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Weather Stations

Keep ahead of the weather with one these accurate digital weather stations. Each model is wireless so you can see what’s happening outside from the comfort of your living room. Our ultimate weather station even connects up to Weather Underground and shares your data across the world. Take your eyes off the clouds and check out our full range below.

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Our Wireless Weather Station Range

Weather stations keep you up-to-date on the outdoor temperature, humidity, and wind. With easy-to-read displays and other helpful features, our products will grant you results at an affordable price. When it comes to our tools, quality is always more important than quantity. There’s no need to worry about a connection timeout or to stare at a constant loading screen with our console. You can quickly sort and read through all the rainfall, temperature, and humidity indexes worldwide. You’ll never have to wonder if you should spend time at home due to the weather again.

Rain Gauges

If you’re after the type of item that will keep your garden looking great without a network connection needed, look no further! Our rain gauge stations are perfect for knowing when you need to add or reduce watering due to temperature and rainfall.

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