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Hungry Bin Worm Farm

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Designed and made in New Zealand, Hungry Bins are a fast and convenient way to compost your food scraps. The innovative design is super efficient and can turn up to 2kg of organic waste per day into fantastic fertiliser.

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Product overview

Product overview

Designed and made in New Zealand, Hungry Bins are a fast and convenient way to compost your food scraps. The innovative design is super efficient and can turn up to 2kg of organic waste per day into fantastic fertiliser. A Kiwi garden isn’t complete without one!

Hungry Bins are designed to create an ideal living environment for compost worms. They can eat up to their body weight in food a day, and will convert all your organic waste into nutrient-rich, high quality castings and liquid fertiliser. Once it’s all set up you simply put the scraps in the top, and collect the good stuff at the bottom. It’s that easy.

Hungry Bins are specifically designed to reduce any nasty smells or vermin, so there’s no need to leave your compost at the bottom of the garden. Simply keep it next to your front door with the rest of your bins. The units are simple to put together. Just add some compost and some composting worms and you’re away.

Do something that’s good for the environment and for your garden. Order a Hungry Bin today.

1 Year Warranty.

Compost worms not included.

• Processes up to 2kg of organic waste per day
• Easy, mess-free harvesting of castings
• Liquid fertiliser drains automatically
• Secure lid to keeps pests out
• Vents supply healthy airflow for worms
• Removable filter allows easy cleaning
• Drip tray included for collecting liquid fertiliser
• Strong, sturdy zinc-plated legs
• Large durable wheels
• Low maintenance
• Designed and made in New Zealand

Assembled dimensions: 950 x 65 x 60cm
Colour: Green
Empty weight: 12kg
Operational weight: 60-90kg
Carton dimensions: 65 x 60 x 45cm

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Hungry Bin

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Customer questions

Questions and answers

0 votes
q: Hi there, are the composting worms called "tiger worms"? Just wanting to make sure I purchase the right worms. Thank you
a: Yes, tiger worms are the ones!
By Trade Tested on March 30, 2021
4 votes
q: What is the lowest temperature the worms require to stay alive? And what temp range is ideal?
a: If the ambient temperature was zero, the soil would actually be warmer, the worms would burrow deeper, so generally you'll be fine especially in NZ. The bin must be kept out of the sun, but other than that, there are no strict temperature requirements.
By Trade Tested on February 27, 2020
0 votes
q: "Out of the sun" is a big ask in the Kiwi summer if the bin is to be outdoors. Will the worms come to any harm if the bin lid is exposed to the very late afternoon/evening sun?
a: No this should be fine, it is best to keep it out of prolonged direct sunlight.
By Trade Tested on February 17, 2021
0 votes
q: Does the initial amount of compost need regular topping up or do the worms survive on the scraps, cardboard and garden waste added to the mix?
a: The worms survive on the scraps, cardboard and garden waste so the compost shouldn't need topping up, have a look at our Hungry Bin Starter Guide - this give a great explanation of how to get it started and keep it going!
By Trade Tested on February 17, 2021
1 vote
q: Hi, how many grams of compost worms do I need for this unit?
a: Approx 500 grams.
By Trade Tested on November 2, 2020
4 votes
q: Do Worms come with Hungry Bin ? If not how much are they? and are they readily available ?
a: No this bin doesn't come with worms. We don't sell them, but your local garden store might be a good place to begin, or a quick google for some local specialists.
By Trade Tested on January 28, 2019
4 votes
q: We have been given a hungry bin from a friend but there is no soil in it. What is the best type of soil to start with.
a: We recommend compost mix, you can get this from any garden centre.
By Trade Tested on November 5, 2018
1 vote
q: How long roughly would it take to produce "worm wee" ?
a: Around week 4 you should start to see results.
By Trade Tested on June 9, 2020
0 votes
q: "Do not add liquid as you may drown the worms" you say in one answer. So how do they get the water they need for survival?
a: They gather the moisture from the vegetation and the worm wee. The bin must be started off damp, but the answer you refer to was specifically regarding adding more water as they were not producing liquid at that stage for that particular customer.
By Trade Tested on September 28, 2020
1 vote
q: Is it ok to put the fat from my grease trap into a hungry bin?
a: No, worms will not eat this and it can cause maggots, attract rodents. If you want to give our sales team a call and they'll be happy to provide some more guidance.
By Trade Tested on August 21, 2019
1 vote
q: Can I use well composted horse poo that has red worms in it to start my worm farm?
a: No, our earthworms are different to the composting worms needed. If you get in touch with our sales team they'll be happy to provide more info.
By Trade Tested on July 31, 2019
0 votes
q: My bin in quite full. The worms are all trying to excaping every time a open the lid.
a: Sounds like it's going great! This is normal they just want to explore.
By Trade Tested on May 25, 2020
0 votes
q: I am able to get big bags of used coffee grounds from a local cafe. Can I mix in say 1-2 trowels of coffee (completely clean, no rubbish) in with some moist leaves on alternate feeds?
a: Yes this should be ok, you need to be really careful not to overdo the coffee though.
By Trade Tested on June 9, 2020
0 votes
q: I’m not getting any liquid. Unsure of how much liquid to add to veg scraps. Some have said not to add scraps every day
a: The liquid will come eventually, keep adding the scraps. Do not add liquid as you may drown the worms.
By Trade Tested on June 9, 2020
0 votes
q: I have had my bin now for about 4 years and it’s doing really well:)) Do I need to ever clean out the second to last chamber? Thanks.
a: Yes you should, as a bonus its full of really rich nutrients for the garden.
By Trade Tested on May 15, 2020
1 vote
q: Can we create our own worms by just feeding the compost or do we need to buy some to get started?
a: Yes you'll need to buy some compost worms, you can do this online.
By Trade Tested on May 13, 2019
0 votes
q: Can I put coffee granules and a paper filter in the worm bin? Say one a day.
a: Yes this would be ok.
By Trade Tested on May 4, 2020
1 vote
q: Hi, are these available in the South Island?
a: Yes we deliver NZ wide.
By Trade Tested on April 28, 2019
Customer reviews

