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Zing Bokashi Compost System Starter Kit 10L

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Transform your food waste into nutrient-rich organic compost with Zing Bokashi's sustainable & efficient composting system!

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Product overview

Transform your food waste into nutrient-rich organic compost with Zing Bokashi's sustainable & efficient composting system!

Zing Bokashi’s composting system ferments your kitchen waste within a mere 4 weeks, using an easy and cost-effective process. Compost Zing is a unique New Zealand made product created to transform food waste into organic nutrient rich soil conditioner. It contains plant by-products and beneficial microbes for eco-conscious composting & gardening.

It only takes a few simple steps to use your Bokashi system. The two-bucket system is designed for seamless stacking, with the inner bucket featuring strategically placed drainage holes to channel compost liquids into the outer bucket, all sealed by an airtight lid. Simply pop your waste in the bucket, sprinkle the supplied Compost Zing ( 1 tablespoon per 2L of waste) over the top of the fresh waste layer, close the bucket & let it work its magic!

The “liquid gold” that collects in your lower bucket must be drained regularly, every 2-3 days, during the fermentation process. This juice contains nutrients from the food waste and is alive with beneficial microbes, so can be used to fertilise your garden or plants - it is best used the day you collect it. Just dilute the juice, 2 Tbsp to 5 litres of water and apply to the soil. For foliage dilute the juice , 1 tsp to 5 litres of water and spray over the leaves.

This handy composting kit includes a 1kg bag of Compost Zing and a composting guide to kickstart your composting journey. Once you have the composting unit, you only need to buy replacement bags of Compost Zing to maintain the fermentation process.

What is Bokashi?
Bokashi is a process that converts food waste and similar organic matter into a soil amendment which adds nutrients and improves soil texture. It differs from traditional composting methods in several respects. The most important being; the waste is fermented by bacteria, not decomposed. This particular technique first became popular in Japan in the 1980s, when Dr. Teruo Higa began promoting his combination of effective microorganisms for Bokashi, but the process of fermenting organic waste for composting has been practiced across Asia for centuries.

• ZingBokashi Compost System Starter Kit 10L
• 100% natural and New Zealand-made sustainable product
• Clever fermentation method using the included bag of Compost Zing
• Reduces composting processing time by up to 50% - under 4 weeks!
• Produces both compost & 'liquid gold' fermented juice to be used as fertiliser
• Easy to use with minimal odour, thanks to sealed lid
• Reusing waste reduces your environmental footprint
• Enrich your soil and boost healthy plant growth
• Use for both vegetable and flower gardens
• Reduces the need for chemicals with continued use
• Suitable for a wide range of household food waste
• 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty

Kit includes: 1 x 10L bucket set, 1 x 1kg Bag of Compost Zing
Bin size: W 260mm x D 260mm x H 330mm
Bucket volume: 10L
Bucket weight when full: 6-8kg
Suitable to compost: Fresh fruit and vegetables, prepared food (e.g breads, biscuits, crackers..) cooked and uncooked meat and fish, protein, eggs, coffee grinds & tea bags
Keep out: Liquids; oils, milks, juices, soups, all packaging, plastic wrap, paper, glass, metal & polystyrene

Carton size: 33 x 26 x 26cm
Carton weight: 2.3kg

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