Material: Powder coated steel
Handle type: straight pull handle
Carton dimensions: 1085mm x 575mm x 137mm
Weight: 20.8kg

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Customer questions

Questions and answers

3 votes
q: What size are the wheels?
a: The overall diameter including tyre is 10" / 25.4cm.
By Trade Tested on January 19, 2021
2 votes
q: Could a seat be attached for sitting and weeding the garden? Would it be the correct height?
a: Not something we've tried, but send us a pic if you make it work!
By Trade Tested on December 8, 2020
2 votes
q: Do the wheels protrude beyond the frame and if so by how much?
a: They are essentially flush, maybe a few mm of sidewall poking out.
By Trade Tested on November 9, 2020
1 vote
q: Hi. We are looking for something like this to take grandkid's things to the beach. Would this rust?
a: It's probably fine for the day, but it's all relative - it's powder coated steel, so it's not designed to live on the beach and never deteriorate, if you scratch the powder coat, using to launch a kayak or something beyond general trundling of umbrellas etc to the sand then it will definitely rust we'd really suggest looking at one of the other polyprop bed options like the MIGHTY CARTS GARDEN CART HEAVY DUTY 140L as the high wear surfaces are all plastic.
By Trade Tested on January 4, 2021
1 vote
q: Are you able to install wider wheels for beach sand?
a: We don't offer this option, but yes you most likely could. You may not actually need to, if you were really struggling you could deflate the tyres a little to spread the load.
By Trade Tested on November 18, 2020
0 votes
q: Hiw high from the ground is the handle when stood upright?
a: It's 1m.
By Trade Tested on January 29, 2021
0 votes
q: Does the front axle turn for stearing
a: Yes it does.
By Trade Tested on November 17, 2020
-1 votes
q: Hi, does the handle come off easily so it can be packed into a car boot?
a: Yes you just need to undo 1 bolt.
By Trade Tested on November 3, 2020
-1 votes
q: Have u got it in black?
a: No just this colour.
By Trade Tested on October 28, 2020
-2 votes
q: Can this cart be attached to a ride-on mower?
a: No it can't.
By Trade Tested on September 14, 2020
Customer reviews

Customer reviews

Overall rating

4.9 out of 5 stars from 33 reviews
Gardener Auckland

Mighty Cart

20 days ago


Packaged very well. Easy to assemble. The cart is sturdier than I thought it would be and is easy to move around.

Lonnie Opito Bay

Mighty Cart

26 days ago


Brilliant product. Well constructed, solid, heavy duty componentry. Simple to install.

Choppa Auckland

Garden trolley

27 days ago


This is brilliant, tough strong and so easy to pull around. Highly recommended. PS really easy to assemble.

Natalie Wellington

Solid, sturdy, not too heavy.

about 1 month ago


Good solid cart. Rolls well, and is not too heavy to pull around, even with a load. Very easy to put together. Sides come off and go on easily.

Salty Auckland


about 1 month ago


We purchased this cart to take our gear over a long rough track when on holiday. Good size and easy to lower the sides to get into the station wagon. It was great and tyres are strong.

Bumba Pakaraka

Perfect multi function cart

about 1 month ago


This is such an amazing cart! We use it with the kids in it and go for a little walk. At the beach to put all the gear in and the kids! Transport heavy stuff, etc. It’s sturdy, manoeuvre really well and the sides can be removed if you need really easily. Inflatable strong tires are the best for all terrains. Would highly recommend it.

John Cambridge Waikato

Top Cart.

about 1 month ago


Very happy with the cart. In the summer we use it to carry 2 large chilly bins down the wharf to the boat and in the winter we load it up with firewood and park it by the back door.

Karen Mangere depo

Mighty carts steel utility cart

about 1 month ago


Definitely very happy with the cart well worth the money and have used it alot since I purchased it. I am so happy as it will be used by my family a lot and will last a very long time.

Riaan thames

Mighty Cart

about 1 month ago


One of the best purchases

Sharron Manger bridge

Might carts

about 1 month ago


It is very good to help move thing round my house and my pots plants.

Eva Christchurch

Steel Utility Cart

2 months ago


Easy to put together and it works well. Very happy.

Wal Taumarunui

Mighty Carts Steel Utility Cart 360kg

3 months ago


A good sturdy cart and easy to assemble. The big wheels make it so easy to move around. Very pleased with it.

Sheelagh New zealand

Great buy

3 months ago


Great for the garden and children love it.

Hammerking Auckland


3 months ago


Great trolley to use around my factory very versatile especially with the side walls being removable.

Oldchap Cambridge

My heavy 4 wheel trailer

3 months ago


My gardener considers this cart an essential part of her gardening equipment. The construction is good and it is easy to tow along. We could perhaps connect it up to her mobility scooter and go shopping at the supermarket!

Happy Reporoa


3 months ago


From beginning to delivery, I could not fault the service. The product was easy to assemble and has far exceeded its uses in a Home Market Garden. Very sturdy and efficient.