Customer reviews

Overall rating

4.8 out of 5 stars from 31 reviews
Lissy Northland

Community Garden

19 days ago


Kia ora koutou, our community garden purchased a hungry bin worm farm and we are happy that we did! The size is great for multiple homes to be contributing to, it is rat-proof which keeps the neighbours happy and it is oh so easy to operate. The only downside is that worm tea is more difficult to collect through the hungry bin method but the pros far outweigh the cons.

Handy andy Bay of Plenty Kawerau

Hungry worm Farm

about 1 month ago


Bought one about 12months ago. Happy as. Have had 5 worm farms in 200 ltr drums for about 23 years. Getting a bit long n the tooth so time to find something easier. Very happy with it. I get about 2ltr of worm juice every couple of weeks GREAT.

Ashley Omokoroa


about 1 month ago


Brought for my mother and she loves it. Would buy from here again

Andrew Auckland

Worms are thriving

3 months ago


Great product. Bin is doing well, worms are thriving and populating fast. The only downside would be the Price but at least tradetested was cheaper than anyone else.

J Hawkes Bay

Hungry Bin

3 months ago


Seems good, worms doing well. The only thing is the weight of the compost makes the clips slip open at the bottom. Hoping once it settles I will be able to release and reset them without everything falling out.

Chuck Waikanae

Worms Rule!!

5 months ago


I bought this about 6 months ago. It is one great product and does what it says as long as you follow directions and are patient at the beginning. I get a full tray of worm castings every four days. My vegies are luvin' it!!

Donna auckland

hungry bin worm farm

8 months ago


I bought my worm farm from Trade Tested a couple of months ago. I live in an apartment in the cbd and have the bin on my roof, very easy to put together and has been fantastic. No smell, my veggie scraps are not going to landfill and the good stuff that the worms produce means that my veggie garden is thriving as well. in my opinion everyone should have one. Great for the planet with no effort on my part

RobWood Silverdale

Awesomeness delivered in a box

8 months ago


This is an amazingly well thought through worm farm as the design is really purposeful. My purchase was delivered to a very excited family. Having given away our worm farm this had big shoes to fill and only 1 month in it has already exceeded expectations. Thank you.

Biggles Thames

Worm farm

9 months ago


Having been using one for over 4 years. Easy to set up, no smell, makes great soil to add to my garden and worm juice is great for my other garden plants. Would highly recommend.

Tony Porirua

Hungry Bin

10 months ago


Easy to set up. We are already getting quality liquid fertilizer (after 3 weeks). Would recommend to anyone looking for a high quality medium sized compost bin

Dutchkiwi Taranaki

Great worm farm

10 months ago


Very happy with the hungry bin worm farm. Very easy to set up and maintain.

