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Like all living beings, plants need nourishment. But continual field farming means less and less nutrients in your soil - making fertiliser application essential. Our plant and lawn fertiliser products replenish all the necessary soil nutrients required to keep your plant’s roots growing strong. Shop for garden fertiliser online or in-store today.
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Beyond sunlight and water, plants require nutrients to grow correctly, including phosphorus, nitrogen, calcium, and iron sulphate. Plant and lawn fertiliser helps to provide these, promoting lush, healthy growth for young plants and increasing the production of fruits and flowers.

When should you fertilise your grass and garden areas?

Lawn fertiliser only needs to be used 2-4 times a year for most grasses. You should generally fertilise other plants once per month during the growing season. Bigger plants like trees and shrubs only require fertiliser once a year in spring. Always remember to follow the application rate correctly for the safety of your lawn and plants.

How to choose the best fertiliser for your lawn and garden

Most of our fertilisers can be used to help the growth of both new and established plants. The Tui Food range benefits fruit, veggies, and flowers in particular. Use our granular or liquid lawn fertiliser specifically to promote greening and control moss growth.

Lawn maintenance tips and tricks

To get the perfect lawn, you only need to apply lawn fertiliser 2-4 times per year. Always follow the fertiliser application rate per square metre on the product label. Our lawn fertiliser includes nitrogen and phosphorus mixed with iron sulphate, which makes it a great moss killer. If you’re growing a lawn from scratch, be sure to choose the right grass seed for your soil. Mow your lawn once a week to prevent weeds from growing.

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Enhance your backyard with our lawn and garden fertiliser NZ-wide today! We’ve got all the gardening supplies you need to stay green, including lawn care, plant protection, and fencing products. Need any advice on fertiliser for your lawn? Contact us today!