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Tui Lawnforce Weedkill Fertiliser 2.5kg

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The Tui Lawnforce Weedkill Fertiliser 2.5kg is the ideal formulation to deliver outstanding results for New Zealand lawns.

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Product overview

The Tui Lawnforce Weedkill Fertiliser 2.5kg is the ideal formulation to deliver outstanding results for New Zealand lawns.

Tui LawnForce® Weedkill Slow Release Lawn Fertiliser includes a selective weed killer that eliminates common broadleaf weeds from invading your lawn.

Engineered with convenient slow release fertiliser prills for up to three months sustained feeding, Tui LawnForce® delivers long lasting results for your lawn.

This ProGrade formulation encourages strong roots and thick, green growth so you can rest assured you’re selecting the optimum lawn fertiliser for your backyard.

• Feeds for 3 months without burning
• Kills common lawn weeds including, onehunga weed, creeping oxalis, clover, dandelion plus more
• Thickens grass - thick grass means less weeds
• Great for: Onehunga weed, creeping oxalis, clover, dandelion, hydrocotyle, mallow, ground ivy, thistle, capeweed, chickweed, fat hen, staggerweed, plantain (lambs tongue), catsear, fumitory, cobblers peg, pearlwort, wireweed.

• Apply to actively growing lawns (in spring, early summer and autumn). Mow and water grass 2-3 days before
application. Ensure grass is damp.
• Simply apply 16g per square metre of lawn by hand, wearing gloves, or with a lawn spreader, distributing evenly.
• Leave on foliage for 24 hours then water in thoroughly. Do not mow for 48 hours after application. Do not re-apply
until one month after last application.

Spread fertiliser evenly and follow the application rate. *Over application can potentially burn your lawn. Avoid contact of fertiliser with paths, driveways, and other porous or hard surfaces as the iron content may stain. If product does make contact, remove particles promptly by sweeping or blowing to avoid staining, do not wash off with water. Keep pets off for 24 hours or until dry.

Do not apply to desirable plants and lawn types listed in the Do Not Use list below. If product is accidentally applied, hose off immediately. Do not apply if temperatures exceed 30 degrees.

For new lawns wait at least eight weeks (when adequate root system is developed) before application. Do not apply if rainfall is expected in 24 hours.

Do not plant new grass within one month of application. Do not apply under the branches of trees and shrubs.

Do Note Use On: dichondra, carpet grass, buffalo grass (St. Augustine grass) or lawns containing desirable clovers, Lippia, Santa Ana Couch or chamomile lawns.

2.5kg bag
Package size: W 280mm x D 160mm H 625mm
Treats 150m²
N-P-K 20-1-15


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Questions and answers

1 vote
How do you apply this with such specific per meter requirements?
We offer a Gardena Hand Spreader and Gardena Trolley Spreader to purchase which aids in the application of applying fertiliser to the specific per meter requirements. You can check these out in the frequently bought together section or by searching our website.
By Trade Tested on September 21 2021
0 votes
Can this product be used on Mondo grass lawns?
No, we wouldn't recommend it.
By Trade Tested on October 04 2022
0 votes
would this damage tree roots
No this will not damage tree roots.
By Trade Tested on March 09 2022
0 votes
Would this be safe around pets?
Yes, you will need to keep pets off for 24 hours or until dry.
By Trade Tested on December 29 2021

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Not great

I bought this to treat the oxalis ripping through my newly laid lawn. Oxalis seems to be happier than ever. The grass has come through really good, so the sr fertilizer has worked great. But unfortunately not much affect on the purple oxalis

Jodi Christchurch
No, I do not recommend this product.
Reply from Trade Tested This unit had a fault and we have refunded the customer.

Works as described, excellent product, highly recommended

Landscape Queen Auckland
Tui LawnForce Weedkiller Fertilizer

I would highly recommend this product. We brought this property and the lawn was virtually non existent as full of hydrocotyl, buttercup and many other weeds. Was a bit worried about applying this as I thought that we would just end up with dirt! It has cleaned out 80% of the weeds in the first application and will reapply again in another month as directed but can't believe the changes it has made. The grass is appearing and looking so much more healthy. Easy to apply though at this time of the year (late December) it's hard to get the weather they recommend to follow the instructions for the second application. Would probably apply first dose early to mid spring next time to get the right weather patterns. certainly recommend.

Kerry Westport
Tui Lawnforce Weedkiller Fertiliser

Happy with this product and love my lawn.

Dee Auckland
Tui Lawnforce

The change in the lawn was noticeable within two weeks, weeds disappeared and the grass thickened and greened up, a great product which reminds me to order more John Lower Hutt

John O Lower Hutt
Tui lawn force weed kill fertiliser

Just like every other product I have purchased through trade tested, a product that work to my highest expectations John O

John O Lower Hutt

i have a dichondra lawn (mercury bay) it is working great exceeded expectations

Paul Hamilton

Slowly and efficiently weeded out the weeds and replaced them with strong grass.

Mandy Queenstown
Lawnforcee weedkill fertiliser

Worked well, lawns looking healthy and growing well

Mike Manawatu
Tui Lawnforce Weedkill Fertiliser

fantastic product, easy to apply and growth has been very lush

Terry Simkin Auckland