Wendy Taranaki

Hungry Bin Worm Farm

10 months ago


A+++ Awesome design, best worm farm bin in the world.

Graham Auckland

A good investmemt

11 months ago


I have had my hungry bin for 3 years. It took a while to get going but now it is really going well. My suggestion when starting out is to sprinkle some water on the compost before introducing the worms. Typically a bag of compost can be quite dry which makes it harder to get the worms started.

Caitlyn Christchurch

Well built and easy to put together

11 months ago


Awesome looking worm bin that is well made, super easy to put together. Will be seeing how this goes for 6months and may look at getting another one.

Pete Auckland

Highly Recommendable

12 months ago


Had the worm farm for a few years now. Works perfect! Amazing how much organic material the worms go through. Totally worth the investment. Best tomatoes I ever had after using the fertilizer from the worm farm.

Peter Kerikeri

Satisfied customer

about 1 year ago


This is the 3rd hungry bin we have purchased, we were so happy with ours that we purchased 2 more as presents for our daughters. Being on a stand the compost it is free from rodents and when working correctly no smell. The fluid that is produced into, the bottom collecting tray comes from the braking down due to the worms, this is excellent fluid fertilizer when watered down for your plants.

Bart Havelock North

Easy to assemble

about 1 year ago


Our hungry Bin Worm Farm was assembled easily the same day and now waiting for the outcome. Certainly getting through the food scrapes and feeling good they are going to a good cause.

EC Auckland

Hungry Bin

about 1 year ago


Easy to set up.

Nick Northland

Hungry bin

about 1 year ago


Very happy with this product. Wanted one for years and finally able to get one through trade tested and afterpay. Thoroughly recommend.

Andy Auckland


over 2 years ago


Great way to cleanly compost everything. We we able to reduce the amount of rubbish significantly since we have this worm farm operating.

Borg Coromandel

Hungry bin

over 2 years ago


Nice and compact doesn't take up much room works real well

Shannon H Kerikeri

Hungry Bin

over 2 years ago


Excellent Product. Easy to install high quality & exactly what we needed. Fast delivery. Thanks Trade Tested another fantastic purchase from your store.

Jonesy Canterbury

So far so good

over 2 years ago


I purchased my Hungry Bin about 5 weeks ago. Everything is going well so far, the worms are breeding and its generally in a health disposition. One thing that is confusing though is that there is no liquid juice coming from the bin as yet. It is certainly moist enough as the condensation is present. Maybe it just takes some time to soak through the base of compost I have used as bedding?

Piper and max Auckland

Hungry Bin replaces old worm farm

over 2 years ago


Bought this bin because we were producing too much organic waste for the square black model. The worms are just ramping up the numbers and we hope its capacity is good for us in the future. Much easier to use than the black model

Christy Snells Beach

Hungry Bin!

over 3 years ago


Absolutely love my hungry bin....super convenient, we have it at the back door and there is no smell so I'm happy to leave it there....thank you to Trade Tested who let me pay it off by laybuy....very happy customer, will buy from them again!

Nefertiti Wellington

Good Little Composter

over 3 years ago


Nice Composter, still waiting for the worms to do their job

Richard Auckland

Hungry bin

over 3 years ago


Easy to assemble following clear instructions. There was a delay in delivery of the worms. All working well now.

Timba Reefton

Hungry Bin

over 4 years ago


Great design, easily put together. Worms still establishing themselves, but a great addition to traditional compost bins.

Peter Cheviot

Hungry Bin - Practical design

over 4 years ago


Our bin is still "bedding" in with the worms getting used to their new home, but unlike other bins where you're having to move the worms around and change layers etc, this bun is 'feed at the top and remove from the bottom' ......good design

Chelsea Auckland

Excellent bin

over 4 years ago


What a great product! and NZ design. 10/10 would recommend. And the service at Trade Tested was absolutely amazing.

Judy Waikato

Great Worm Farm

over 5 years ago


I am really happy with this purchase. A little expensive but easy to put together and no messy layers to keep changing. So simple to add scraps to and a good seal on the lid.i have found it much nicer to look at and much sturdier than the old plastic layer worm farm we had. It is heavy to move so make sure you are happy with the placement before setting it up.

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