Pete Canterbury

Steel cart

3 months ago


Suits the purpose well

Jas Maungaturoto

Mighty Carts Steel Utility Cart 360kg

3 months ago


This is one of the best carts I have ever had. Strong and really good for carrying everything I need over all sorts of terrain.

FMMM Auckland

Great for the beach

3 months ago


We got this cart for taking our 2 grandchildren down to the beach with everything we need on the beach. It has worked out really well. Good quality and easy to assemble and use.

PB Hamilton

Mighty Cart

3 months ago


I've been looking for one of these sturdy carts to replace the little plastic one. I can carry more and heavier weights, eg 1 hay bale to feed horses. Its easy to move around, the 10 year old assembled it, and I would not hesitate to recommend this cart for use in the garden, or lifestyle block.

Pam Mangawhai

Mighty cart

3 months ago


Fantastic little cart. Strong and sturdy and tows well behind quad.

Gran Auckland

Mighty Steel Utility Cart

4 months ago


Just what we needed and wanted! An all terrain ute compared with a sedan (wheelbarrow). Hauls a full load of plants, or chook food etc and so easy to push or pull.

Celia Auckland

Mighty cart

4 months ago


Excellent Card. Has many uses. My partner has a disability and he uses all the time to carry things. Best Cart really solid and easy to use. Cannot fault this cart. The best ever.

Whanautyme Lower Hutt, Welljngton

Great for fun and play

4 months ago


My husband finds this very handy and helpful when he needs to cart heavy equipment and items around the house and garden .... and when he's not using it my grandson likes us to cart him around on his 'walks' in it - to and from the park and helps him carry the bird food down to feed the ducks.

Ozkelp Hastings

Mighty Cart

4 months ago


Easy to assemble, well made and strong. Very handy cart.

Beachmum Auckland

Sturdy beach trolley

4 months ago


I am very happy with this cart! It’s solid, a great size, has flexibility of use and the wheels are thick and solid, making it fabulous to transport the kids and all our stuff down the beach

Pete Woodend North Canterbury

Mighty Tree eel Cart

4 months ago


This product was spot on. Easy to assemble an my two grand kids aged 4 an18 months just love been pulled around the streets, considering I bought it for garden use an carting my 2.5 kilowatt generator around if we have a power cut. My two grandkids think its theirs, so it probably be 90% used by them an 10% carting my generator around.

Tracey Gill Manawatu

Love it!

4 months ago


Love it! Great for hauling my hay bales around. The walk size are excellent on rough terrain.

Nani Waikato

My Cart

4 months ago


I love my cart, it really suits my job of loading up and going to the beach. Thanx Trade Tested.

Maddogs Whakatane


4 months ago


A very handy purchase from tradetested got a job to do load it up with tools away you go one trip to, no back wards and forwards to get tools etc (chainsaw fuel oil) even the dogs like it for riding on, pity doesn't come with attachment so as can be hooked up to a ride on...still a great item.

Kas Waikato

Well Made and worth it

4 months ago


Managed to put it together myself the same day it arrived. Apart from the holes not 100% lining up I was still able to put it together. Is worth it and do recommend it to others.

G Waikato

Highly recommend

4 months ago


Very impressed with product, strong.

Ros Marton

A good little cart, but...

4 months ago


The cart weighs in the region of 25kgs, so it's substantial. The carton is strong, but it's easy enough to open, with little plastic to dispose of and none of that nasty polystyrene. It's packaged well, with all the bolts, nuts, split pins and washers heat-shrunk to a numbered card, which makes it really easy - you'll need a knife to get them out easily. The stub-axes and bolts and nuts are strong and well-made, but the nylock nuts need some little effort - there's a lot of turns to make. I used my battery impact gun and a shifter and it was easy as pie. The hooking on of the tailgates is a little counter-intuitive, but it only works one-way, so once you've mastered that, it's plain sailing every time. The tyres come pumped to work, so no hassles if you don't have a pump handy. The mesh on the side panels is a little weak and in a couple of places there were no tap-welds and the mesh had escaped from the slot and bent, but it was the work of a second to push it back in. I'll fix it when I next get the welder out. If it was spot-welded in a few more places, it would be strong enough for anything, but let down by speedy execution. If you don't have the home resources, just check the mesh before you throw away the packaging and assemble. The panels are on the top, so it's easy to check. Don't over-tighten - the nylock nuts prevent anything coming loose - but we have tightened the handle up enough that it will stay where you leave it without falling. The undercarriage and axles are very strong - you can see why they claim 360kg capacity. Overall, very happy. It will be a lot easier to truck firewood to the woodshed, cart sacks of mulch, watering cans, pots, etc. around the place. Being so easy to take the sides on and off means you can carry timber, ply, and with a bit of wood for support, those big square garden bags. It sits high enough I can almost slide off and into the boot of the station wagon, and vice-versa. You could tow it behind a ride-on if you changed the handle, maybe even behind a small quad. Easy to tow behind a bicycle, again with a different handle.

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